How to clean the fans of the ps3 / Playstation 3 self-cleaning

The playstation 3 has a self-cleaning system for the fans . It is an easy to apply system that we should perform periodically to clean the ps3 . The fans are one of the most important parts for the proper functioning of the Playstation 3, for this reason we must pay special attention. Follow the instructions to proceed with the cleaning of the ps3 :

Steps to follow:


Turn on the playstation normally, after the icons are loaded and the power is turned on.


We will turn off the ps3 from the back button to proceed.


While pressing the eject disk button we will turn on the PS3 from behind.


If the process has been done correctly the fans will start and at high speed they will be self-cleaning, more or less it will take about 10 seconds.


We turn off the PS3 again from behind.


We wait a few seconds.


We normally turn on the Playstation 3 and the self-cleaning process of the Playstation 3 fans will be finished.

  • Do this self-cleaning process of your ps3 fans at least once a year