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5 things that give bad luck

Since antiquity, bad luck has been associated with certain objects and acts that are performed, or rather should not be performed, on specific dates of the calendar. They are superstitions that have been going from century to century and have lasted from generation to generation, although for many of them there are variations depending on the country: Friday the 13th, some numbers that bring bad luck, etc

Amulets against envy

The feeling of envy not only causes discomfort in the person who feels it by craving what he sees in others, but it can also be harmful to those people who possess the objects, qualities or successes that others desire. In these latter situations, you may even be the victim of spells or spells that seek to take away something that you have and that others want

Lucky luck charms for money

Do you want to attract money? Then you can prove with the energy that some objects emanate from the universe and that, they say, they have the capacity to attract the economic bonanza of those who rub shoulders with that object. It is considered that they release a series of energy frequencies that can change the aura around us and improve our economic situation, therefore, in this article we are going to discover how you can take advantage of this condition by creating some homemade amulets that will help you to concentrate this energy frequency

Amulets for love

If you still do not have a special person in your life or you want to recover love, there are several amulets that can help you. Among the most popular and used two you can find, for example, pendants to attract love, talismans or stones like rose quartz or diamond. However, it is of little use to have a lucky charm if you do not know how they are used

Jokes to make the Day of the Innocent Saints

The Day of the Holy Innocents, celebrated on December 28, is one of the most typical festivities of Christmas. This day you have to be with your eyes wide open since we are all exposed to make us a joke. There are many jokes that you can do or can do this day. In this article, we explain some jokes to make the Day of the Holy Innocents

Tree of life: meaning, what it is and origin - WITH PHOTOS

Surely more than once you have seen a tattoo of the tree of life and is that it is a very old symbol that hides a great message about our life. In general, this tree represents our own existence , since we are born with roots rooted to the ground, until we reach the end of our life. In this article we are going to discover the meaning of the tree of life as well as its origin , so you can understand once and for all what this symbol means that so many people decide to mark on their skin

How to welcome a foreign student at home

Do you want to practice another language without spending a euro? If you can not afford to travel abroad , perhaps the most economical and productive way is to host a student from another country at home. The maintenance expenses are paid to you, you just have to have free space in the house. If you want to know how to welcome a foreign student at home , this article gives you guidelines to follow

How to accompany in the duel

The death of a loved one is a difficult and hard time for most of us. For a while, its absence affects different areas of our life: it is what we call the process or time of mourning. In this article from .com we want to give you advice on how to accompany people who have suffered a loss . In this article you will find different tips and recommendations that can help you better understand how the people you accompany and their reactions feel

How to act during a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are characterized by the great presence of lightning and thunder in the sky, may be accompanied by rain, strong winds and in some cases hail, depending on weather conditions, and what makes them something of care is, precisely, its essential component, lightning and thunder, which can cause a lot of damage around, that is why it is necessary to take some measures and follow a few recommendations

How to join Podemos

The Spanish political party Podemos is a leftist formation founded in 2014 and its general secretary is Pablo Iglesias . With five seats in the European Parliament, it is considered one of the young parties with the most political future in Spain. If you are interested in being part of this training, we will show you the simple steps you must follow to be affiliated with Podemos

How to join the PP

Are you interested in being part of a political party ? Do you want to join the Spanish Popular Party and do not know how to do it? It is a very simple procedure that will allow you to become a sympathizer or PP activist and participate in the political life of your affinity party. So, you just have to follow the steps we show you in this article about how to join the PP

How to join Citizens

Ciudadanos is a political party formed by the Catalan Albert Rivera, who founded it in 2006 in Barcelona. Originally called Ciutadans has become a political option with great force throughout Spain, imposing itself as one of the formations with more future. If you are interested in being part of this game, we show you how to join Citizens and even how to become a supporter

How to get ready in the Russian army

Do you want to be part of the Russian army ? Do you feel like having a future within the Russian armed forces? If you have answered yes, get down to work and try to fulfill your dream. Because being part of the Russian army can be a great job and also, or is the most powerful military force in Europe rivaling potential with the American army

