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3 fun applications to draw in Windows 8

A few years ago it was normal for children to paint with plastidecor and using blank sheets; However, nowadays even the smallest ones already have tablets and iPads that absorb their time ... is this negative? You do not have to, now you can download 3 fun applications to draw and increase your creativity

Add two images as a screen saver for Windows Vista

Cutting two images together as a screen saver can make the difference between a generic, impersonal screen saver to a very special one, by adding a personal touch to your computer with 2 images of a loved one or a favorite pastime. A screen saver is an image montage that appears when the computer is idle or falls asleep

5 essential applications for Mac

Start the year and, if you've been good, surely Santa Claus has given you a Mac (or have decided to give it to yourself). While it is true that at first it can be claustrophobic to make the jump to iOS from Windows, in the long run the advantages are incredible. If you want to discover 5 essential applications for Mac , in

Keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X

It never hurts to know the most basic shortcuts of the computer that we use; In this way, we can not only improve the speed with which we interact with our Mac OS X, but also optimize our productivity. Translated into our language, it seems that Apple organizers have only published in English, German, French and Japanese, in

Find out if a processor is compatible with your motherboard

The range of processors that a motherboard can have, is determined by the chipset of the motherboard and by the BIOS version. Each motherboard comes with a manual that contains a list of compatible processors. Baseboard manufacturers often put this information on the Web to provide information. In many cases, the BIOS can be updated or "Flashed", allowing faster processors of the same type

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Have you already installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview ? If the answer is affirmative, we intuit that you can find something lost, not only when it comes to locating accesses, but to perform simple daily activities with your computer. The best way to be comfortable using the new design and configuration of 'Metro' is knowing all the keyboard shortcuts that exist in Windows 8

How to open cbr files

Maybe at some point we have reached our hands a file that has a somewhat strange extension and we do not know exactly how to handle it. We are talking about cbr files that are nothing more than compressed files that usually contain comics or sequences of images. Let's see how we can access the cbr files

How to open the Terminal on Mac computers

The Mac terminal is a basic way to execute actions on our Mac through a series of commands called commands. Once the Mac terminal is executed, the black window will appear, in it you must go putting the commands, each of them reflects an action. But first let's go step by step to see how to open the Mac terminal

How to open the DVD tray on a Mac G4

The Power Mac G4 was a line of desktop computers manufactured and marketed by Apple between 1999 and 2004. The G4 line of computers used PowerPC G4 microprocessors of different speeds. In addition, G4 has a CD / DVD tray. There are several methods available that you can use to open this CD / DVD tray

How to open a command window in Windows 8

Do you need to open a command line on your Windows 8 computer but can not find it? The truth is that in this operating system is a little different from the usual method of previous Windows. And that's why we want to help you and make it easy for you, so do not miss our article on how to open a command window in Windows 8

How to speed up any Windows computer

If you have a Windows computer and it has started to work slowly, in .com we have a few solutions that, with all security, will increase the loading speed and response of your PC. Keep reading, we explain step by step what you can change to improve the performance of your operating system , it will be like having a new computer

How to speed up and optimize my Internet connection

If your Internet connection is slow, you may not enjoy as much as you should of your stay in the network. In fact, the speed with which we view content on the Internet determines, in a key way, our browsing and socialization time in it. In this article we suggest a set of tips and tricks to speed up and optimize your Internet connection

How to activate Cortana in Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system brings with it an intelligent virtual assistant, it is Cortana an assistant very similar to others like Apple's Siri but also covering the world of computers. Despite being an innovative solution, Cortana is not yet available for all Latin American countries, but for Spanish speakers it is only available for Spain and Mexico

How to enable WPA2 encryption in Windows Vista

Computers connect to a wireless network by establishing a network access point connection, plus a radio channel that is shared with all other computers on the same network. A computer that runs widely available software can receive all the packets sent by and for any user of the wireless network. For that reason, access points implement encryption, and each network participant uses a different key, unknown to all others

How to activate the remote assistance desk

Windows includes tools called Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance that allow you or someone else to connect your computer remotely. Although Remote Desktop allows the user to access a computer's applications and files on a network, Remote Assistance allows you to invite a user to connect to your computer to help solve problems or perform a task

How to activate God Mode in Windows 10

Have you heard about GodMode or God Mode ? Basically the GodMod is a special control panel that allows those advanced users to make more complex and customized configurations in the system. It is one of the best tricks available not only in Windows 10 but in previous versions of the operating system, where you will find all the possible configurations in the same folder located wherever you want

How to turn infrared reception on and off on the MacBook

If you have several Apple devices in your home, for example a MacBook and an Apple TV, you may have found yourself in the situation where your MacBook goes crazy every time you want to watch a movie on the Apple TV and use the remote control To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you deactivate the infrared reception of your MacBook (since I'm sure you do not use it that much either)

How to upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

After a few weeks in which it was possible to install Windows 8.1 on your computer, but by unsafe means for those not initiated in computing, Microsoft has finally officially launched the new version of its operating system. Windows 8.1 is now available in the Microsoft application store . Are you interested in updating

How to update my processor

One way to improve the performance of your computer is to update your processor . The processor is the brain of the computer. The ability to update the computer's processor depends on the computer's motherboard. A motherboard is only capable of supporting a specific range of processor speeds and this range varies between the plates

How to update my PC's BIOS

The BIOS is one of the most important systems of any computer. In fact, it is the basic system that allows the computer and the operating system itself to work while it is turned on. Because of this, it is a fundamental system and it is convenient to have it updated correctly. However, because of this importance, it is also essential that you update correctly and always using the official links of the manufacturer's pages of the computer in question

