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3 alternative apps to Instagram

After the modification of the privacy regulations, thousands of people have decided to leave the photography app permanently to go to other applications that offer the same service and, as it seems, do not get the right of the images that users publish. If you want to discover the 3 alternative applications to Instagram , in

7 essential tricks for all Pinterest users

If you spend time on the Internet managing and organizing your Pinterest boards , answering messages, looking for original material to share to get you a large audience, you may find interesting the following tricks that we will share with you; from hiding comments, making a 'pin' to a web page without photographs or even finding the source of a photograph

Apps to manage Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks, a space for the image in which the original and aesthetic photos are the main thing. Although the links that are placed in the description of the photo are not active and therefore can not be followed, many companies and websites have also decided to be present on Instagram in the same way as private users

Alternatives to Yonkis Series

Yonkis series has become one of the most popular websites for the viewing of online series and movies, however download links have recently been blocked or eliminated , which has left millions of people orphaned from their favorite shows. Fortunately for those who enjoy watching movies and series online , there are other options on the web that will allow you to keep up with your programs without the slightest inconvenience

How to leave a group on Facebook

In all social networks, and especially Facebook , groups of all types proliferate. It may be the case that someone adds you to one whose content you do not agree with or in which, simply, you are not interested in being. Facebook enables a very simple way to leave the groups and, even, establishes different degrees of disengagement

Jokes about twitter

Are you a twitteradicto? Are you all day explaining your life through twitter ? Do you love adding hashtags to your tweets ? Next, we show you some very funny jokes with which more than one will feel identified. Steps to follow: one Some people think that everyone follows their tweets . As if they had nothing else to do

How to open Hotmail without Outlook

One of the most used email services in the world is Hotmail . Currently, the most common is to use it directly through Outlook , since these are accounts that, being Microsoft, are associated with each other. After several changes and migrations carried out some time ago, they decided that both services could be perfectly linked to each other, since the final idea is that Outlook is the main manager of the user information and the reference point for the mail of the Hotmail accounts

How to open Google results in a new tab automatically

If you search regularly, you will have discovered that, if you open a Google result in a new tab quickly, you will probably feel frustrated trying to find that interesting link that you had discovered four pages ago. Instead of wasting time clicking on the right mouse button to do it, now you can configure that the search engine par excellence open a new tab every time you click on any of its results, are you interested

How to open an Instagram account from my computer

Everyone talks about Instagram, everyone is in the photo app with filters, they fill social networks with their images and they press you to join you. And you have decided to do it, but you are too lazy to open your account from your mobile phone or just do not have it at hand right now. You are ready to do it from your PC, but on the Instagram page you can not find how to do it

How to open my conversation history on Facebook

If you're looking for a way to check your Facebook conversation history , you've come to the right place. For a while, the social network saves all the dialogues we have with our friends and contacts from the web page. In fact, finding it is really simple and it is very beneficial to remember data, facts and even images

How to open an incognito window in Google Chrome

Are you looking for a way to access web pages without leaving a trace in your browser? Your solution is the incognito windows that allow a private browsing , without your computer remember the history of page views and automatically delete cookies and other temporary files. In this way, if you want to know how to open an incognito window in Google Chrome , do not forget to read this article from

How to open an incognito window in Mozilla Firefox

Sometimes we want to access websites without our computer track and store those pages we visit or save any information about our navigation. For this purpose, there is private browsing or in incognito mode that can be selected in all web browsers, and that is why we want to explain step by step how to open an incognito window in Mozilla Firefox

How to open an incognito window in Safari

Do you want to know how you can browse the Internet without the websites being registered in the history of pages visited? The truth is that nothing is complicated, it is private browsing or in incognito mode and you just have to activate it in the web browser you are using. In this way, if you have an iOS device and use the Apple browser, with this article you will learn how to open an incognito window in Safari

How to access DMs on Twitter for iPhone

It seems that, in the new design update on Twitter, the direct messages that our contacts send us have disappeared. Of course, it is not like that. There are two ways to access them; the first, click on 'Me' and then search for the DM. However, in this way, it takes three screens and two beats to be able to take a look at them

How to access my Hotmail email from another computer

Hotmail may be the most popular email service. It was acquired in 1997 by the computer giant Microsoft. It is free and is in continuous evolution. Today having a Hotmail email account allows us countless possibilities for communication and entertainment. Then from .com we will see how to access Hotmail email from another computer that is not our usual one

How to access a remote IP address

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a number assigned to each computer that is connected to the Internet or a local network. It is a way to identify each individual computer. This number not only allows you to communicate with other computers and the Web, but allows a user on a computer to access and control other connected equipment

How to speed up Access 2007

Access 2007 is a relational database management system developed and marketed by Microsoft. It provides a graphical user interface designed to make it easier to create databases, tables and queries. There are hundreds of ways to improve the speed of your Microsoft Office Access 2007 , although not all performance peaks are applied to each database

How to activate Facebook chat on Windows Phone

You are hooked on Facebook chat ! Would you like to be able to chat with your Facebook contacts from your Windows Phone ? Besides being practical (it's another type of instant messaging, like WhatsApp), it's very easy to set up and start up. How? From .com we help you explaining step by step how to activate Facebook chat on Windows Phone

How to activate the Facebook corrector

The orthographic correctors are the best inventions that technology has offered us, because although sometimes they tend to modify what we write -and they make their own interpretations-, we can not deny that many times they have saved us from embarrassment and many others have freed us to read infinities of "abuse" to the Royal Spanish Academy

How to activate the spell checker in Gmail

When you keep a conversation in writing it is very important that you follow the spelling rules , as this will give a good image of you and will also be a sign of respect towards the person with whom you communicate. This is especially relevant when you send an email for professional or work reasons

