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10 things that you will only understand if you love your grandmother

Grandmothers, that bottomless well of wisdom that we can always trust. Nobody like them to raise our self-esteem; always willing to give us all the time in the world and, of course, always ready to prepare a banquet worthy of a wedding when we say we have "a little hungry." Here we show you 10 things that you will only understand if you love your grandmother

12 advantages of having a brother

Sometimes they are a real headache, they are the person who can irritate you the most and who you most argue with, but what would happen to us without them? Anyone who has siblings will understand this relationship of love hate that exists between them. For those who think that is not the case, then we leave you 12 advantages of having a brother

5 disadvantages of being a perfectionist

Perfectionism is the attitude that accompanies a person for which he feels the need to improve everything that makes feeling that it is never finished. But how do I know if I am a perfectionist? Well, in general these individuals have a series of traits that can betray them: difficulty to open up to others, fear of failure, being defensive, obsessing about mistakes, etc

5 ways to seek happiness

Are you looking for happiness ? Many people want to discover the secret to be happy . They believe that at work, in money or in relationships they will find the longing they are looking for but can not find. However, it is not necessary to go too far to realize that happiness coexists with us, is part of our interior and we just have to know how to find it

5 signs that you are a selfish person

Selfishness is a trait that we will hardly recognize in ourselves; in fact, it is almost better to think that we do not realize, that we do not do it, we are like that, period. If someone has ever commented to you about this and you start to suspect, then we give you 5 signs that you are a selfish person to get out of doubt

5 types of mother-in-law that nobody wants to have

Mothers-in-law can be difficult to deal with , who has ever had one will know it for free. The relationship with the mother of a couple is always perceived as unappetizing or even terrifying. Although, it is also true that if we get to know her well in the end a good family relationship can emerge. But have you ever wondered if there is a mother-in-law in the world worse than the one that has touched you

6 characteristics of a toxic mother

Relations with parents are not always easy because there are fathers and mothers, whose behavior with children can be defined as toxic because it harms the child's development, growth and step into adult life, as well as being able to negatively influence emotions, relationships with friends and in sentimental life

6 habits to be happy

Bet for happiness! It is time to expel from your life those negative feelings and energies that overshadow your well-being and replace them with positive feelings that help you live your life with much more joy and enthusiasm. There are some changes that you can introduce in your day to day to get the most out of each day and work, as well, to have a life brimming with happiness and joy

8 keys to be happy

Is there the secret of happiness ? The truth is, no. There is no magic formula that explains what we have to do to be happy but there is a series of tips that will help you live your life in the most peaceful way. It only takes that you have desire to be happy, that you dedicate time and, above all, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by problems or fears

How to accept my father's partner

When a marriage is broken, in a period of time the children may have to face their parents leaving with other people and it is a difficult fact to accept because for them the fantasy of family reconciliation is always in their mind. Once the time comes to face this new situation, you must learn to accept it because if you love your father, you can only wish him the best

How to accept my age

There are many people who with the passage of time find it difficult to meet years but you must know how to face this reality, because the years pass and you get older. In addition you should start to see the years as the sum of experiences and that is full of beauty. Do not deny your age, because it is your life

How to accept my physical

It has become common every day to observe in the media, especially in social networks, an overexposure of what is mistakenly called " the ideal body ". This unrealistic image of what our appearance should be, to be accepted, to be loved or to be successful, can be very harmful for some people, making it difficult for them to accept their body, love themselves and trust themselves

How to manage money as a couple

When we live as a couple it is common to decide to share some expenses , such as basic services, the mortgage, the purchase of food, among others. But this can generate a lot of stress and tension and it requires that both of them know very well how to control the expenses to achieve success. If you are starting to live together or want to optimize your finances, at

How social networks affect young people

Social networks have been a revolution at all levels, but especially in human relations. Although initially networks were seen as a tool to bring people together, and even to meet new people, we must recognize that this phenomenon is contributing to people living next to a screen, and not knowing how to relate in a different way

