10 signs that my dog ​​loves me

It is more than clear that we adore our pet, that we love spending time with our dog and that we know that, whenever we need it, we can count on your company. But understanding the language of our dog and interpreting his signs of affection is not always easy, especially if we do not know how to read the dog's postures or understand his daily behavior. Do you want to know if your animal feels for you the same love that you profess? So keep reading, because in .com we reveal 10 signs that your dog loves you as much as you love him.

Move the tail and get excited when you see it

If there is a sign that your dog wants you to be clear and obvious, it is their excitement when you get home and see you. Jumps of joy, tail that moves without stopping, races from here to there and, in the case of older dogs, an approach to where you are to welcome you and tell you how good you came!

Although there are many reasons why a dog moves its tail, happiness is one of the clearest and most known by us. That's why you can feel pleased, because if your pet does it when he sees you, he feels very happy that you are here.

Do not lose the opportunity to lick yourself

Do you wonder why dogs lick? Or, more specifically, do you want to know why your animal licks your face, your hands, your legs and even your feet? Well, he does it for the simple reason that he loves you and this is one of his most common ways of proving it.

You should also know that if you have your dog well trained, the licks are a way of telling you that you are the leader of the pack and that he is at your service. This behavior evidences submission and is usually part of canine behavior in the home.

It takes care of you when you're not well

That day when you were sick at home, that time you felt very sad, when you were worried or irritated by something and even if you should be at rest due to an injury or intervention. Your pet can clearly perceive it and that's why it approaches you, stays by your side, crouches where you are and does not leave you alone for a moment. This is one of the signs that your dog loves you and that he may feel that you are not well, so he plans to accompany you until you feel better.

Steal your clothes whenever you can

Not clean clothes, no. They prefer to take off a dirty garment that you have left around to kidnap her and take her to her bed, a very curious way of showing affection. And is that the animal detects your smell in those clothes and want to keep them to be more secure or feel accompanied when you're not, so if you have lost some underwear, stockings or that sweaty shirt, you know where to look.

Follow you in your movements

You get up from the sofa to the kitchen and your dog goes behind. From the room to the dining room, from the entrance of the house to the bathroom, it looks like your shadow! Well you can feel happy, because with this behavior your pet is showing your affection. He tells you that he likes to have you near, that he enjoys your company and pampering and that he does not want you to be separated from him for too long.

He lets himself be caressed and pampered by you

We must earn the trust and respect of our pets, that's why when a dog allows you to pet it, it is telling you that it trusts you . But when he also exposes vulnerable areas like your belly to you, he's trying to tell you that he loves you and that he knows you will not harm him. Coincidentally, this is also one of the 10 signs that a cat wants us, and that is that in both cases the animal shows that it is comfortable with your affections.

She loves to snuggle by your side!

On the sofa, under your feet while eating at the table, near you when you are working at home. If your dog does not lose the opportunity to lie down where you are and ask for a little affection, it is more than clear that this is one of the signs that your dog loves you and that it causes you to be always close to you.

The animal looks for every opportunity to have you as a company, especially when you spend part of the day alone, what you should interpret as something positive and great.

He is a great protector of the home

For you, you are part of his pack, and your family is also his, so he becomes a guard dog in order to defend the home that everyone shares. This means that the animal will investigate when someone new comes home, barks when he hears a noise or is disturbed by a stranger.

With this our pet tells us that he cares and that he is willing to do everything to defend his herd.

Claim your attention

Place your head on your legs, it makes noises, it hits you with its paw, it curls up beside you so that you pamper it or it shows you its belly so that you caress it. These are just some of the ways in which your pet claims your attention and asks you to please, give him a little more love, play with him or enjoy some time at his side.

Sleep near you. If you can even in your bed!

Some wonder if it is bad to sleep with the dog while others do not question it and simply do it. The fact is that, regardless of whether you allow your dog to climb into bed or not, he will seek to sleep near you because it is one of his ways of telling you he loves you. We have already shown that the dog likes to keep us close, and nights are no exception, and it is the perfect time to protect ourselves and enjoy our company.