How to enlist in the United States Army

Have you thought about enlisting in the army of the United States ? Well before considering this, you should know if you meet certain requirements that are essential to be part of any of the branches that make up the army: Navy, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. Each unit has its rules and rules of recruitment, but these requirements are basic to be able to be recruited

How to get ready in the Spanish Navy

Are you looking for a job with a dynamic environment, where your worth is recognized and your effort is rewarded? If yours is the army and defend your homeland , the Navy may be your place. This is a job that requires previous tests, both physical and psychological, that we detail in our article, where we also inform you about the necessary documentation that you must submit to the Navy

How to learn to be another person with dramatic expression

For dramatic expression, it is not necessary to be an actor, since it is a cominicative vehicle that everyone can expand and use. It uses the curop, the sound, the language, the space, and the objects to interpret. Its purpose is to develop the ability to improvise when it comes to representing different roles or situations

How to learn two languages ​​at the same time

For many people, learning two languages ​​at the same time sounds like a real challenge, but in many parts of the world, people live in multilingual environments. According to Janet Werker, a researcher at the University of British Columbia, the brain is perfectly capable of alternating between different languages. In

How to learn the Gujarati alphabet

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by some 46 million people around the world, according to the Ethnologue language report. The majority of people who speak Gujarati live in states of India such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. However, there are also important Gujarati communities in Bangladesh, Kenya and the United Kingdom

How to learn the art of good manners

Good manners are the expression of the level of awareness we have towards the dignity of others. Many times good manners are reflected in the education instilled by our family. It is not born with them, they are not innate but we learn throughout our lives. There are large banquets, movie dinners and meals that would make Nero himself tremble, all these important gastronomic encounters require, from the diners, certain knowledge

How to learn the Chinese alphabet

Chinese is not a single language, but rather a set of dialects spoken throughout the Asian country of China. According to the text of the Ethnologue report, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken of these dialects, with the mother tongue being about 70 percent of all Chinese speakers. The Chinese language does not have an alphabet in the same way that English has it, but it is a logographic language, which means that the words are represented by individual symbols instead of a combination of different letters that appear in an alphabet

How to learn Japanese handwriting

Learning to write with more than 2000 characters of the Japanese alphabet may seem, at first, an impossible task. Each character is composed of sequences of strokes and strokes that must be executed quickly and methodically. It can take years to learn Japanese writing , but almost anyone can understand the basics

How to learn Japanese culture

Of course, one of the best ways to get to know and experience Japanese culture is by taking a trip to Japan and spending a few months living among its people and its forms. However, since times or finances do not always allow for excursions, there are still effective ways for you to learn about Japanese culture , without having to travel far from your home

How to learn languages ​​quickly

Learning a new language is usually a rewarding process that gives us both personal and work life benefits, and this fact can help us communicate when traveling to another country but it can also mean a promotion at work. Even so, we also know that this task involves a lot of time and effort, so effective techniques and methods are needed to facilitate learning

How to learn languages ​​in summer

During the summer months, most young people, and not so young, take advantage of holidays to reinforce languages . Others choose to establish a first contact with a foreign language and begin their study. The truth is that it is a good time, because you have more time to dedicate yourself fully and take advantage

How to learn Japanese for beginners

Approximately 122 million people speak Japanese all over the world, according to the Ethnologue Report. Most of these speakers live in the East Asian country, although there is also a Japanese-speaking community in Taiwan. People often say that Japanese is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn. Th

How to learn word definitions quickly

The fastest way to learn a new word is to write a phrase using it in an appropriate context after looking up its definition in a dictionary. Reading good literature or poetry is one of the most powerful ways to learn the definitions of words quickly , since words are used in an interesting and imaginative way, which makes them infinitely memorable

How to learn a language in 10 days

Learning to speak in a new language is something that takes time, even years, but circumstances do not always allow so much time. Maybe you are planning a vacation abroad or the need to travel on labor issues. Whatever your reason, you need to learn a new language quickly . While you may not be able to fully master a new language in this short period of time, it is possible to learn enough to get ahead

