hobbies and science, August 2020

How to act before the eruption of a volcano

In recent years volcanoes have made theirs, eruptions and especially volcanic ash have paralyzed air traffic, affecting thousands of people, and although thanks to current monitoring technologies it is difficult for a volcanic eruption to surprise you, If you live near a volcano or plan a vacation somewhere with a crater, it is important that you know how to act when a volcano erupts Steps to follow: one Before the awakening of a volcano is important to stay informed , to be aware of what the authorities say to know if it is necessary to evacuate the area two Always follow the directions of the

How light works with water

When you look at the still water of a pool, pond or pool you can see your face reflected in it. The water acts as a mirror . If you look up from under water, the upper part of it will also act as a mirror. Try to do the following to learn something about how light works. With this experiment you will have fun and learn new things

How to add dialog bubbles to your photos

Adding dialogue bubbles to your own photos is a fun way to add humor to the memorable moments you've photographed. For example, you can narrate what is on your mind or what you think someone else may be thinking. That is, it is about giving each photo a personalized touch. Regardless of the reason, if you want to add bubble captions to photos , there are websites that can allow you to achieve this

How the Moon affects people

Many cultures consider that the Moon affects the mood of people, especially females, when their cycle coincides with that of women: 28 days. There are people who say they can feel the influence of the Moon in their way of being in the world but others do not stop denying this effect saying that nothing has to do with the lunar state with our state of mind

How to adjust the sight of a Glock gun

The Glock gun uses an old "zip" design for the gun, making the gun easy to dismantle and clean, with a small number of moving parts, while incorporating a high-quality porcelain frame. Adjusting the rear sight on a Glock gun is a process that is as simple as the weapon itself, and only requires a couple of gunsmith tools to perform the job efficiently

How to learn morse code easily

Morse code is one of the communication systems that was most used during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. However, nowadays, due to the advancement of new technologies that allow a faster and more efficient communication, it has fallen into disuse. However, despite this, it can always be a communication system that is useful when computer systems fail or, for any other reason, communication through another type of more advanced technology is not possible

How to learn to use the Metric System

The metric system is the most widely used measurement system in the world today. Because of its design, it is easy to use and memorize, but if you are from the United States, Great Britain or some other country, you may not be familiar with it. The metric system is based on the powers of 10 to differentiate the size, which makes it less arbitrary than the imperial system

How to calculate the cubic size of an object

A cube is a three-dimensional object. Calculating the measurements and values ​​in cubes is a task that you may have to perform in basic math classes in elementary school, or in advanced math courses in college. Finding the cube of an object is a process of measuring and multiplying a number by itself three times. Cu

How to calculate the distance of a storm

Sometimes it can be quite useful to know certain meteorological information, such as if we are scouts and we come across a storm in the middle of the forest, or if we are sailing, it is good to know if it approaches or moves away from us. For the same reason, and because knowledge does not take place, the

How to drive nails

Sometimes the simplest and most daily tasks can be the most complex to perform. And it is almost certain that you have ever hurt your finger trying to nail a nail , or that you could not get it to be firmly and firmly embedded in the wall, because although it seems simple this task has its trick. That's why in

How to fight boredom

There are days when you can not think of anything to do, in which boredom overtakes you. You have no special plan or desire, you do not even know what you want . Those days when time does not pass, or that feeling is what you have, and you feel really bored . There are many solutions to take advantage of time in the most pleasant way possible, depending on your tastes and preferences

How to combine resistors in series and parallel

Electrical resistance is an important part of electronics. It refers to the degree to which a specially made component prevents the flow of current. Often, a circuit board will contain many connected resistors , and in these cases it is important to be able to calculate the equivalent resistance of all the components

How to check what happens when the water freezes

When the water cools and turns to ice, something strange happens to it. For these experiments you have to use the fridge freezer. Use a plastic or metal container. Do not use glass containers because they will break. If you are curious what is happening, look at the following article, how to check what happens when the water freezes

