electronics, August 2020

10 hidden functions of Apple headphones

There are many Internet users who have only used Apple headphones to listen to music; Without having discovered them in any other way, it is easy to be surprised to discover that they have hidden functions that keep them from being a mere device with which to simply adjust the volume. If you want to discover more tricks about these and enjoy maximum performance, in

5 effective applications to create mental maps

Do you know what a mental map is? If you have already discovered it by taking a look at the previous link, in .com we want to recommend the 5 best applications so you can improve your productivity and order your ideas wherever you go, without having a pen or notebook. Keep reading! You will need to: A smartphone with Internet access

5 iOS 7 tricks completely unpublished in Apple

The day of publication of the new Apple operating system is approaching! It turns out that the developers have already managed to unveil some tricks that iOS 7 will present through the different betas that the apple company has been revealing throughout its betas. If you also want to know the secrets of iOS 7 to be an expert the day of your arrival, in

Authorize the computer to transfer iTunes purchases

If you have made purchases of applications from iTunes with your iPhone or iPod and, you need to update it, first of all you will have to authorize your computer. If you do not authorize it, in no case will you be able to transfer your purchases to your computer. Also, if you do not transfer your purchases, when you want to update it, you will lose all the applications you have on your iPhone or iPod

Jokes on iPhone

Let the hand lift who has an iPhone ! How many have already fallen into the hands of apple? Many even have a great addiction. Like everything, use it with measure or it will turn against you. Next, we show you some cartoons with funny jokes about iPhone . Steps to follow: one iPhone versus Android. Who will win the battle finally

How to access my Outlook email on Android

If you have an Outlook email account -which used to be Hotmail-, you'll probably want to have it synchronized on your phone so you can directly check the e-mails and be able to answer them. While you can directly access the Outlook website, it is most appropriate that you install the app to be able to check the email more easily

How to activate LED light alerts on my iPhone

Even if you have the iPhone in silence, you can know that you are being called or receive notifications through flash flashes . And is that Apple phones allow the flash to flash when they call or you get a warning. If you still do not know how to place them, in .com we explain step by step how to activate LED light alerts on iPhone

How to activate Assistive Touch on the iPhone

Someday the iPhone start button will be broken or it will not go at the speed you want. At that time it will be time to adjust the center button of your iPhone and use the assistive touch button. Here's how to activate the assistive Touch to adjust the center button of the iPhone. Turning on the AssistiveTouch causes a semi-transparent button to appear

How to activate uppercase lock on iPhone / iPod Touch

Capitalization is an option that can be activated from the keyboard of our iPhone or iPod Touch, specifically from the lower left, which is used to write in capital letters. In the conventional keyboards of a computer we have a key to activate this function. On the keyboards of mobile devices, the option to block capitals is less obvious but is equally simple

How to activate the character counter on the iPhone

As you know, all messages have a maximum length of 160 characters on all mobile devices. However, in the iPhone this fact is a small problem because, if you have ever tried to send a message from the native application of the Apple device , you may have noticed that it does not have any type of character counter that tells us when we are arriving to our limit

How to activate the corrector in Android

The spell checker of Android , although it was created with the purpose of helping us write without errors, is for some a headache. That is why many people decide to deactivate it, however, if we do not have it, we run the risk of making some mistakes if we do not have an impeccable spelling. Do you think it's best to put it back into operation and forget about it

How to activate the screen spin on iPhone

Most iOS apps are designed to allow screen rotation , showing their contents in both portrait and landscape orientation. Although not all allow it, if usually when you turn your iPhone the screen does not flip automatically and this has already happened a few times, you may have blocked the screen rotation

How to activate Android Development Options

The Development Options allow modifying the behavior of our Android device and display extra information of the device. Google added this menu in Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). From Android Jelly Bean (4.2) Google decided that the development options were hidden to prevent users without knowledge from entering the menu and causing the device to malfunction

