be a father and mother, August 2020

10 tips to prevent cyberbullying

Currently many people live connected to the Internet most of the day, is something that has become part of our normalcy. But, teenagers and some children also spend many hours browsing websites and, above all, on social networks. This makes them the main target of some problems such as cyberbullying or cyberbullying, sexting, the loss of privacy and many other risks faced in the network and although obviously also suffer adults, children are generally more vulnerable

5 things a baby really needs

A newborn requires a lot of care and, for this, it is necessary to have the right tools and objects. There are many accessories for babies that you can find in specialized stores and that will make life much more comfortable for the little one, but in spite of them, not all are indispensable. And the fact is that for your baby to grow well and healthy during the first year, you must pay close attention to what is essential to achieve it successfully

5 ways to get children to start cleaning

Let's face it, there are not many adults who enjoy an afternoon cleaning but someone has to do it. Having children clean up is probably a challenge at first but it is still a goal worth fighting for. One of the goals of parenting is to teach them to be responsible and self-sufficient. Household cleaning has become a common task for the whole family and boys, girls, men and women must fold, polish and clean up the mess

5 problems facing today's youth

The society in which we currently live presents a series of abysmal differences between the generations. A 5-year-old child already plays electronic devices and knows how to surf the Internet when, surely, his parents did not touch a computer until his adolescence. The new technologies, the rapidity in how people live and the fashions make young people and children face specific problems that are worth knowing and managing as soon as possible

9 reasons not to have children

Are you deciding your future? It seems that, when a couple reaches an age, they are "forced" by society to have children. All friends and people of the same age will start being dads and people will ask when their turn comes. But not all couples or people have to have children, in fact, bring a child to the world is very important and needs to be meditated deeply, for this reason, we should not let ourselves be coerced by the environment and think, really, if in our case having offspring is what suits us

Activities to develop creativity in children

Children see the world as children, so developing their creativity through games and activities is a good way for them to learn to find different solutions to the same problem. This is a way for the little ones to become more determined, so it is very important to stimulate their creativity . In we will show you some activities and games so that you can achieve it

How much change the bottles

The bottle is an element that we must take care with special attention, since it is in direct and constant contact with the mouth of our baby . For this reason, it is essential to clean the bottle correctly, as well as sterilize and replace the nipple or bottle nipple frequently to prevent infections and other health problems

How to accept that my son is gay

Has your son confessed his homosexuality? Well, read on, because we're going to give you some guidelines to better take that moment. Maybe this news will take you by surprise and your mentality is not fully prepared for this revelation, but do not forget that it is your son and you must support him whatever his sexuality

How to act in the face of adolescents' mood swings

You may have forgotten over time that you were also a teenager . And that your hormonal changes were constant, you irritated easily and changed your mind just as quickly as you changed clothes. Now you are on the other side of the coin. You have to deal with young people between 12 and 17 years and suffer all these constant mood changes

How to act with an aggressive child

In most cases children go through a phase in which aggressiveness is their best communication weapon. In this article, we will review the most common reasons why a child becomes aggressive, as well as knowing some useful tips for children to stop violence and aggression as a way of expressing themselves

How to act against a baby's nasal obstruction

A baby needs special care when the symptoms of a cold appear, such as nasal congestion . While an older child may know how to clean their nasal passages, a baby depends on the help of a senior in these matters. Knowing how to help safely is essential for the health, safety and comfort of the child. No father wants to see his baby with his nose covered

How to act if my child does not want to go to school

Does your child start saying he does not want to go to school? Maybe it's because he does not like it, because he has no friends or because he gets bored. Surely the question that comes round your head without ceasing is: Why will this happen to you? Why do you invent things to avoid going to school

How the Internet affects teenagers

The Internet has been established in the lives of many people over the past two decades despite initial concerns that teenagers enter the "unknown." There are a number of risks for teenagers , suggesting that real relationships and friendships would be rejected by cybernetic relationships. But a study carried out by a group of Dutch researchers and published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science shows that the psychological advantages of the Internet may be greater than its negative effects