How to check if the air is heavy

Here is a good way to discover if the air is heavy . It is difficult to get all the air out of a bucket or bottle without special equipment but you can do it with balloons. This experiment is very appropriate for young children to do since they will learn and have fun at the same time. Look at the following article if you want to know how to check if the air is heavy

How to get Cristiano Ronaldo's autograph

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world and therefore admired by thousands of fans who want to get a photo or an autograph with him. Getting a photo or an autograph of Cristiano Ronaldo is becoming more complicated every day because he has a group of people who protect him a lot and his appearances in public are very scarce, but then we explain how you can get it

How to get the best finish on wood

There are certain things you must do to protect the wooden surfaces in your home. A nice, even finish coat will make any piece of wood look better . However, the finish is also important for the protection of a wooden element from damage, such as sun exposure and moisture problems. To obtain the best wood finish , it is necessary to use only the right strategies

How to get the autograph of Rafa Nadal

Rafa Nadal has already become one of the best tennis players in the world and has won more tournaments and awards. There are many fans who follow in the footsteps of this young Mallorcan and many more who would be happy to have his autograph. If you are also one of them, in this article we give you some tips so you know how to get the autograph of Rafa Nadal

How to get an autograph from Leo Messi

Leo Messi is one of the best players in the world and therefore admired by thousands of fans who want to get a photo or an autograph with him. Getting a photo or an autograph of Leo Messi is becoming more complicated every day and his appearances in public are very scarce, but then we explain how you can get it

How to get Neymar's autograph

The Brazilian Neymar , new forward of FC Barcelona, ​​has become one of the most coveted players in the world. Once the crack plans its future, in .com we leave you some tips so you can discover how to get Neymar's autograph . Steps to follow: one Since Neymar is a player of FC Barcelona, ​​a possible site to get the autograph of the Brazilian crack is the departure of the Camp Nou or failing that, the new sports city of FC Barcelona, ​​where from now on he will train every morning. Here you h

How to build a USB microscope

USB microscopes are very useful tools for students, teachers and amateurs, allowing you to upload the images you see through a microscope directly to a computer and save them for use in projects and study plans, or to upload to the Internet. But they can be hard to find and expensive to buy and maintain

How to sew leather

Leather is one of the most luxurious materials that can be used for clothing and other products such as purses and handbags. One of the problems with leather goods is that they can be very expensive. That is why every day more and more people are choosing to sew their own leather clothes and accessories, so in this article we want to show you how to sew leather

How to cut glass bottles in half

Empty glass bottles can be preserved and used for a variety of crafts, as well as decorating with bottles. If you are planning crafts such as making glasses with glass bottles, chances are you need to cut the bottle in half. To cut flat glass you need special saws and blades, but if you try it in a round bottle it ends up breaking the glass

How to convert milliamps to amps

A milliampere is a unit smaller than an ampere, which is used to measure the amount of electric current flow at a given time. It is important to understand the relationship between a milliamp and an ampere, since doing so helps you understand how much you are measuring. Also, it can also be very useful to run the conversion between these two magnitudes, so we explain how to convert milliamps to amps

How to create your own crossword

A crossword is a very entertaining hobby that consists of a grid in which you have to write words that cross both vertically and horizontally. In the grid there are white squares , where the letters have to be written, and black squares that separate the words. To be able to play with the crossword, you will have to carefully read the definitions that will be provided to guess which words are hidden in the crossword puzzle

How to create an alphabet soup

The alphabet soup is a very entertaining hobby that consists of looking for words that are hidden in a grid full of different letters. The words can be found vertically, horizontally, diagonally and in any direction. Normally, word soups are of a specific theme. On the internet there are many pages that offer you the possibility of creating your own alphabet soup

How a plant grows up or down

There are many everyday things that we do not ask ourselves because they are like this and we take them for granted as for example that the plants grow upwards but if you plant a seed downwards, it grows downwards? Or on the contrary, does it turn around and grow correctly? Try planting some seeds of legumes to know what happens with the roots and stems

