How to mute the iPhone camera

Thanks to the high resolution of the iPhones cameras (5.0 MP the iPhone 4 and 8.0 MP the iPhone 4S), nowadays we can make very good photos, and anywhere, with our smartphones. But what happens when we are in a place where we can not make noise or want to take a picture without anyone noticing? The sound of the camera does not leave us, and it can become a problem. Below we explain how to silence the iPhone camera to prevent this from happening to you.

You will need to:
  • iPhone with jailbreak
  • iFile
Steps to follow:


Go to Cydia, the alternative Apple application market, and download the free iFile application .


Run the program from your iPhone and enter the folder System> Library> Audio> UISounds


Once inside, look for the file photoShutter.caf, press the blue arrow and keep pressed where it says 'Name' to be able to edit the name. It is enough that you add any letter to the name simply so that it is not the original.


Close the program and check that the camera of your iPhone no longer produces any sound when using it.


To recover the sound of the camera, you only have to undo the changes made.