economy and business, August 2020

Classification of brands

A brand is something difficult to create , they say that it is much more difficult to create a good brand than a great product. The brand is something that is achieved over time but be careful because losing the reputation of a brand can be a matter of seconds. Below is a continuation of brand types and examples

Foreign trade definition

Foreign trade has a complex and broad definition because of this in the following article we are going to give you a very complete definition of the concept of foreign trade. Foreign trade or international trade as in some countries is called. Aimed at identifying new and innovative initiatives for exports to grow, increasing the proportion of value-added exports preferably in sectors that generate employment and taking advantage of new trade agreements and destination markets

8 advantages of using an administrative software in a company

Managing your own business is not an easy task. Therefore, centralize the amount of information handled, internal processes, market trends, competitors or even the customer's own opinion will allow you to manage your company efficiently. Currently, there are several tools that allow you to carry out an integral management of your business and, therefore, have become the best alternative for business management

How to open a butcher shop

Opening a butcher shop today is an adventure and requires having a little capital, some contacts but above all, a lot of self confidence, energy and perseverance. In this article from .com we want to give you some clues when creating a butcher shop , documentation, bureaucracy, financing, meat suppliers, meat preservation processes, return, etc

How to open a McDonald's franchise

On another occasion we have talked about the business model of franchising , a very attractive option for those who want to start a business with a low risk margin and a lot of support from the big brands. In the franchises, McDonald's is one of the largest, being really attractive when it comes to mounting this type of business

How to open a franchise in Spain

The franchises are business models with many advantages but sometimes with a fairly large level of investment. It is important to study the subject very well to embark on a productive and profitable franchise. For all this, it will be good for us to know how to open a franchise in Spain , and what are the steps that we must follow exactly so that our business model can succeed

How to open a bank account in the name of a company

Opening an account with a corporate name is necessary to demonstrate that the company is carrying out its activities as a legal entity and independent of the shareholders. This is essential to ensure the limited liability of your company. A person authorized by the company must carry out the management and follow the following procedures that we explain to you from

How to open a greengrocer or vegetable and fruit store

Opening a greengrocer requires having some capital, some contacts but above all, a lot of self-confidence, energy and perseverance. In this article of .com we want to give you some clues when creating a greengrocer : documentation, bureaucracy, financing, suppliers of the fruit, processes of fruit conservation, return, etc

How to open a bicycle store

The bicycle is one of the best means of transport , since in addition to not polluting and respecting the environment, it is healthy for the human organism. Also, adults and children can enjoy walks and bike tours throughout the year. Therefore, opening a bicycle trade can be a great idea and a good business option

How to open a store

Opening a store today is an adventure and requires having a little capital, some contacts but above all, a lot of self confidence, energy and perseverance. In this article from .com we want to give you some keys when creating a store , documentation, bureaucracy, financing, etc. Read carefully and if you have any questions leave a comment and if we can we will help you to open the project of your life, the store of your life

How to open an electronics store

Today, there are many electronic devices that we use in our daily lives, from the little ones in the house to the older ones. Therefore, opening an electronics store can be a great idea if you are thinking of starting a business . To achieve success, you will need an initial investment and follow the advice we showed you on how to open an electronics store

How to open a computer store

Computer science has become today a key tool for most people and businesses. That is why qualified professionals are needed to advise, market and repair electronic and office automation equipment . If you are thinking about taking a step forward and starting your own business in this sector, we will help you with this article on how to open a computer store Steps to follow: one At the moment of opening a computer store , one of the first things that you will have to decide will be if you are going to work as a freelancer, you are going to create a limited company (SL) or autonomous (SA), a real

How to open an online store

Online stores have become an excellent alternative for those who seek to develop their own business without the need to have a place and all the expenses that this entails. Internet is the king of modern society, and more and more people make their purchases through the network, but developing the online business is not easy and you should take into account some recommendations to do it successfully