How to learn to be alone

Loneliness is a necessary condition for which nobody has taught us to walk. Generally, being alone has a negative connotation in society. Being alone means not being surrounded by family, friends or a partner, but it also means knowing oneself, enjoying oneself, knowing oneself and loving oneself. Even if you feel frustrated or bored, you must learn to feel good about yourself

How to help children cope with divorce

Divorce is a process that can be avoided better, because it is a legal process in which the whole family usually suffers. The divorce carries a burden of psychological and social effects and although it is not wanted, many times who suffers the most are the children . And many times we do not even realize it

How to help children improve their self-esteem

Childhood is the time in which every child develops his personality. For this to be a simple process, what is usually done is to encourage the child's self-esteem, given that it is a key time for any kid. If you still do not know where to start, he advises you on how to help children improve their self-esteem

How to help my son do school work

One of the most important headaches you have with your child is to help their jobs . It is very common for him to come and tell him that "the next day I have to deliver a biology job" this can be a very delicate situation and can make you lose your nerves. To properly help your work and anticipate problems like this, you should follow the following tips: Steps to follow: one Have your child write down all the work he or she must submit on the agenda

How to help a battered woman

Do you think that someone from your environment may be suffering from mistreatment ? It is important that in order to help this person you show yourself close, understanding and, above all, that you never feel that you are attacking him. Battered women often feel very guilty when they decide to take the step and ask for help, so you should never be too firm or angry with her, on the contrary: you should be close and reach out to her to lean on you everything you need

How to get in-laws well

In any relationship there comes a time when you must pass the "test of fire": meet the parents of your partner . Both men and women fear that moment, as it assumes that your family will give you the go-ahead. One feels analyzed and observed at every moment, and we all want to fall well and show an impeccable image

How to calculate alimony

A divorce is always a headache for parents. If there are children involved, not only must they reach an agreement regarding the goods, they will also have to reach a custody agreement and the corresponding pension for each child. Many parents are not clear about how to calculate child support . The truth is that none is the same, as it is decided by a judge, but there are always some factors to be taken into account

How to change your name in Spain

If you've always had a complex or just do not like your first name, did you know you can legally change it? We are going to tell you about the legal procedures for the change of name in Spain. It is a somewhat expensive process that you must carry out through the Ministry of Justice. In .com, we tell you how to change your name, requirements, procedures and other crucial points to get it

How to change the order of surnames

Nowadays it is more frequent and easy to make a change of surnames . It is no longer mandatory for the child to have the father's first name and then the mother's surname. It will be at the time of registering the newborn in the Civil Registry that a change may be made. It may even be the case that the child carries the two surnames of a parent

How to make a good impression on the in-laws

Are you going to meet your in-laws ? This is an important moment in the life of a couple because it means taking a step towards a relationship of greater commitment and seriousness. In addition, the first meeting with the in-laws is crucial to make a good impression and to give the go-ahead. Many films have been made on this subject and much has been exaggerated in this regard but it is true that the fathers have a lot of weight in the relationships of their sons or daughters so it is best to try to cause a good image so that the relationship be the best possible

How to communicate better with our family

Communicating with your children or with your parents is not always a simple task, but there are some basic premises that can take you on the path of effective dialogue in your home. In .com we give you some essential keys so that you discover how to communicate better with your family and make day to day a much more pleasant experience

How to know yourself better

It is very important that you know yourself, self-knowledge although it is a complex task can take you to the right path to reach your goals and leave frustrations aside. It is essential to know yourself well, accept yourself as you are and get to love you. You can not fight against your wishes or go against your nature

How to trust yourself

Do you need to increase your confidence ? Are you starting a new challenge in your life and feel insignificant? Working on self-confidence is essential to be able to enjoy a satisfying life and learn to feel comfortable with what you do and what you are. Taking the reins of your life, knowing what you like, speaking openly and dare to do new things are aspects that will show you that your life depends only on you and how you want to live it

How to convince my mom to let me do a piercing

Do you want to get a piercing but do not know how to tell your mother? Many young people want to join the fashion of body earrings and wear a piercing on the nose, on the lip, on the navel, on the eyebrow, and so on. The reason is purely aesthetic because this slope will enhance some area of ​​the body that wants to enhance, in addition to getting a touch more youthful and fashionable. Bu

