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5 errors of driving in the rain that you should avoid

Some bad driving habits may not cause problems when the street is dry but they are so deeply ingrained to some drivers that it is very difficult to get rid of them when Mother Nature shows her power with a torrential rain. Below we will detail the 5 errors of driving in rain that you must avoid to manage your car safely and be protected against any weather conditions

How often the tires change

One of the aspects that most worries drivers is the maintenance of the car , and that is that a vehicle requires that we pay special attention to checks, oil changes, filters or brake pads and also to tires . Road safety depends largely on good wheels but how often do you change the tires? In .com we explain it to you in detail

How to act in front of a stop sign

The stop sign is the most feared for beginners and, especially, for all those who will be examined to obtain a driver's license . This sign indicates that it is mandatory to stop , but the situation and circumstance must be taken into account. Do not miss the explanations of how to act before a stop sign if you want to successfully pass your exam and then be a good driver

How to save gas with apps

Apart from the different tips to follow to save fuel , with, for example, our driving, we can also do it from our smartphone thanks to the use of some simple apps . In addition, all these applications can be found for free through the android system, allowing you to save from the beginning. Nowadays, getting spend less money on any detail is very important, in

How to save for a car

Are mornings on public transport unsustainable? Do you want to have a new car but still do not know what to do to save? Keep reading, then we give you a series of recommendations so that you can realize the dream of the new car. Just put into practice these useful tips that we offer you in, safely you can save for a new or second hand car and get that vehicle you want so much

How to learn to drive a car

Whether you're going to go free or you're going to sign up for a driving school, it's interesting to have a clear set of concepts that will facilitate the process of learning to drive . Knowing how the vehicle gears work, the best way to drive on the road, the best way to brake, etc., are issues that will help you to take the car more safely and, with this, you will be more receptive to learning

How to find out the year of an external Mercury engine

If you own a Mercury outboard engine, and plan to rebuild, modify or service it, you must first gather some essential information such as model year to ensure the purchase of compatible parts, as necessary. You can also follow these steps if you are simply curious to find out the year of your Mercury engine

How to lower CO2 emissions from cars

There is no doubt that the reduction of CO2 emissions must be something that concerns us all and concerns us, we must not stop fighting and work so that each of us contributes something in this hard task of lowering the CO2 emissions that come of the cars. Below in this article we explain and give you some tips and tricks to lower CO2 emissions from our vehicles

How to calculate the gas mileage of my car

Fuel consumption is one of the aspects that drivers worry about the most. And, if we want to drive economically to save some money in these times of crisis, we need to know what our average gasoline consumption is. But, do you know how average fuel consumption is calculated? If you do not completely know the method to follow and you want to know how to calculate the gasoline consumption of your car , in this article we give you the keys to do it

How to calculate the total payment of interest on the loan of a car

If you are thinking of buying a car and you have no choice but to finance it in its entirety or a part; Surely this can help you out. If you calculate the total amount of interest that you will pay once the loan is due, you may decide to give some input. From .com we present a simple way to calculate the total payment of interest on the loan of a car

How to calm driving anxiety

While some people drive relaxes them, others -not a few- the mere thought of sitting in front of a vehicle causes us a concern that can become an anxiety difficult to control when performing an action many times inevitable. In .com we offer you a series of tips on how to calm driving anxiety . Start alone Although feeling accompanied can offer us security, it is convenient that we drive alone, without any occupant, so that we can concentrate completely on the activity we are doing

How to calculate tire equivalences and measurements

When we want to change the tires of our vehicle, either because they are worn or because the wheel has been punctured, we have to take into account a series of aspects, since we do not have any type of tire. What we must have is present is nothing other than the equivalences and measures of the tires

How to change the tire of a car

If you want to change the tires yourself step by step here you will find a very suitable tutorial because we will explain it to you in images. Changing the tire of a car is not easy but it is not impossible if you follow the steps little by little and you have, of course, the necessary tools. The time to change the tire may change in each case

