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How to drive efficiently

When driving a vehicle , we must take into account various aspects so that driving is as efficient as possible. In this way, we can save fuel , which in recent times has reached exorbitant prices, and reduce gas emissions that affect the environment. If you want to know some tricks to improve your driving habits, do not miss this

How to drive in the mud

If you need to drive on a dirt road that has become slippery mud due to recent rains, you will find that it is easy to get stuck or even have a serious breakdown. If you live in a mountainous area or there is a lot of traffic on the road, it can also be dangerous. Try some of these tips to avoid problems

How to drive in cases of emergency

There are multiple emergency circumstances that you may encounter while driving and very serious consequences. Knowing in advance how to act in these cases will help you to have the necessary resources to overcome the trance. However, on many occasions, knowing how to stay calm is the most important thing to find the most intelligent exit

How to drive if I have a flat tire

Sometimes, when a car wheel is punctured, the air starts to come out little by little, so even though we are driving, we may not even notice it. But in other cases, the wheel deflates almost instantly and you must act intelligently to avoid losing control of the car and an accident. In .com we offer you these tips that answer the question of how to drive if I have a flat tire

How to drive on the left

In countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan or Thailand, cars have the steering wheel on the right and driving is on the left, that is, the reverse of how most drivers do in the rest of the world. Although the traffic does not present great difficulties, it is true that the first days can be difficult to get used to this new way of moving with the car and pay close attention to the steering wheel to avoid any accident

How to consult fines for registration

Checking fines for car registration is possible if you have a computer and an Internet connection. You simply have to access a page of the web portal of the General Directorate of Traffic, identify yourself with or without a digital certificate, and enter the registration number of the car. The TESTRA system is the one that facilitates access, but you must know that not all organisms give their data of sanctions to this entity

How to control nerves when driving

Do you get nervous when you sit behind the wheel? Do you feel anxiety when driving ? If so, it will be necessary to take measures to control this nervousness and be able to drive without any problem. Driving is not a game and we should always be careful and respectful when driving on the road , but we can not allow fear to overtake us

How to drive an automatic car

Driving an automatic car is, in principle, simpler than a manual transmission car. However, the lack of personal habit and even the lack of a tradition in this type of driving in the area in which we live can cause us to make mistakes that will make the control of the vehicle more complicated. To help you avoid these possible problems when driving this type of car in this article we give you a series of tips on how to drive an automatic car

How to care for a turbo engine

A turbo engine , most of the existing in the current fleet, if it receives the care it requires, has the same life expectancy as an atmospheric one. However, if we do not treat it properly, it will break down beforehand and, in addition, force us to make a considerable outlay. Bearing in mind that the key lies in the oil that irrigates the mechanical parts, in

How to definitively cancel a car

The procedures to definitively cancel a car are very simple. You do not have to carry out any procedure before the General Directorate of Traffic, but it will be the accredited scrapyards that will be in charge of doing it. They will also take care of physically disposing of the car so that they comply with the environmental regulations in force

How to cancel a car for its transfer to another country

The process of definitively canceling your car because you are going to move it to another country , both in the European Union and the rest of the country, is very simple. The rate you have to pay is not very high, and even depending on the characteristics of the car , it can be free. Simply, you must have located the identification data of the car and go to the General Directorate of Traffic to do the management

How to register in the key system of the DGT

The Clave system is a new functionality that the Spanish Government has put in place to facilitate the procedures of citizens through the Internet. It is a common identification form for all Spanish public administrations and, in the case of the DGT, it allows you to carry out procedures such as seeing the balance of card points or the fines that may have been placed on you

How to unlock the car's steering wheel

Voluntarily or involuntarily, the truth is that sometimes when we start our car, we find that the steering wheel is blocked . This is due to the security mechanisms that some manufacturers include so that nobody can move the steering wheel without having entered the keys. In .com we explain in detail how to unlock the car's steering wheel

How to leave the car parked for a long time

Although it is not highly recommended, it is possible that circumstances force you to leave the car parked on public roads for a long time. As you can imagine, it is a practice that has its risks, both because the car is more prone to being stolen and because you risk that, when you pick it up again, you have some mechanical problem derived from having been without moving and exposed to external agents negative, such as very high or very low temperatures

