How to feed my pregnant bitch

When we discover that our dog is pregnant we are filled with joy for the arrival of new puppies. But in addition to emotion, we must become aware that we are assuming an important responsibility, as it will be necessary to increase the attention to our pet, especially in the food aspect. That's why in .com we explain how to feed your pregnant bitch easily.

Steps to follow:


As with women, our dog also requires an important nutritional improvement during pregnancy, in order that the puppies grow healthy while she receives all the nutrients that her state requires. The best thing if you suspect or know that your dog is pregnant, is to take it to the veterinarian for a thorough review that will help you confirm that everything is fine.


Because the caloric intake of a pregnant bitch is greater, it is best to add half a serving more to its normal portion. In other words, if our dog normally consumes a cup of feed, to mention an example, during pregnancy you should give her a cup and a half.


If your dog evacuates normally, it will not be necessary to change the type of feed you are giving, but if you notice that your stomach has been altered with pregnancy, it is convenient to switch to an easily digested feed, for example, the one Give the puppies. Before making this decision you can consult your veterinarian.


You can combine the dehydrated feed with a special hydrated food for dogs, which are usually sold in cans. Because it has an important water content, it can be very useful for your dog during the gestation and lactation stage.


Supplement your diet with a daily serving of milk, your dog will appreciate it. During pregnancy it is very important that the animal is properly hydrated, milk offers nutrients that will sit very well.

Also, you must not forget that during this stage, more than ever, your dog must have plenty of fresh water and always clean to drink when she feels the need, it is necessary for pregnancy and lactation, helping her to produce milk for her puppies.


During pregnancy and lactation, take care of your dog's food, offering a good amount of feed, a special dog cookie to reward her for her behavior, a lot of liquid and of course all the love she deserves.

If in doubt, always consult your veterinarian.