How to activate Kindle Unlimited

If you are a compulsive reader, you read several books a month and you do not get the money for all those stories that you want to know, you are probably interested in joining Kindle Unlimited. This is Amazon's latest idea to improve its electronic readers, Kindle: for 9.99 euros per month, you will have unlimited access to more than 700, 000 titles

How to activate GPS on Android

Smartphones not only allow us to stay connected wherever we are to access our social networks, email and do any search on the Internet that we need, but also brings us different technological advances such as the GPS tool. And is that if you are lost or do not remember how to get to a specific place, just take your mobile, activate the location and use Google Maps to get where you want quickly and without mistakes

How to activate Touch ID on iPhone

Apple launched with the iPhone 6 a system of identification of access to the phone called Touch ID , based on the fingerprint of the user. Each phone can have several different fingerprints and function as a fully personal identification code, for example, to unlock the mobile or to download applications

How to activate and configure iMessage on the iPhone

Currently there are many messaging applications that allow you to communicate between smartphones quickly and economically. However, when it comes to communicating between iOS devices , ie iPhones, iPads and iPods, iMessage is especially important. And is that this Apple app allows you to share messages with text and images for free among users of your brand

How to upgrade to Android Lollipop

The new version of Android, Android 5.0 or Lollipop , is already among us, and is coming little by little to all devices with Google's mobile operating system. The new version introduces many interesting new features, so if you have a compatible device you should check if you already have the update available and make the change as soon as possible

How to update the operating system on a BlackBerry Curve 8900

The update of the operating system in your BlackBerry Curve 8900 keeps the current software updated with the changes and improvements of the phone, and allows the phone to have new applications and files. If you want to update the operating system in the 8900 , you can do it directly from the phone. You do not have to use a computer or go to a retail store to install the update

How to activate and deactivate the GPS on iPhone

The "location" option allows all location-centric apps and websites to use the global positioning system (GPS) to know your current location accurately. If you want to know how to activate this option on your iPhone or, on the contrary, you are interested in deactivating it, which will also allow you to save more battery, you just have to follow the steps that we show you below

How to update my smartphone to Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone users who are also fans and in love with the operating system: surely since Microsoft introduced a few months ago the new version, Windows Phone 8.1 , do not sleep thinking about the day that the update reaches your phones. What if we told you that that day can be today? The company launched Windows Phone 8

How to update an Android

Here we go with a new tutorial, this time on how to update our Android phone or tablet . In just three steps we will show you how to do it step by step. If you have any problems during this process of updating your Android device, we recommend that you cancel the process and start over. Steps to follow: one We wait for an icon to appear in the notification bar that warns us that there is an update available on our Android phone or tablet

How to update my TomTom

TomTom is one of the most popular brands of GPS navigators , which have helped us to stop getting lost and have to resort to physical maps every time we entered roads we did not know. However, in order for everything to work well it is very important to always have the GPS updated, so that it contemplates the changes that are made in the streets and that it operates in a fluid way

How to update a GPS

What would we do without our GPS navigator every time we have to drive in some unknown place? Without a doubt, we would lose much more time trying to find our destiny. However, it is possible that you have also sometimes got angry when the GPS tried to take you down a street in a forbidden direction, for example

How to update Windows Phone

Smartphones are small computers, so having them always well updated is very important: security holes are plugged, frequent problems are solved, some aspects are improved, etc. In the case of Windows Phone, it is possible to both update the system manually and schedule it to do it automatically. In

How to act if my iPhone is stolen

Having an acquaintance whose iPhone has been stolen is relatively easy; If before it was completely impossible to know where your mobile phone was, as the technology progresses it is easier and, if we act fast, we can get it back. If you want to know how to act if your iPhone has been stolen , in .com we explain it step by step

How to add a contact to Whatsapp on a Windows Phone

You have made a new friend and you would like to talk to him on WhatsApp, but when you enter the WhatsApp app on your Windows Phone and you search for it, it does not appear anywhere. How to find it? Do I need to add it manually? Viewing contacts on WhatsApp on Windows Phone is easier than it seems and, in reality, all you need is patience