How to care for leather

There are many elements that you can find in your home made of leather , from furniture to jackets without forgetting the car upholstery. It is a very beautiful material that gives elegance, but that must be taken care of properly so that it does not spoil and maintain its appearance. So you know what is the best way to clean and treat it , in this article we explain how to care for leather

How to care for silver jewelry

Silver jewels are very elegant complements and, at the same time, versatile. The problem is that these accessories require a very frequent care, if we want to keep them as the first day. In we want to help you and that's why we explain how to care for silver jewelry . It's much easier and cheaper than you think, so get down to work

How to make my inventions known

If you have a great idea for an invention, you will also need a plan to get it known. It may be possible to turn your idea into a real product on your own, or, you could choose to form a team with other people who can help you turn your dream into a reality. Either method takes time and commitment, but if you have a solid promotion strategy you can get your project done

How to shine silver

Silver is a metal that we find in household objects as well as jewelry, it is a very flexible material whose presentation image is characterized by its brightness. However, this condition also means that we speak of a material that is very sensitive to friction, bumps and the daily use of objects that contain it, reasons that force us to take care of it regularly

How to melt ice with salt and sugar

The water has a freezing point of 0 Cº. When the water reaches this temperature, it becomes ice. To return from ice to liquid water, you can simply let the ice rest where the temperature is above the freezing point. However, sometimes the acceleration of the process is in order. Both sugar and salt lower the freezing point of water .

How to differentiate silver from alpaca

Silver is one of the most valued metals, especially for the production of jewelry and cutlery. However, in many cases we sell pieces made in alpaca that we pay as if it were silver, when in fact it is a cheap material with different attributes. Do not you want to be fooled ?, In .com we explain how to differentiate the silver from the alpaca by paying attention to some details

How to find a person's address

Do you have to send a letter to someone and you do not know where to send it? Do you need the street and the number where a friend or acquaintance lives? Whatever the reason, it may be necessary on some occasion to find out the address of a certain person. If this is your case and you do not know how to do it or what resources you have, do not worry because in the following article we help you find out how to find a person's address and we reveal the different options available to you without problem

How to find the polar star

The polar star is a star visible from the northern hemisphere, being the closest to the point at which the axis of the Earth is directed. This means that its location indicates the polar North and that all the other constellations revolve around it, being its position relatively constant. This can be useful for orientation, if you want to know more about it, in

How to find the Ursa Major

The Big Dipper or Ursa Major (abbreviated UMa), which is also known as the Big Dipper , is a constellation that can be seen throughout the year from the northern hemisphere. Ursa Major is located in the northern half of the Celestial Hemisphere and considerably close to the North Pole. This constellation has seven stars located in such a way that they acquire the appearance of a bucket or car (as it is also called)

How to find the Ursa Minor

The Little Bear is known in Latin as ursa, a constellation that is part of the northern hemisphere. It consists mainly of 7 bright stars: 4 that make up the car and 3 that make up the handle. It is possibly the most popular constellation in the northern hemisphere because it contains one of the most famous stars: the Pole Star, which will be key to locating the lesser bear

How to send postcards by mail

Although technological development has left behind the habit of sending letters by mail , especially for pleasure, the tradition of sending postcards to loved ones when traveling is still alive. You know how to do it? In .com we explain it to you, step by step, so that when you are abroad, it is not an impediment to send memories to those you love the most

How to send a certified letter

The certified letters are those that guarantee that they will reach their recipient and are very useful when we need to send something very important. Also, this type of shipment accelerates the delivery of the certified letter and allows us to know at all times what is the status of the shipment. In case it is not possible to deliver the letter to the person who should receive it, it will be returned to the sender

How to send a letter online

For some time now it is possible to send letters from our computer and that the people to whom we want to send the letter receive it in paper in the mailbox of their house or company. It is undoubtedly the most convenient way to send documents and advertising to multiple recipients . Since we can write a single letter and select multiple recipients

How to send a Burofax online

Do you need to send a Burofax online and you do not know how to do it? We will tell you how to make this type of shipments from the comfort of your home and with the total confidence and credibility of Correos. It is a simple, fast process and very similar to the procedure of sending a traditional burofax