What to do if my mobile does not connect to wifi

At this point and we all have hired some data plan and we can access the Internet from the mobile, via 3G (or 4G !), Provided we have coverage. However, we all know that Wi-Fi usually goes better, in addition to not spending data, so it is advisable to connect your smartphone to a wireless network whenever possible. But what if you try and you do not get it? In .com we tell you what to do if your phone does not connect to Wi-Fi.

Steps to follow:


First things first: check that you have wifi activated on your smartphone. The option is usually within Settings on all mobile platforms, such as "wireless connections" or directly in "Wi-fi".


The next step, if it is a Wi-Fi network protected with a password, is to check that you have entered it correctly.


If you still can not connect and you are entering the password correctly, try to do so with other devices that you have on hand. If none of them get it, the problem is with the Wi-Fi network.


If you have access to the router, restart it. Many times the problem is there, either if nobody can connect, or if it is a specific problem of your smartphone with the network in question. Try connecting again.


Still offline? Discard any problem on your smartphone trying to connect to a different network. If you can, the problem is with the wifi network. If you do not succeed, try restarting the smartphone. If you still do not connect to any network and you have wifi activated, take the phone to your technical service .