How to save battery with my iPhone

Third-generation mobiles such as the iPhone have many features: gps, applications, email, etc. But this multiplicity of functions endows the phone with infinite possibilities, but it always requires being close to the socket. The normal battery life of the iPhone is one day but with the battery saving measures it can double the duration

How to extend the life of my phone's battery

Mobile phones have grown incredibly sophisticated, with an increasing number performing many of the functions of a full-size computer, as well as some things that a desktop computer can not do, such as navigating with GPS or starting a car. A 2011 Pew Internet Project survey revealed that 25 percent of smartphone owners do most of their Internet browsing on their phones

How to enlarge an image of the phone on an iPhone

Nowadays, iPhone mobile phones come with a digital camera feature to capture all your favorite moments. The display screens, usually small, compress the resolution of the image in order to display the complete image on the screen. If you are anxious to enlarge an image to see some details more clearly, you can use the "Zoom In" to achieve this goal

How to add video files to the iPad

The most normal way to download videos to the iPad is using iPhoto , but this method can be a bit heavy and laborious, in addition to all the little known usability of the software developed by Apple, iTunes and iPhoto, in the following article we explain another way to synchronize video files with the iPad

How to add effects to Snapchat

Until a few months ago, adding effects to Snapchat's photos was complicated, since you had to write a special code with the smartphone's keyboard. With the latest update, however, everything is easier. You just have to activate that you want all the filters and effects in the configuration settings of the app and then use them with a simple movement of your finger on the screen

How to add spaces between icons on iPhone

Would you like to be able to organize the icons of your iPhone or iPad freely? That is, with spaces between them to be able to place some on one side and others on the other, or in the form of a pyramid, for example. Now this is possible if you have a terminal with iOS 6 or higher and, best of all, no need to Jailbreak

How to add ringtones to my Windows Phone 8

You've been annoying all those around you for about an hour. You have been reviewing one by one all the ringtones that your Windows Phone includes and you have not even been able to decide on any of them. They just do not convince you. Would you like to choose a song like you do on iPhones? Would you prefer to add a sound file that you have on your computer

How to add music on the iPhone from my computer

The iPhone is one of the most demanded by users for its simplicity and simplicity when using it. However, most of us who acquire one of them we are aroused the same question, how can I pass music to my iPhone ? Nowadays, one of the biggest attractions of smartphones is that they offer us the opportunity to carry several devices in one

How to add text to an image on iPhone

If you use Instagram continuously, you have probably discovered that, among the most popular photographs , there are always some with an elegant text that encourages you to click on them. Well, before the high demand for an application that allows to add a refined text to an image of our reel, Typic has appeared completely free of charge

How to add a wallpaper on the iPhone

The level of personalization of the iPhone allows us to establish the image we want as a wallpaper , from any photograph set by Apple on the mobile device, through 'Reel' or any other album that we have created. If you want to start customizing and giving it a Little more attitude to your iPhone quickly and easily, keep reading

How to learn to use iPad and iPad 2 at a professional level

With functions similar to the rest of Apple's portable devices, the iPad has managed to be one of the most coveted tablets in the technology market. Offering its users a good email service, the possibility of downloading electronic books and browsing through the network, among many other services, this new device allows you to perform other activities for entertainment such as downloading podcasts, movies and even programs of television, as well as video games

How to add a custom ringtone on iPhone

One fact that disappoints new iPhone users is the inconvenience of not being able to add custom ringtones to your mobile device instead of the default variables that Apple offers for it. For the same reason, if you are currently using an iPhone and you want to be able to have your favorite song as a ringtone , in

How to fix iPhone's Wifi

If your iPhone does not connect well to Wi-Fi networks, you may have a problem with your antenna, then we will explain a possible solution to this problem. Maybe after doing it, I have not solved it yet, so we will rule out a possible cause of having little wifi coverage on your iPhone phone. This problem we will have when to get good coverage we have to be very close to the wifi