How to delete the playlist on an iPhone

The iPhone and iPod touch allows users to create playlists directly on the device such as "On-The-Go". Once the device is synchronized with the computer, iTunes saves the new playlist permanently. To delete a playlist from your iPhone, you must delete the list before synchronization, in iTunes .

Steps to follow:


Open the "iPod" application on your iPhone, or the "Music" application, if you are using an iPod touch.


Press the tab "list" button and scroll to the top.


Press "On-The-Go" to show the current playlist.


Press the "Delete list" button at the top of the list. Confirm the selection. The "On-The-Go" list will remain in the window, but can not be synchronized during the time that the device in question remains empty.


Press "Sync" in iTunes, and confirm that the playlist has not been transferred.


After the sync deletion, open iTunes and find the "Playlists" under your library in the left panel. Double-click on "lists" to expand if it is currently hidden. Be sure to open the playlists in the direction of the iTunes library, not those of your iPhone if you are connected.


Search all playlists called "On-The-Go". Each time you synchronize the iPhone with an On-The-Go in memory, iTunes creates a new list, such as "On-The-Go 1", "On-The-Go 2" and so on.


Right click on an On-The-Go and click "Remove." Confirm your choice. Repeat the procedure with any additional list if you want to delete them all.


Synchronize your iPhone to your computer.

  • The new versions of IOS have replaced On-The-Go, and offer the possibility of creating new playlists, directly on the device. To remove one of these before synchronization, you must open it and press the "Delete" button at the top of the list. The procedure for deletion after an iTunes synchronization remains the same.