How to activate the hotmail checker

Nobody likes to receive an email with misspellings, so to avoid it we can use the spell checker that comes standard in Hotmail. The problem is that the corrector is not always activated, so we run the risk of sending an email with misspellings. To make sure it's enabled, today we'll show you how to activate Hotmail's spell checker

How to activate the corrector in Outlook

Who has not asked how a word is written while writing an email? To solve these problems and avoid that our e-mails have spelling errors, which will cause bad impression to the receiver, we can use the Outlook corrector . Since we are going to explain how to activate the corrector in Outlook , a very easy action since the corrector is integrated in Outlook itself, the version of this program that we are going to use as a reference is that of 2010

How to activate the Internet service

Internet access at home requires a subscription to an Internet service plan. The service plan guarantees a predetermined data rate to users on a monthly basis. With the plan, authorized users can visit websites, listen to music, download multimedia content and watch videos online. Contact an Internet service provider to start using the Internet in your home

How to activate the new Gmail design

The Gmail email service has already presented its new interface; If you are ready to enjoy a new, more modern design and a cleaner conversational view, as well as an adjustable e-mail account with greater search perfection, do not hesitate to activate it. Through a simple click, we can obtain a series of improvements that, little by little, Google has been doing to each of its features

How to activate the corrector in WhatsApp

If you do not want to commit misspellings when you send messages to your friends on your mobile phone through WhatsApp , you have it very easy. In reality, you will not have to start any extra function of this application, but you will have to work the configuration of the device in which you have installed that program

How to activate and add bookmarks in Google Chrome

If you are an active user on the Internet and visualize many web pages on a daily basis, you are probably interested in saving your favorites. However, we could say that, in some way, these have passed to a better life and are more practical markers . These are stored under the address bar, with a small icon and name that tell you which web page is each one and, just by clicking on them, you can go to the stored link

How to update Safari on an iPad

The Safari software on the iPad , you can perform all the same functions as the desktop Safari. This includes tabbed browsing, an RSS reader, and zoom in / out. You can also save the favorite files in a convenient folder. You can update the Safari browser on the iPad by performing a general update for the iPad operating system

How to act if they are stealing Wi-Fi Internet

Some time ago it was difficult to find out if someone was stealing your Internet signal ; however, now the free Wireless Network Watcher program not only allows you to dispel doubts, but also provides you with the IP address of the person using your connection , your WiFi adapter MAC address, the company that manufactured your network card and the name of his team

How to add Google Voice to a mobile

Google Voice is a service that allows you to divert phone calls and SMS text messages to any phone you want. When someone makes a phone call or sends a text message to your Google Voice phone number, all phones linked to your Google Voice account ring receive the call or text messages. Add a mobile phone to your Google Voice account in just a few steps

How to attach files in Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an excellent tool to carry out email marketing campaigns. In general, its use is very intuitive but perhaps the option of attaching files is somewhat hidden so that the recipients of the mails can download them. However, it can be done without the need to know how to write html code . In

How to attach a file in Gmail

During the last years, we have seen how email has been gaining ground to conventional mail. In fact, for two years sending messages over the Internet has become the most usual way to exchange documents with other users, as well as the most common alternative for sending résumés, University papers and other files.

How to manage the tabs of a page on Facebook

Knowing how to manage the tabs of a page on Facebook will allow you to have the control to highlight what matters most to you at all times, depending on whether you have any offer to promote or any communication to offer your customers and potential consumers. With the latest design change, the tabs have lost some visibility and are managed in a different way

How to extend wifi coverage

Wi-Fi brings us many joys, but also many headaches. One of the most common is that of your coverage in our own home: why are there rooms that do not arrive well? Why are there places where we hardly have Wi-Fi coverage ? Is it the fault of the Internet provider or have we done something wrong? Many times it is the simple placement of the router in an unfortunate place or the layout of our house

How to host my blog or website on a server

If you are tired of the free blogging tools and you are thinking of making the jump to Wordpress , in .com we want to advise you and teach you step by step how to do it, so that the procedure is seen as simple for you as it is for us (it is really easy ). If you still do not know how to host your blog or website on a cheap server , read carefully the following points: You will need to: A computer with Internet access

How to add friends in LINE

The last function of an application as LINE is none other than allowing us to be in contact and communicating through messages and file sharing, with those friends who are on our contact list . From that point of view, maybe the most basic option that we have to handle of this program is how to add friends in LINE and that is what we are going to deal with in

How to add authors to my Blogger blog

If you are a Blogger Blog administrator, you can add a new writer so that he can also create new content on your web page, without the need to share email or password. Adding a new author is not only simple, but also presents innumerable advantages. If you want to have new collaborators in your blog, in

How to add buttons to share the images of my blog in Wordpress

Social networks are now in one of the first positions when it comes to positioning a web page: the interaction of users with your blog and their recommendations to their friends have a relevant power when it comes to showing your work in the Google search engine . If you want to give a boost to these interactions, in

How to add the Facebook 'Like' button on Blogger

Integrating our blog to social networks is completely necessary in the middle of the communication era ... How else could you get multiple visits to your blog for free? To a greater or lesser extent, today we are many users who use Facebook to share with our friends, family and contacts everything we find on the Internet and we find it funny

How to add pictures to my Facebook map

Adding photos to your Facebook map is a great way to trace a small tour showing, publicly, the places you've been and the experiences you've lived throughout your life. If you've been geographically tagging your images as you you upload them, surely many of them already appear on the page of your map

How to add my own photo as background of GMail

During the last years, we have seen how email has been gaining ground to conventional mail. In fact, for two years sending messages over the Internet has become the most usual way to communicate with other users. For this reason, almost all messaging services such as GMail now offer the option to individualize and customize it to the fullest