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10 things that you will only understand if you are little affectionate

They are not shy or border or antisocial, it's just that they do not need to express their feelings every two times through hugs, kisses and compliments. If your thing is not the physical contact or the free exaltation of friendship, you will be interested in reading these 10 things that you will only understand if you are not very affectionate

5 things that they can not stand for women

It is clear that men and women think and act differently , we have another view of the world and it is precisely these differences that end up uniting us and making us succeed in complementing each other . But that does not mean that all the characteristics that distinguish the other sex will make us completely happy, and that is that they also complain about some typical feminine behaviors that get them out of their boxes, so discover the 5 things that they can not stand the women and avoid them Steps to follow: one The excessive insecurity , a female of this type is a girl who will constantly

8 keys to know if a relationship has a future

The mere mention of the word love refers to great things: romance, affection, passion ... but the reality is that within a couple, love is an important component, but not the whole . Many things are needed for a relationship to prosper and become solid over time , but exactly what ?, in .com we give you the 8 keys to know if a relationship has a future 1

Keys to living as a couple

"How beautiful they are together, how romantic, living as a couple is beautiful " ... and yes, they may look good together, they may still retain a touch of romance but sharing your life with someone else is not easy, requires of a lot of team work and to refine certain details. Are you thinking about taking that step

How health affects a conflicting relationship

The way in which we relate to the world has a determining influence on our state and personality, our family or social ties determine part of us. And when it comes to a couple the influence seems much greater and is that with that person we share constantly, so in .com we explain how your health affects a conflictual relationship

How to get away from a toxic person

There are many people in our society and each one has its own way of being. Among them are also toxic people , a type of people who can make your life more difficult and can even drain all your positive energy. The consequences of having toxic people around you can become feelings like anger, resentment, frustration

How to learn to forgive

Knowing how to forgive is wise. By forgiving the other, we free ourselves from an unhelpful emotional burden that prevents us from moving forward and enjoying life. Forgive to free yourself, forgive to move forward, forgive so as not to live in a grudge that imprisons, why not forgive? On many occasions, our resentment towards someone is not even known by that other person; So, why continue with that burden on our shoulders

How to like others

There are people who have difficulties in personal relationships and find it difficult to establish a positive relationship with the environment. Our potential is very close to the people around us and good interpersonal relationships are basic to our growth. There is no one way to please people, so from

How to confess a lie

Have you told a lie to someone and you do not know how to tell him you've screwed up? Everyone has ever lied to a friend, a relative or a couple for fear that the truth could upset or hurt that person. However, if the feeling of guilt for having deceived a person is affecting you too much, you should consider confessing the lie that you have told him, even if it is something difficult to do

How to meet new people

Meet new people is essential to renew our social circle and share with different people and related to us. We know that we are social beings, but it is not always easy to make new friends , especially if we are new in the city or in the area in which we live, if we have started another stage of our life or if we have a long time without trying to meet other people

How to keep friends

Many times it is possible that the passage of years, distance or forming a family will cause the friends of a lifetime to end up losing or subtracting the importance they had before in your life. Although it is clear that the intensity of friendship relationships often change, especially with the arrival of children, it is also true that only depend on yourselves that your relationship is maintained over time and that, whatever happens, continue always counting one with the other

How to care for friends

It is not easy to find good friends, those who are always there, who are for life, we feel that they are already part of our family ... However, when we have them, many times we do not value them as they deserve or we do not give him the time or the attention that friendship relationship needs; and this is one of the serious errors that can lead to separation and distancing between great friends

How to tell my friends that I am gay

It is normal to feel afraid when it comes to telling your friends that you are gay; "Maybe they will not talk to me anymore or leave me aside, " you think. Yes, it can happen to you, but it's not normal. A true friend , who loves you and appreciates you, will never let your sexual orientation get in the way of a friendship