How an ambulance should circulate

Some vehicles have traffic regulations different from the conventional, being able to skip traffic signals as well as speed limits. However, this can only be done by those who work in a special regime, specifically those who provide an urgent service, such as the police, firemen and health services, although always under common conditions for all of them that they must respect in all circumstances

How to stop a car without brakes

One of the worst situations that we can find when driving a car , is that the brakes do not respond. Although it is difficult for this to happen, it is necessary to know what to do in this scenario to prevent further damage, so in .com we explain how to stop a car without brakes . Steps to follow: one Obviously, when we run out of brakes , the first thing we have to do is stop pressing the accelerator of our car

How to choose between a car with manual or automatic transmission

When buying a car we must evaluate many aspects beyond the price and the model. Maintenance, vehicle performance and comfort are some of the premises on which we think, but the type of transmission is also an important aspect for most drivers. Do not know how to decide? In .com we give you some tips so you can discover how to choose between a car with manual and automatic transmission

How to choose between a diesel or gasoline car

When buying a vehicle, beyond the price and the model, the type of engine used becomes a fundamental aspect that will determine the maintenance costs and the type of fuel that we should throw. The options are two, but it is not always easy to decide, so in .com we give you some keys so you know how to choose between a diesel car or a gasoline

How to choose the right tires

When choosing the best tires for our vehicle we have to take into account many factors, ranging from the type of car to our economic possibilities or our interests when traveling by one type or another of track. So you can be in the best conditions when making this decision for nothing irrelevant, in

How to choose the car seat for children correctly

When traveling by car it is always very important to take the necessary security measures , but even more so when traveling with children . In this way, one of the key points that we must take into account to transport our children safely is to correctly choose the car seat where they should be seated

How to choose car tires - all you have to know

Before making a decision as important as choosing the tires of our car , we must carefully assess factors such as how we are going to use the car, what kind of roads we are going to drive on a regular basis or what is the climate of our place of home. You have to bear in mind that car tires play a fundamental role in terms of the safety of the vehicle and the occupants

How to choose car tires - all you have to know

Before making a decision as important as choosing the tires of our car , we must carefully assess factors such as how we are going to use the car, what kind of roads we are going to drive on a regular basis or what is the climate of our place of home. You have to bear in mind that car tires play a fundamental role in terms of the safety of the vehicle and the occupants

How to choose tires for an SUV

If the choice of the wheels of our utility car is already a decision of caliber, in the case of off-road vehicles, much heavier and, in principle, designed to travel on surfaces difficult to transit, it becomes much more relevant. To be successful, the main factor that we have to take into account is the type of surface we are going to take the vehicle through

How to choose my family car

It does not matter if you are a new parent or if you are waiting for the fifth baby, there are countless changes that affect your daily life with each new member of the family. And without a doubt one of them is the way to transport you , that's why in many occasions you should think about buying a new car

How to choose a driving school

Any driver knows: learning to drive is achieved with a lot of practice, but the truth is that you have to go to the driving school to be able to get in front of a vehicle. Learning the rules, questions of mechanics, doing many tests and, later, the dreaded practices are part of the process of passing through the driving school

How to choose a caravan

Traveling in caravan has become a trend in recent years. More and more people are literally wanting to travel with the house on their backs and enjoy nature and the road at the same time. Choosing the caravan that suits all our needs can be a real headache, so we show you some aspects to take into account so you can choose the perfect caravan for you

How to teach road safety to children

Knowing how to teach safety to children will allow you to put at the disposal of the smallest tools so that they can work safely in an urban environment. In addition, a person who receives this type of training in their first years of life will be more aware of it when it is an adult. To help you in this important aspect of personal training, in

How to avoid the blind angle of visibility

The blind spot of the car or blind angle of visibility is a dangerous area that we can not reach with our eyes using the rearview mirror. It is the area that occupies at a certain moment a car that is overtaking us on the right. As you can imagine, it supposes a serious risk of lateral collision in the event that we start overtaking just when another car that is passing us is at this dead point