How to change the Spanish registration for the German

The economic situation has caused many Spaniards to have decided to emigrate to Germany . Even though the two nations are from the European Union, if you are also going to emigrate and you are going to take your Spanish car to the German country, you will have to re-register it to carry the German regulatory plates

How to change the wheel of a car

There are many car drivers around the world, there are many people who every day drive their car to work, to a friend's house, to go on a weekend, to go on vacation. When people study to get their driving license, they study the road rules, car mechanics, road safety, do their driving practices, but very few who once have the driver's license in their possession know how to change the wheel of a car

How to exchange the Argentine driver's license in Spain

Redeeming the Argentine driving license in Spain is a procedure that you can carry out easily if you are well informed of everything you need. You will have to ask for documents from your country and get others in Spain. If it is a professional type card , you will also need to do practical tests before your permit can be exchanged

How to exchange the driving license of Morocco in Spain

Redeeming the driving license of Morocco in Spain is possible because there is a 2004 agreement that authorizes it. So, if you do not want to go through the driving school again, you will have to carry out the necessary procedures before the Traffic Department to make the change. Of course, if it is a professional type permit you will need to do practical and theoretical test

How to exchange your driving license

The exchange of driving licenses is a strictly necessary procedure for foreign persons who do not belong to the European Union and who reside in Spain for a period of more than 6 months. However, it is also a procedure that can be requested by citizens belonging to a country of the European Union and who wish to obtain the equivalent permit to drive on Spanish roads

How to exchange your driving license in London

If we plan to move to London, we must take into account the redemption of our driver's license if we want to have a car there and drive it, and not only for being able to drive, but for all the advantages that being a British card holder offers you. . To make this change, you must follow some simple bureaucratic steps and in three weeks you will have your new license at your disposal, which will be a short process that will give you more benefits than headaches

How to exchange your Colombian driver's license in Spain

If you are a Colombian national and you want to exchange your driving license in Spain , you can do it without any problem, as long as you have not issued it in your country of origin once you have your authorized residence in Spain. And is that with a few simple steps, the swap can be done in a short time and so be able to drive without problems on the roads of our country

How to fit the rear view mirrors

A good front, rear and side visibility will allow you to drive safer and react optimally to an unexpected event. A good placement of the rear view mirrors and the load that you can carry in the trunk are basic factors so that you can control your surroundings, but most importantly, with your eyes, check all the mirrors frequently

How to redeem a military driver's license

The military can exchange the driving license obtained in the Army by civil permission. The same happens with members of the Civil Guard or the National Police . Of course, you have to meet a series of requirements and perform a series of procedures in the Directorate General of Traffic . In .com we explain in detail all the steps about how to exchange a military driving license

How to place the child seat in the car

Knowing how to install the child seat in the car is very important so that it is possible to travel in the company of the smallest of the house . It requires a lot of care and attention so that the chair is installed efficiently and so we do not have any kind of surprise. At the end of the day, if something worries us when we travel with children it is that they can be as comfortable and safe as possible

How to buy an abandoned car

Knowing how to buy an abandoned car will allow you to have a vehicle that, without a doubt, its owner or previous owner is no longer interested in owning. You can find the case that the former owner has canceled the car or, on the contrary, still appears in the records of the Traffic Department. To help you in this process, in

How to buy a car in Dubai

Knowing how to buy a car in Dubai will allow you to access a market full of luxury cars at affordable prices or, at least, lower than in Spain and other countries in its environment. Of course, you must have the added costs involved in the import and the steps you will have to take to carry it out. To help you prepare this operation, in

How to buy a car in Germany

Germany has a large car market in which, for different reasons, we can find a new car , both high-end and average, cheaper than in Spain. Therefore, there are many people who decide to buy their car in the German country. It is true that the procedures are multiplied, but we can achieve savings compared to buying the same model in Spain