How to stop being shy

Do you feel something uncomfortable every time you go to a social event? Do you get extremely nervous when you have to talk to someone you just met? If you answer affirmatively to these questions, surely it is because you are a shy person. A shy person is defined as someone who experiences extreme shame and insecurity in most of their social interactions

How to stop being a toxic person

A toxic person is one who always sees negativity, criticizes everything, absorbs the energy of others, is always right and ends up hurting those around him. If you feel identified as a person of this type, you have noticed or made you see that you really make others feel guilty even though they are not and that you are excessively selfish, you may be interested in changing this aspect of your personality even if you do not know how

How to argue without crying

Often, feelings on the surface, a bad time or a more sensitive nature make you cry more easily. Expressing your emotions is not bad, but on the contrary, it is a natural and healthy process. However, it is important to know how to set limits, especially if the crying occurs in compromising situations in which you would like to show yourself stronger, since it can make you look weaker

How to disguise that someone does not like you

Sometimes it can happen to you that you know a person and, for different personal reasons like the lack of empathy between the two or to have very opposite personalities, you fall ill and you have a difficult relationship with her. However, it can also happen that you have to see that person every day in the event that you work in the same place, be in the same class as you or even be in the same circle of friends

How to choose a good friend

Good friends are not easy to come by. Many people say that good friends are the family we choose. Friendship is a very important part for every human being, and is that with friends you experience everything good and bad in life. A great friendship is forever and surrounding yourself with the best is a personal choice

How is Gemini in friendship

Have you met a Gemini and want to know what to expect from a friendship with people of this peculiar kind? And we are realistic Gemini personalities require some patience and is that they have very dual and unstable characters. If you want to know how is Gemini in friendship , in .com we tell you so you do not take more surprises

How to avoid someone without realizing

There are many reasons why you may want to avoid someone without realizing it : you may fall ill, you may have behaved incorrectly with you or you simply do not want to spend time in their company because they are not related. No matter the reason, if you have decided that a person does not continue to be part of your life without being noticed, take note of the following tips to achieve it successfully, because in

How to avoid someone who does not like you

Human relationships are not easy and sometimes we must share with people who are not to our liking, but this does not mean that we are hypocrites or poorly educated, and that although there is no empathy between you and that person is important to maintain education . We can find someone who does not like us in our work, in the family environment, in the school or university and even among our closest friends, because there are always people who come and go and who may not be of our complete pleasure

How to avoid bad companies

If you have a teenage son, it is possible that he is in that vital phase in which friends are the most important thing in the world. Friendships are the basis of his life and many decisions they make, the worrying thing is when that circle of friendly relations negatively affects their decisions and actions

How to make friends

What happens if we can not make friends or nobody wants us as a partner? It is a sad but true question. First you must think that you can meet many people, but that real friends count on the fingers of one hand. Maybe you are a difficult person to open up and make yourself known to people, not everyone has the same character and it is just as easy to make friends

How to make friends in the institute

Making friends in high school for many people is not an easy task. Adolescence is complicated and each young person faces it in a way. Surrounding yourself with friendships is fundamental for a full and satisfying life and the institute is the place where young people spend a lot of time and that is where there are more chances of having good friendly relationships that take you far away and keep you motivated

How to make people donate

Asking for money is never an easy thing to do. When you work for a charitable organization, or if you have a charity of your choice for which you want to raise funds, be aware that you will receive many more rejections than donations. After having the right mindset, there are a couple of things to learn when asking for charitable donations

How to identify negative people

Many times and almost without knowing how we end up linked to people "toxic" those who always have a negative comment or a gray landscape that would discourage even the most optimistic. And precisely because their attitude and comments always end up reducing our good humor , in .com we give you some keys so that you know how to identify the negative people and learn to neutralize their presence

How to identify a false friend

Many people have trouble detecting when someone has sincere intentions , which causes them to end up disappointed in the world around them when they discover that many people approach only with a certain interest . Friendship is not built easily and requires a lot of respect and love to accept another as it is and want it despite everything in your life, if not, what is the purpose