How to open a clothing store

Opening a clothing store requires having some capital, some contacts but above all, a lot of self-confidence, energy and perseverance. In this article we show you some of the keys that would be good to consider when creating a clothing store : documentation, bureaucracy, financing, clothing suppliers, etc

How to open a store in the market

If you are thinking of opening a business , the markets are a good option to locate your store, especially food. Most cities in the world have municipal markets with all kinds of positions in which to find a wide variety of products. This can be a good opportunity to start in the trade sector, so in we explain how to open a store in the market

How to open a business

For many entrepreneurs who want to become independent, the idea of opening a business is one of their biggest goals. But before taking this important step it is necessary to take into account some details and prepare our economy very well, so that the investment later can bring us the expected benefits

How to open a professional institute

Are you thinking of training young people in a specific trade ? Would you like to give professional training classes in your own center? If you are an entrepreneur and you want to open a vocational training institute, read this article carefully. In .com we give you the keys on how to open a professional institute

How to open a bar - Step by step

Open a bar nowadays is an adventure and requires to have a bit of capita, some contacts but above all a lot of self confidence, energy and perseverance In this article from .com we want to give you some keys when creating a bar , documentation, bureaucracy, financing, suppliers, cooks, waiters, etc. Read carefully and if you have any questions leave a comment and if we can we will help you to open the project of your life, a bar

How to open a restaurant

When opening a restaurant there are many points that we must study. It is necessary to have a good business plan and understand that it can be a long process. On the other hand it is a great business adventure in which we will need time and money. For all this it is necessary to know how to open a restaurant , and in

How to act before an ERE

A good strategy can determine that the negotiation of an ERE is satisfactory for the interests of the workers. But there are some aspects that must be taken into account. It is important legal advice by a lawyer to get defend the rights of workers correctly. In .com we explain how to act before an ERE

How to act in case of a labor dispute

Each labor conflict requires a specific strategy. But there are general techniques that help to calm the nerves in times of crisis. We have to face the conflict with serenity and reason. I give you five easy-to-follow tips that will come in handy in your work on how to act in the event of a labor dispute

How to act in the face of workplace harassment

Workplace harassment or bullying refers to the fact that a person is receiving a type of psychological abuse in the professional environment. It can come from a partner, a superior, and even a boss, and its consequences can lead to feeling insecure, low self-esteem, and depression. If you are suffering from this situation it is important that you know that the current legislation supports you and you have different ways to denounce this behavior and defend yourself

How to act if I can not pay a credit

Unfortunately, in the crisis situation before us, the chances of not being able to pay a loan for a long period have increased. This may be the consequence of a series of causes that, with the economic crisis in the country, have increased. But, once the causes are detected, there are different actions we can take to solve, in part, the problems of non - payment for long periods of time

How to add the Facebook button on a Web page

If you are responsible for the website of a company, artist or other, it is worth promoting the site in everything you can. One way to promote is to add a Facebook for the articles or content. When someone clicks on the button, the content is automatically shared on that person's page on Facebook

How to add and manage my Facebook page from HootSuite

HootSuite is a web and mobile application that allows you to manage all your social networks in one place: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and even Wordpress are already part of your program. We are presented as advantages of its use the fact of being able to assign messages to various social networks , as well as to schedule the day and time of its publication

How to save on my company's electricity bill

Having a company is more or less how to handle a ship. There are different sizes, but all of them need the captain to be aware of a thousand things so that everything goes smoothly. The money that a company saves is as important as the money it gets in the form of benefits. Electricity is a key expense, so, if you are an entrepreneur, we want to give you some tips on how to save on the bill of the light of my company

How to save in the management of my business

Managing a business has never been a simple task and even less, in times of economic difficulties. That is why it is essential to carry out all possible small and large actions to optimize to the maximum and save as much money as possible. Therefore, since we want to help you and we explain some tips on how to save in the management of my business

How to rent my house safely

After the large number of homes built during the housing bubble, many Spaniards have two or more homes in their possession, so they see a good business opportunity in their rent , in order to cover the costs involved. However, there are always many doubts about whether the new tenants will be the perfect rented that we all dream, current payment and do not give problems