How parents should act in front of their children during a divorce

When a couple decides to separate, it is very important that they know that this supposes that they stop living together, that the conjugal bond is broken, but that the father- daughter relations are maintained: they stop being husbands but they are still father and mother . With regard to the mental health of the minors involved in this situation, we offer some recommendations on how parents should act in front of their children during a divorce

How to tell my son that his father is married

Personal relationships are not easy, and when there are creatures in between it is more difficult. Loving someone who lies to us is hard because many people suffer at the same time, it is a complicated situation that we often have to solve on our own. Many of these situations are complicated when there are babies because they will grow and ask where is one of their parents, it is at that moment when you must tell the situation with sincerity

How to tell my children that I am gay

Talking about sexuality with children can be a difficult issue, especially for some people who may be more or less introverted. This is even more complicated when you want to explain to your child of your condition: homosexuality. When should you tell your children? You must do it? Society has made this much more difficult than it should be, so today there are even heterosexual marriages, one being gay

How to tell my children that I have cancer

One of the most difficult times that a person with cancer has to go through is the fact of having to communicate it to their family and friends. But, it is even more complicated, when the relative is a child because, depending on the age, it may be the case that he does not understand very well the meaning of the word "cancer" and, therefore, does not know how to react to this new situation Any parent wants, first of all, to protect their child and become a strong and supportive point, but when cancer is present, the strength diminishes and the child may feel helpless and confused

How to tell my children that I have a new partner

When a marriage or relationship ends and there are children involved, it is very common for children to become reluctant to the appearance of a new person as a life partner of a father or mother. This situation can be difficult to handle, but you must think that you are in all the right to rebuild your life and although at first it seems complicated, with the passage of time you will see that everything begins to flow normally

How to tell my parents that I am pregnant

You are pregnant? Do you have to tell your parents the great news? Well, first of all, do not fear, it's a complex and delicate situation that you must deal with as calmly as possible. It will be overwhelming to know the news and assume everything that has happened to you, and having to tell this fact to the family is also anguishing

How to tell my parents that I smoke

Telling your parents that you smoke can be a very difficult situation and something very difficult to communicate. It is very likely that you are afraid of the reaction that your parents may take, whether it is bothering them, feeling disappointed or asking you to leave that bad habit immediately. Smoking is very harmful to health, but it is also a personal decision, so if you have assumed that smoking is part of your life, in this article you will find some tools on how to tell my parents that I smoke

How to tell my parents that I get married

You already have the estimated wedding date, you are making plans, seeing the multiple options that the Internet offers in terms of weddings, discussing it with your friends, planning the honeymoon and the only thing you have not done is to give the news to your parents. fear? perfecting details? Do not wait another day to break the news, it is a special event, celebrate it as such and keep in mind some advice of the moment and the ideal place to do it

How to tell my parents that I'm leaving home

There are important decisions in the life of every human being that involve getting rid of their loved ones . Grow and mature comprise a normal point in the development of people, explore new adventures and live a life of their own is part of our evolution, however an important choice can bring sadness especially in parents, who will live a new process without their children

How to tell my parents that I do not want to study

While there are many reasons why parents want their children to continue studying, they must also understand that sometimes it is not in their best interest, that they may have other plans for their future . However, when it comes to college, many parents are often disappointed to hear that their child does not want to pursue a career

How to tell my parents that I am bisexual

Once you discover your true sexual identity we feel the need to tell it to the closest people so that they understand and know us as we are. But many times the fear of rejection prevents us from telling the truth, and being totally honest. Sexual orientation is a very personal issue, and although it really does not concern anyone, confessing your true self may bring you problems with the immediate environment

How to tell my parents that I am gay

Before telling your parents that you are gay , you must be aware that this is a shocking news for them because, like all the families of the world, they had imagined and thought about your life. It is likely that your parents' first reaction is negative: they will be afraid of the unknown. Try to be patient and think that, little by little, your hurtful responses will be transformed into acceptance