How to play Russian roulette

Russian roulette is a lethal game of chance in which a "player" places a single bullet in a revolver, rotates the cylinder, places the barrel against the head and squeezes the trigger. "Russia" refers to the supposed country of origin, and roulette refers to the element of chance involved in the game

How to get along with my partner's friends

Getting along with your partner's friends is very important for the well-being of your relationship, probably more than you think. Let's start by mentioning some of the positive things: they can make incredible plans in pairs, your boyfriend's friends can also become your friends, the bond with your partner will be stronger, they will spend more quality time together, among other benefits

How to maintain a friendship at a distance

Over time, friendly relationships can be affected by various changes. One of the most common is that friends are distanced by work issues, couples, and end up in different places. Physical distance can make the friendship end or reinforce itself. Whatever the case may be, if you care and love your friend, with a few simple guidelines you will achieve that this relationship lasts despite the distance

How to maintain a friendship in time

Throughout our lives, friends occupy a fundamental place, being the center of our social life , our companions of laughter and adventures and often our great confidants. However, on many occasions great friendships are lost over the years because they did not know how to maintain, and that is what happens with sentimental relationships, getting it requires the attention of both parties

How to forget a boy that you still like

Sentimental breakups are among the hardest experiences to endure. When you really like someone and you have become accustomed to having them in your life, it can be difficult to cope with their absence. But with the right attitudes and behaviors, you can forget the boy you still like , in a very short time

How to forgive a lie

One of the worst enemies in any relationship is the lie. The loss of confidence is capable of breaking even the most established relationship, not only of a couple, but of friendship, work or even family. After lying to the closest person will be much more difficult to trust you and believe in your words

How to forgive a betrayal

Facing the betrayal of a being that matters to you is something very hard, it is difficult to accept that they hurt us and, on the other hand, it is very easy to stay anchored in suffering. We must do everything possible to not remain embraced by pain because this can cause us to never be able to move forward and get to forgive

How to introduce someone

The act of introducing someone is usual and is an easy action; But this does not mean that it is not an important act, for which we must take into account the following, especially outside the family or friends. Below we give you a series of tips that will help you know how and when to present your guests or friends

How to recognize a toxic person

Toxic people are those who absorb the energy of others and infect their negativity. This type of people see everything black and always seem to be the center of the universe, negating those around him or even making them feel guilty. Do you think you are immersed in a relationship of friendship or partner of this type

How to know if he loves me

This is one of the questions that most people ask when they have a partner or are with someone they like a lot. Is it that he is really as crazy for me as I am for him / her? And we all know that sometimes the words may not reflect the true feelings and emotions , so in .com we give you some infallible clues that will let you know if he loves you

How to know if my relationship is conflictive

For some it may seem very obvious and simple to detect when a union definitely does not work , and is that the problems are detected meters away. But for those who have time together the couple sometimes is not so simple to know that their relationship is conflictive, so in .com we give you some signs that should put you on alert and make you rethink if you and your partner are living a healthy union and happy Steps to follow: one Conflicting relationships are characterized by very drastic highs and lows, in more problematic stages, even good moments are not experienced, but on the contrary, di

How to know if I am a manipulative person

Are you a manipulative person? If you have ever asked yourself this question or have you considered how you can recognize someone manipulator in your immediate environment, pay attention to this article from. The manipulative people are those who try to impose their vision and their way of doing things without caring about anything else, they only act for the benefit of their interests and want to exercise absolute power over the thoughts of others so that they end up giving them what they really want and they crave

How to know if a man does not suit me

The way in which female intuition operates is simply fascinating: many times we know that we are facing a situation that is not the best, before a man who can be dangerous or toxic for us and yet we insist on continuing. Other times we simply ignore all those details because we need company or solitude but it is not impossible to classify the type of personalities that will hurt you, that is why in