How to update my Android tablet

One of the advantages of having an Android tablet or smartphone is that they are platforms that are updated frequently. With each update, failures are usually corrected in the systems, and improvements are usually included that benefit the users. The most common is that the updates are made through the Wi-Fi network, without having to use any type of cable, although this will depend on the manufacturer and even the telephone operator

How to manage computers remotely

Remote desktop software is used to remotely administer computers. This software will allow you to see and control more than one computer. The remote desktop application is included in all versions of Windows 7 and above. If you do not have Windows 7 or do not want to use this software, there are free remote desktop applications online

How to add Mac email addresses to the address book

Apple Mail , which is the default email application in the Mac OS X operating system , is designed to integrate seamlessly with the iCal Address Book. This means that you can take any email address in Mail, in the "To", "From" or "CC" field, or directly in the body of the email message, and transfer it to the address book

How to add two images as a screen saver for Windows 7

Cutting two images together as a screen saver can make the difference between a generic, impersonal screen saver to a very special one, by adding a personal touch to your computer with 2 images of a loved one or a favorite pastime. A screen saver is an image montage that appears when the computer is idle or falls asleep

How to add desktop icons on Mac

The desktop is one of the primary elements of a Mac , and its existence dates back to the original Macintosh operating system in 1984. Over the years, the Mac desktop has undergone many changes, but the use of icons has always remained the same. You can create an icon of the desktop folder to organize your files, move an item on the desktop to access directly, or create an alias icon to access items without moving them from their original locations

How to add a space not assigned to a partition

Disk partitioning is the act of separating a hard drive into different parts. This allows you to perform more tasks with the hard drive. In a Windows operating system, the "Disk Management" utility allows you to manage the partitions on the computer. If one of your partitions has insufficient space, you can increase its size by adding unallocated (unformatted) space

How to adjust the cursor to hide it automatically

We are sure that, all Internet users, place the mouse in the lower right area of ​​the screen when they want to watch a movie or a full-size video on the computer. However, the problem is that, in the latest versions of Windows, the cursor is not designed to disappear after a short period of inactivity. Fo

How to extend the life of the laptop's battery

Do you remember your laptop when you just bought it? Everything worked perfectly and, besides, it was really portable: the battery really lasted the hours advertised by the manufacturer. Now, however, a couple of years later, everything is different. You have to have the cable always at hand and you have gone to have the computer always plugged in so that it does not turn off in 15 minutes

How to adjust the sharpness in the My Computer monitor

To get the best sharpness on your monitor depends on what type of monitor you have. CRT, LCD and laptop monitors behave differently and usually require different resolution settings. For example, wide screens are dimensionally more horizontal than CRT screens. Although laptops have wide screens, the parts are typically smaller than most LCD screens, which are wide screens designed to separately connect a hard-working drive system

How to add fonts to MS Paint

The Microsoft Windows operating system includes a basic graphics creation and an image editing tool called Paint . As with other Windows programs, the fonts available for use within Paint are related to what each computer has in the central folder of the Fonts operating system. While you have access to the level of Windows administrator, and have the file associated with the new source available on your computer, adding a font type for Windows 7 or Windows Vista, and making it available in Paint can become a quick task

How to turn off the iPod

iPod is the audio player created by Apple that has revolutionized the audio listening market on mobile devices. It's frustrating to see your iPod's battery run out because you can not figure out how to turn off the device. Although it seems like a joke, turning off an iPod is not an especially intuitive process

How to learn free computing

In the age of communication and technologies, it is incredibly easy to learn to take our first steps with the computer , and even to take advanced classes, completely free of charge. If you do not know how to do it, we will offer you an extended guideline of the steps you must follow at all times; Remember that you can learn computing in several ways

How to boot from USB with Windows 7

Bootable USB drives are relatively new, and have unlimited uses. When a computer is so shattered that it does not even start on Windows, the USB boot drives allow you to run the diagnostic tools to detect the error. They can also boot a different operating system, such as the many "live" versions of Linux, which can be run from a USB disk

How to fix the brightness of the iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch has a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light of the room . This not only saves battery, but extends the life of the screen. Unfortunately, the light sensor may malfunction or take an incorrect reading due to a shadow or bright light in the background

How to lock the screen with Mac OS X Lion (or later)

The screen lock function is very useful, for example, when you are at work and you get up for a short break , making sure that nobody touches your things. How to get block your screen quickly with Mac OS X? There are different ways, and they vary slightly depending on the version of OS X you use. In

How to erase bios data in computers

It is possible to reset the BIOS of the computer in order to correct the BIOS. The BIOS contains the instructions that the computer follows, such as the system clock and the boot order of the disk drives. The motherboard of the computer has the current BIOS chip and its configuration. You will not have to search in order to erase the BIOS memory and the data contained inside, you can simply erase the BIOS from the computer in less than 10 minutes

How to search my computer's firmware

All the hardware installed on a computer has firmware. The system firmware informs about how the equipment works and what functions the equipment performs. Often, manufacturers publish firmware updates, so if you see a new update for the hardware installed on the computer, it is important to know exactly what firmware your computer is using

How to change the color of Mac folders

In this article we will explain how to change the color of Mac folders using a free application, called FolderTeint and that you can download from the Internet. It is very easy to use and allows you to give different colors to each folder depending on the type of documents they host, such as applications, music, photographs, etc

How to change the desktop background in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes by default with a desktop background consisting of the Windows logo. However, do not limit yourself to a single desktop background, since Windows 7 includes a series of pre-installed backgrounds that can be applied at any time. You can even fix an image on your hard drive as the desktop background in Windows 7

How to change the format of Mac screenshots

Making screenshots on Mac is a very simple operation, something characteristic of Apple products. It is enough with a combination of keys, normally, capital letter + cmd + 3, to have our screenshot , which by default is in .png format . Sometimes, it is more comfortable that these screenshots are lighter, so it would be more useful to make them in