How to know what graphics card my computer has

Graphic cards, also known cards or video cards are one of the basic components of computer equipment and are responsible for the management of graphic data . It may be the case that we do not even know which graphics card our computer has incorporated, which makes it difficult for us if we want to acquire a new one compatible with our device. In this article of .com we will see the way how to know what graphic card my computer has .

Steps to follow:


We will see two ways to identify which graphics card our PC has. The first for those whose operating system is Windows XP . Click on the Start menu. We will look for Control Panel and we make sure to have the view activated by Categories .


Within the option "Categories", we will double click on "system". Choose the "Hardware" tab and click on " Device Management " again.


A huge tree structure menu will appear and we will choose the option that you set Screen adapters . There we will get the name of your graphic card, the model, etc ...


The other way we see to know the graphics card is for those computers that use the Windows 7 operating system. Click on the Start menu and then click on "Computer" again. At the top we see a taskbar and click on "System properties" .


On the left we see the option " Device Management" and click on it. We get a structured menu in the form of a tree and in the part above we will see that it says "Screen adapters".


When deploying, we will get the name of our graphic card and with a right click we can see its properties and characteristics.