How to learn a language economically

Nowadays, learning a second language , and even a third one, is essential to find a job in most professional fields, and it is also a way to get rich, to know other cultures and get more out of your trips abroad. However, sometimes we pull back because we think that enrolling in an academy will be too expensive

How to learn a language in three months

Benny Lewis is a polyglot from Ireland who, at age 21, only spoke English; In fact, he was convinced that he could never learn another language because, being still younger, he had studied German at school without obtaining good results. However, after graduating as an engineer at the University, he decided to move to Spain to try his luck with the Spanish

How to attend a Correfoc

The Correfoc is a traditional Catalan, Valencian, Aragonese and Balearic festival. Its main emblem is fire and pyrotechnics. Both participants and organizers enter streets full of wheelbarrows, fires and flares jumping and dancing to the beat of music. Normally, the organizers disguise themselves as devils so, for those who participate in this party, it is like approaching hell

How to tie a red thread in the Jewish tradition

As in many faith traditions, some practitioners of Judaism respect long-held beliefs in mysticism. Kabbalah is a major source of such beliefs, particularly those that protect against negative energy forces. The practice of using a red thread goes back to the time of Rachel and Jacob in the Tanakh (Jewish Bible), thousands of years ago, and is done to avoid the dangers associated with the "evil eye"

How to find out what a number means in Numerology

On the basis of the Pythagorean theory that all things can be reduced to numbers, numerology is a practice that uses numbers to describe a person's character and guess the future. Numerology numbers are derived from the date of birth and the name of a person. Based on this information, it is said that certain character traits and the path in life can be determined

How to attract good luck to your life

Are you going through a bad patch and are you looking for a solution to improve luck in your life? Although for some skeptics luck as such does not exist, others firmly believe that this may vary with some magical rituals or amulets. Regardless of who is right, the truth is that, for years, there are myths and popular beliefs that ensure that luck can attract as much as away

How to help Rohingya refugees

Thousands of people flee daily from Myanmar, a state in Southeast Asia subjected to a constant outbreak of violence. There are already more than 688, 000 people who have sought help in Bangladesh, after hours of walking and lack of basic resources such as food or shelter. The situation is unsustainable and most of them arrive sick, dehydrated and exhausted

How to help people after natural disasters

Life after natural disasters can be more devastating than the disaster itself. For some survivors, simple activities become important obstacles, such as bathing, eating and drinking clean water. They often experience the loss of their home, work, family and friends. Every aspect of his life, as they knew him, has suddenly gone

How to search the Bible

In this article we will explain the basic aspects of the Bible and how to find the reading or appointment we are looking for . Read carefully because it is not as easy as it may seem to find texts in the Bible. The Bible is the set of canonical books of Judaism and Christianity. The canonicity of each book varies depending on the adopted tradition

How to calculate the Chinese lunar age

The Chinese calendar was introduced in 2637 a. C. by Emperor Huangdi and is the longest chronological record in the world. More than a quarter of the world's population uses this calendar to celebrate the New Year and plan parties. People refer to the calendar to find the Chinese lunar age , in order to predict the sex of the baby, to discover its birth sign of China or simply out of simple curiosity

How to calculate my ascending

In astrology , the ascendant of a person is the sign of the zodiac that rises over the horizon at the moment in which it is born. It is very important to know the exact time of birth to know the ascendant and natal chart. The ascendant reveals the personality of the person above the sign you are, that is, it can be Capricorn (you were born on January 18) and with ascending Aries and your features are more Aries than Capricorn

How to change religion

Faith is one of the most personal elements of life. It is not, however, a constant element. Studies show that approximately 5% of Latin American adults have changed their religious faith at least once during their lives. The change of religion may have a social stigma, but there is a way to do it, in a respectful and practical way

How to place the cutlery after eating

It is necessary to have some notions about protocol in the table to know how we should act in formal events or when we go out to eat out. Just as it is necessary to maintain good manners at the table , it is important to know how we should leave the cutlery once we finish our meal. Therefore, we explain how to place the cutlery after eating