How heat affects babies

We are affected to a greater or lesser extent by summer heat, but one of the groups most affected by the high temperatures are children under 4 years of age. Newborns do not regulate well the temperature and those that are somewhat older tend to feel the same heat of adults without finishing managing it well

How videogames affect teenagers

Currently, the video game industry is one of the most prolific and with the highest income. However, these electronic games are considered even more addictive than television due to its reward system and its repetition structure, thus being able to create great dependence on children and adolescents

How to feed a baby with rice cereals

Starting with solid foods is an exciting time for you and your baby. Your baby is likely to be ready to start on solids between 4 and 6 months. The exact date depends on the development of your baby and each baby is different. There is some doubt as to whether it is necessary to begin feeding the baby rice cereal or other food first, but rice cereal has certain advantages as the baby's first food

How to feed my child in a balanced way

Balanced nutrition is very important for our children, not only because it is an essential key for proper growth , but also because it allows you to create a healthy pattern from a young age in which the child is used to consuming vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates in a balanced way, which will guarantee a correct nutritional learning

How to feed a baby

For newborns, feeding is essential since they are in a time that they have to grow a lot and develop all their muscles and skills. Therefore, every 2-4 hours they are fed. There are some mothers who decide to do it through the breast milk and others through the bottle. This decision always has to be accompanied by the consent of the doctor as well as how often the baby has to be fed

How to relieve my baby's gum pain

Teething in babies can start at 3 months and continue until our child is 3 years old. During this time, children may suffer discomfort in the gums . While not all have discomfort, the vast majority yes. For this reason, it is important to know how to relieve my baby's gum pain . Steps to follow: one One option to decrease the baby's gum pain will be to use the cold

How to relieve a baby's colic

How many times have you heard "cry because your belly hurts, " "cry because you have cramps" ...? Surely many times and is that all babies have different ways of crying depending on whether it is hunger or discomfort, and that being a father is a whole world apart. Colic usually appear during the first 6 weeks of life and gradually decrease until the baby finishes developing the organs of digestion, disappearing the problem by twelve weeks of life

How to relieve constipation in babies

Constipation is the condition that occurs when there is difficulty or inability to evacuate and that in the case of babies , in addition, it seriously harms their well-being, showing nervousness, discomfort, insistent weeping and turning red from the effort made to try to push the stool. Also, keep in mind that in babies, the coordination that must exist between bowel movements and relaxation of the anal sphincter is not efficient at all, so they are also more susceptible to suffering from constipation

How to relieve gas in babies

One of the most frequent problems that affect babies is the presence of gases . In most cases these do not usually show seriousness, although they do bother you and let us know through your crying. Therefore, it is important to take into account some guidelines regarding the reduction of the effects of colic in your child

How to apply the Montessori method at home

The Montessori method is a type of pedagogical teaching that was created by María Montessori, an educator, psychologist and pedagogue who spent more than five decades analyzing the behavior of children and their method of learning. Currently, this method has become a whole philosophy of education and is followed by millions of people around the world.

How to help children increase their vocabulary

In childhood , the human being is constantly developing in all facets of his life. Language in this age also undergoes changes and, in general, increases and progresses, acquiring habits and forms that will shape the personality of the child and allow them to communicate with the different interlocutors

How to help burp my baby

Feeding a baby is essential for healthy growth. During their usual shots, babies tend to swallow more air than is necessary, so it is necessary to burp them after each meal. In some cases, new parents may feel intimidated by this situation, and that is why in this article we teach you different ways to burp your baby

How to help children improve in school

The fact of going to school is a particular experience that depends on the personality of each child. During this period it is essential that they feel their parents are close, especially during the first years, so they will consider that the school is part of their life and that it can be as fun as any other activity with which the child enjoys

How to help children improve the lyrics

Graphology helps us to know ourselves through our lyrics, and that is that each one writes in their own way. Certainly, sometimes it is impossible to understand the lyrics of adults, which can cause problems, especially in the workplace. For this, it is necessary that as a child the writing is reinforced , in addition to the clear and readable expression for any other with which we want to communicate by this means

