10 signs that my cat loves me

Cats are wonderful animals, but their independent and often elusive nature makes it not always easy for us to determine if this pet has affection for us or if it considers us as part of its herd . And is that the natural instincts of felines are still maintained despite centuries of domestication, so they sometimes have attitudes that, although strange to us, really indicate how much they appreciate and value us. Do you know what they are ?, keep reading, because in this article of .com we give you 10 signs that your cat loves you .

Rub your head against you

One of the signs that your cat wants you to be clearer is that, normally when you get home or when they spend time together, your cat rubs its head against your legs or any other part of your body. This gesture is not only touching and a show of clear physical contact, but also to leave your pheromones in your body demonstrating that you feel safe with your presence and that you trust you. You are, then, part of your pack.

Purr when you give him love

Finding out why cats purr will help you understand your cat's behavior much better. And you should know that if that is your response to your affections you can feel honored, because this type of purr means that the animal feels happy and pleased, likes the love it receives and shows it to you with this significant sound.

It gives you small bites

In those moments when you are caressing your cat or showing how much you love him, you get a little nibble, of those that seem almost a tickle, you should know that this is one of the signs that your cat loves you. Although it is not very common in cats, this is a gesture of clear love.

Do not confuse the bites of love with those that your cat gives you because you have used it to play with your fingers as prey, the latter are violent, painful and not at all tender. To remove this habit from your pet, we invite you to read our article how to prevent my cat from biting me.

See you and raise your tail

A clear way to know how your cat feels is to learn to interpret the movements of his tail, which will indicate when he is relaxed, scared or aware of a certain situation. But if every time you get home or your cat approaches you has its tail raised straight and up or with the curved tip, you must feel very good, because this means that the animal is happy and pleased. There is no doubt that with the tail in this way he tries to tell you that he is very comfortable with you.

Every now and then you knead

When cats are puppies instinctively knead the belly of their mother in order to promote the production of milk and, therefore, feed properly. From time to time adults can do it in your belly or your legs, a gesture that serves to reflect that you feel comfortable with your presence and that, in some way, evoke their puppy stage and how comfortable and protected they felt. This is one of the signs that your cat loves you because with you it feels like home.

A lamidita to tell you how much she loves you

When discovering why cats lick we should feel honored when we see that our animal licks our face, hair or any area that is within reach. In the herds the cats lick each other to preen themselves, being a way to show affection and respect, so if your pet does it with you, you can feel very special, because he considers you as part of his herd, an honor that not everyone can show off.

He discovers his belly to tell you he trusts you

Not all cats allow themselves to caress their bellies, nor does any feline leave them uncovered just like that. If your pet does it and also allows you to pet it, there is no doubt that you are receiving one of the signs that your cat wants you clearer, because this indicates that the animal trusts you fully and knows that you will not harm it . And in the feline world, trust is everything, that's why congratulations for this honor!

He loves to sleep by your side!

Have you ever wondered why your cat likes to sleep on top of you? It is clear that our heat attracts them and that the protection we provide them also they like, but that your cat choose to sleep curled up to you is also a sign that he loves you and that he likes to be near you. It's your way of telling you that you enjoy your company, even during your time of rest.

It surprises you with a strange gift

Cats love to hunt, it's something instinctive, no matter how tame the animal is, it can never be put aside. So if your animal has ever surprised you by bringing you one of its prey, instead of going crazy, get close, pet your cat and reward it. In the feline world this means that your cat has hunted something for you, that you are part of its pack and that it does not care to take care of you and protect you.

It protects you when you are sick

One of the signs that your cat wants you most important is that you profess fidelity and protection. Whenever you have been sick, discouraged or something important has happened to you physically or psychically, your cat has been there accompanying you. It is as if your sixth sense tells you that something is not right with you, that you need mime and affection, and there is no better way to give it to you than with your company.

The felines are simply wonderful, and when we catch any of these signs we feel immediately honored and loved.