How to buy a second-hand car in Germany

If we want to get a high-end car at a relatively affordable price, in the second-hand market in Germany we can find what we are looking for. Whether we are fans of this type of vehicle or want to do business and resell it in Spain, in the German country we can choose from a wide range of luxury second hand cars

How to buy a car online

The Internet offers you the possibility of accessing a large car sales market . Without leaving home and in a few minutes, you will be able to know all the details of the car, see images, read the comments of sellers and compare the products that interest you most. However, you must know how to filter the information well and know the procedures necessary for the operation to be successful

How to buy a car repossessed by the bank

A good option to not spend a lot of money on a car is to buy one seized by the bank. These are usually very new cars that their owner has not been able to pay and the bank offers them at very affordable prices. Ask your bank because, usually, these are usually not exposed and do not advertise. From there they will send you and inform you of everything

How to buy a second-hand car

In a situation as complicated as the current one, any extra spending of money can cause us big headaches. Given the economic and labor instability that exists today, we tend to focus all our efforts on saving as much as we can to have a mattress or safety net in case things get complicated. Hence, the decision to buy a new second-hand car can be more difficult than ever

How to buy a car at auction

Knowing how to buy a car is auctioning will allow you, among other things, to access luxury vehicles at a lower price than the market. In person or through the Internet, you will have the opportunity to offer a price to opt for the purchase of a car model that, otherwise, perhaps you could not afford because of its high cost

How to buy a car by leasing

Before deciding to buy a car for leasing , I recommend that you read this other article about the differences between leasing and renting, to see what is best for you according to your personal circumstances. Leasing is a way of financing the car and, therefore, there should always be a financial institution involved and the purchase option must always be present in the previous rental agreement

How to buy a car by renting

The renting is a way to rent a car with the possibility that there is an option to buy , but access to the ownership of the vehicle is not your goal and it is not mandatory that this alternative exists. If you want to buy a car , you may be more interested in leasing . In this article we explain the differences between renting and leasing

How to buy a car that is not paid

The answer to how to buy a car that is not paid depends on the way the seller has used to access the money. Thus, in the case of a personal loan, you will not be affected by this circumstance when making the car. However, the same will not happen if the vehicle weighs a domain reservation derived, for example, from a lease

How to drive with rain safely

When it is bad weather it is important to be clear about how to drive with rain safely to avoid possible accidents that occur due to weather conditions. To help you avoid these problems, in .com we present the keys to driving with rain safely . Steps to follow: one Before leaving, always have your tires ready

How to drive with ice

Driving is an activity that always requires maximum concentration and caution to achieve safe driving and avoid accidents . However, sometimes this activity is even more complicated, as it is the case of certain seasons of the year and, in particular, what it refers to in winter . And it is that the different weather conditions can hinder driving and increase the risk of traffic problems, so in this article we explain in detail how to drive on ice

How to drive with a trailer

If you have considered incorporating a trailer to your car to go on vacation, take more luggage, transport a motorcycle, a boat or for any other reason, we already anticipate that it is not difficult to drive with a trailer. It is normal that the idea of ​​carrying a vehicle with hitch will scare you a bit, but with a series of guidelines to maneuver and prepare the vehicle you will have everything dominated. In

How to drive with heels

If you are new to the world of driving there is something you are about to discover: the heels and the car can often be incompatible. But you do not have to start driving to realize it, just go out one day with some super heels of the house to notice that driving with them can be difficult even touching the danger

How to drive at night

If driving a vehicle we must put all our senses into what we do, at night the attention must be even greater. No matter how illuminated the road is or how powerful our lights are, visibility will always be smaller than during the day and, with this, our capacity to react to an unexpected event will be less

How to drive safely

For many people driving is a pleasure. However, we must remember that the car is not a toy, so driving requires concentration and responsibility. There are many factors to consider when we go behind the wheel, from the weather conditions to being accompanied by children or pregnant women. However, we must always respect traffic regulations and try to ensure maximum safety for all passengers