How is the regulation of the use of chairs for children

Knowing the rules of the use of chairs for children is essential to ensure the safety of children, much more vulnerable than adults when traveling by car. The first fact that you have to be clear is that you must take into account the age, height and weight of the child to know which system of retention corresponds to him

How NCAP evaluates the safety of a car

Euro NCAP, the acronym in English of the European Program for the Evaluation of New Cars, is the main program at European level, and one of the biggest benchmarks in the world in terms of the assessment of car safety. The Euro NCAP tests are a series of tests to which the cars that are launched on the European market are subjected, which serve to measure and assess safety levels

How to avoid aquaplaning by car

If we have to drive on a very rainy day or it rains intensely while driving a car , we must be prepared to avoid a dangerous situation such as aquaplaning . Aquaplaning is a physical phenomenon that occurs when the driver loses control of the vehicle, mainly due to two factors. The first is the thickness of the water film on the surface through which we circulate, and the second is the speed that our vehicle carries

How to avoid falling asleep while driving

When we are at the wheel, attention is essential to prevent accidents, so driving with drowsiness becomes a very risky act that can bring dangerous consequences. Choosing the most appropriate hours to drive and follow some of the recommendations that we give you in .com, will help you avoid falling asleep while driving

How to avoid fatigue at the wheel

Driving is not an easy task, especially when it comes to long journeys . Trips of many hours can cause fatigue and fatigue ; This feeling of sleepiness and malaise usually occurs more frequently in the early morning or after eating. A good part of traffic accidents are produced by fatigue behind the wheel and it is necessary to take measures to avoid it

How to avoid traffic fines

The fines imposed for traffic infractions, are increasingly higher, for this reason we must increase respect for traffic signals and thus avoid bitter gulps. To know in depth the consequences of the infractions, .com explains how to avoid traffic fines in Spain . Up to 80 euros The main infractions involving a cost of up to € 80 are: crossing a roundabout painted without any relief, stopping the car on a zebra crossing, not facilitating the incorporation of another vehicle to traffic when it is possible to do so, sneaking into the road of electronic toll collection without having it, or crossin

How to prevent my car being stolen

The theft of vehicles is an increasingly fruitful business for those who live on it, who disarm the vehicle to sell their parts or move it to other countries to sell it second-hand, taking advantage of a lucrative profit. Discovering that our vehicle has been stolen, regardless of whether we have insurance, is always an unpleasant and complicated experience, therefore it is advisable to take into account some preventive measures to dissuade thieves from seizing your car

How car rental works

The renting of cars consists of the rental of vehicles but not of tourist type, for a short time, but for long periods and that can even include an option to purchase the vehicle. Although at first, companies were the main users of this system, more and more individuals are opting for it. So you can assess if you are interested in this method, in

How the card works by points

The card by points incorporates a system that punishes drivers who commit infractions at the wheel and rewards those who do not cause problems for a certain time. Thus, the continuity of good driving is sought. On the other hand, if you lose all of them due to one or more infractions, your card will be automatically withdrawn and you will have to take a 24-hour course in an authorized driving school to recover the points on your driver's license, and obtain your license again

How to finance the purchase of a car

Few people are able to buy a car and pay for it in cash, so knowing how to finance this expense becomes as much or more important than choosing the vehicle. There are different options to do it, so it will be very important to study them to choose the one that best suits your needs. In .com we help you in this task explaining the possibilities available to finance the purchase of a car

How to avoid a fine for talking to your mobile phone if they do not stop you

Sometimes it is possible to avoid being punished with a fine for using your mobile phone while driving if an authority does not stop you. How? The issue has its trick, the issue is that an agent of the authority - whether a policeman, a civil guard, or any other - must provide evidence of the crime to sanction you, if you do not, you can appeal the fine

How hydrogen cars work

Derived from the energy source of oil, gasoline and diesel can start a car , but its use is very polluting. However, hydrogen can also be used to move a vehicle, since it is a fuel. But it is not a conventional one, but it is characterized by being clean and sustainable, because instead of CO2 it emits water vapor, which makes it an ideal option to respect the environment