How to achieve my goals successfully

Many times, we propose goals that we consider difficult and even, sometimes, impossible. Faced with this situation, we often feel frustrated and paralyzed by the possibility of not achieving what we want. To achieve our personal and work goals , we only need the right ingredients to be able to face adversities in the best way possible

How to apply social responsibility in a company

Contrary to what some might think, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not applicable only in large companies, but can also be carried out in SMEs, with great results and benefits. Not only the social image of the companies is improved, but these measures end up resulting in an economic saving and a competitive advantage that must be taken into account

How to help the elderly in the home

The elderly can meet most of their basic needs in the home with minimal assistance . However, they often need the help of family and friends to guide them and suggest changes in their lives that can make old age easier. If you have an older person in your life, you can take positive steps to help them stay safe and comfortable

How to learn car mechanics

Learning mechanics for cars can be a way to save money, with the increase in the cost of labor by professional mechanical workshops, a "do it yourself" approach can give you the confidence to solve simple problems, make a maintenance regular, or even make complicated repairs on your own vehicle

How to increase my Klout score

If you dedicate yourself to the world of marketing, communication, or social networks , you've surely heard of Klout. Klout is an influence meter that determines how influential you are and what issues. But does everyone have Klout score? And ... do people really care about your Klout score? The answer to the first question is yes, if you have a Twitter or Facebook account; and yes to the second, judging by the fact that Klout is becoming a standard of influence increasingly used in social networks, brands that promote their new products and services and even recruiters

How to search for topics for demonstration speeches

In a demonstration speech , you can show your listeners how to do almost anything, from the creation of a chocolate cookie to the care of a loved bicycle. However, choosing your theme can be difficult. Instead of simply choosing the first topic that comes to your mind, move carefully through a process of selecting topics, to make sure that the topic you choose is the best option and reflects your experience

How to plow the land

The plow, which removes the soil and prepares it for cultivation , is a humble and simple instrument of work that decisively contributed to the civilization of humanity. When man learned to cultivate the soil he had to settle in one place; that is, he became sedentary. Thus the first social and political organizations were born to achieve a better coexistence

How to calculate the opportunity cost

The opportunity cost is the value of the best option not made . To understand us, when you buy or perform an activity you are not buying or doing other things that include the alternative cost . Whenever we make a transaction or perform an activity we will have an opportunity cost and normally we try to choose the option that minimizes our opportunity cost

How to calculate the cash flow discount (DCF)

One of the most used analyzes in business valuation is the cash flow discount. This determines the present value of the money obtained in the future thanks to the investment. In this article we will see how to calculate the cash flow discount (DCF) . You will need to: Spreadsheet (Excel) Steps to follow: one Obtain the current free cash flow of the company and provide it with annual growth for the next 5 years (the number of years is not fixed, it may vary depending on each investment and the growth may vary depending on the year)

How to calculate the free cash flow

Knowing how to calculate free cash flow is very practical, especially when analyzing an investment using the cash flow discount. The free cash flow can be calculated in several ways, this time we will explain the "Entity approach" in a very simple way. You will need to: Calculator Paper Ballpoint pen or pencil Steps to follow: one Obtain the Gross Profit by subtracting "Sales" - "Cost of sales"

How to calculate the number of weeks in a year

Some full-time employees are paid per week, it is very important to know the number of weeks in any year. You will have to take into account several factors, such as leap years and excess days in a week, but determining the number of weeks in a year is a relatively simple process. To use a reference, a regular calendar year has 52 weeks, and a day, and a leap year has 52 weeks in a year, plus two days

How to calculate the net salary

When they make you an offer of work, the most normal thing is that they talk to you about an annual gross salary. Follow these tips to calculate the net salary you will receive each month and avoid surprises. Basically, to know it you will have to add the withholding of the Social Security and the IRPF and then subtract it from the gross salary