How to help children improve their pronunciation

It is very common among children, when they begin to develop oral conversation , to encounter the problem of not knowing how to pronounce according to what letters. This, in general, usually occurs in children between the ages of 3-4 , when they begin to develop their thinking and, therefore, a more complex language, although not yet complete

How to help children to have confidence in themselves

Confidence in ourselves is one of the basic characteristics that we must develop if we want to survive in the best way in the world around us. Believing in ourselves, in our projects and dreams, keeps us alive and full of happiness. From childhood it is necessary to be educated under this vital philosophy or approach, so that we can develop our own personality , our ability to decide according to our principles and to develop ourselves under our personal choice

How to help children read better

Reading is an activity that not everyone performs for pleasure. From infancy, children should become familiar with the books so that their love for reading develops and enjoy this special activity that brings so many benefits . But the beginning is not easy. Children find it difficult to read well because when they start they do not have very developed linguistic ability , and this fact can make them give up the habit

How to help my baby crawl

Crawling is a phase in the physical development of the baby that usually appears after 9 months, although in some babies it may appear sooner and therefore, there is no need to worry. Nor do you have to worry if your baby does not crawl, because there is a possibility that your baby will move to the stage of walking directly, without going through the crawling

How to help my baby 3 to 12 months to sleep

It usually costs for a baby to fall asleep alone and almost always requires an adult to reassure him and make him fall asleep. But also, the adult who best reassures them must be a family member, and what better way is their father or mother. Then, from we have some tips on how to help your baby sleep if he has between 3 and 12 months of life

How to help my baby from 0 to 3 months to sleep

It usually costs for a baby to fall asleep alone and almost always requires an adult to reassure him and make him fall asleep. But also the adult who calms them best has to be familiar, and what better to be his father or mother. Here are some tips on how to help your baby sleep if he is between 0 and 3 months of age

How to help my child adapt to daycare

Surely one of the hardest times for parents is to leave their child in day care for the first time , especially if he is a baby. At first, it is hard to break that bond of protection that has been created between the baby and his parents after so much time together. However, daycare is necessary for children's lives: to reinforce their social skills, it is important that they are in contact with other children and, above all, to face up to now new situations for the children

How to help my child adapt to his new school

The first day in a new school is always difficult. Adaptation can be complicated and even your child can go through periods of anxiety. It does not matter how old you are because you will have different ways of expressing your feelings, the little ones usually cry disconsolate in the arms of their parents, and the older ones can feel insecure in the face of uncertainty

How to help my son to perform better on his exams

The children when they go through exam periods , regardless of age, can suffer stress, nerves and even anxiety. When this happens coexistence can become difficult since they feel somewhat more irritable, so it is important to help you perform better in your exams without overwhelming you but with adequate guidelines so that you feel safe in what you are learning and that you have confidence

How to help my child with homework

If your child is of school age you will probably have homework during the week. Do you know how to help him do his homework properly? With a series of measures you will realize that you can help him to take a good study habit. This does not mean doing homework to you, it means guiding you to learn to do it on your own

How to help my son improve his memory

Memory is fundamental to the learning process of your child. He will learn, fix knowledge and remember what he has learned all his life. It is very important to cultivate, train and care for memory throughout life, so you have to start from childhood. When I speak by heart, I do not only refer to the process of entering, registering, storing and retrieving the auditory or visual information that is incorporated into your mind, achieving to retain and reproduce experiences

How to help my son when he has nightmares

Those distressing dreams that generate fear and anxiety , and that we have all experienced at some time, are known as nightmares . What many do not know is that nightmares are more frequent in childhood than in any other stage of our life, especially in children over 5 years. This situation also generates enormous stress in some parents, who do not know how to calm their little ones when they experience these bad dreams

How to help my 1 to 3 year old son to sleep

At these ages the children want to stay with their parents and refuse to go to bed or on the contrary they want to go but with the company of their father or mother. In addition nightmares nightmares are very typical and it is convenient to reassure them so that they fall asleep again. Here are some tips on how to help your child sleep if he is between 1 and 3 years old