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5 things to do after a car accident

A car accident can ruin your entire day. Besides the inconveniences of missing a job or a crucial appointment, you also have to deal with damage to your car, liability issues, possible traffic infractions and even injuries in some unfortunate cases. Most drivers are likely to be involved in a car accident at least once in their lives

How often the DNI is renewed

Periodically, it is necessary to renew our ID or national identity document, since it has a validity period and, therefore, an expiration date . Likewise, it is necessary to know that the validity of the DNI varies depending on your age, so in we want to explain in detail how often the DNI is renewed

Clauses that a pact of partners must have

An agreement of partners is a contract signed by all the partners of a company and in which the conditions on which the company is created or governed are clearly stated, it defines the different roles of the entrepreneurs, the percentage of the company who will own and what will happen in the event that one of the partners leaves the company

How to act in the event of unfair dismissal

After the labor reform imposed by the Spanish Government in 2012, dismissal from 45 to 33 days per year worked with a maximum of 24 months in the case of unfair dismissals . The first thing you must analyze are the causes of your dismissal, and whether these are objective or not, since based on these reasons you will be entitled to compensation or another

How to act in a traffic accident

Responsible driving is essential whenever we go to the steering wheel of a vehicle , to try to reduce accidents as much as possible and the victims who may be involved. Even so, sometimes shocks occur in which we can be involved, either directly, as a witness or by arriving at the accident site moments later

How to acquire Canadian nationality

If you wish to reside or already reside in Canada and want to obtain the nationality of the country , pay attention to this article, since in .com we explain how to acquire the Canadian nationality . We give you the keys so that you become a Canadian citizen more, which will grant you the same rights and duties as the rest of Canadians

How to support women's rights without hating men

It is a fallacy that in order to support the rights of women a person also has to hate men. The myth that women who are feminists hate men is a belief carried out mainly by men who feel threatened by women's rights activists. Most people who support women's rights do not hate men . On the contrary, they are people who are passionate about the injustices and violence that many women face and are not afraid to express the need for equality

How to calculate the compensation for dismissal if the company closes

The process of destruction of business fabric causes the closure of many companies, having to fire their workers for economic reasons. A company can dismiss its workers for economic reasons as long as the economic results of the company are negative, that is, have losses or are expected to have. Any company that has a persistent decrease in income can also justify a dismissal for economic reasons

How to marry by proxy

Being the protagonist of a wedding is probably one of the happiest moments of our life . In spite of this, in some occasions the celebration can not be carried out in the usual way, but we also want to feel united to the person we love. In .com we explain how to marry by proxy , a way to commit ourselves to the person we love despite the distance

How to marry civilly

It is a reality that currently not as many marriages are celebrated as in the past. The emergence of legal figures such as the couple or the preference for a coexistence without marriage has reduced the number of marriages. Despite these circumstances, many people still opt for this figure, and mostly for civil marriage

How to check documents

When it comes to bureaucratic procedures , it is very common for us to be required to submit certified documents . But, do you know what it is about? It consists of the copy of an original document, whose accuracy has been checked and verified, that is, it has been verified that the original has not been modified by copying it

How to check my tax data for rent

If you have already requested the draft, we recommend that before confirming it, you proceed to check your fiscal data in this way, with your reference number it will be very easy to access this fiscal information that you can verify both when requesting the draft and a posteriori. So do not stop reading How to check my tax data for rent

How to get a residence permit in Andorra

Would you like to live in Andorra ? The Principality is a wonderful place to reside and increase your quality of life, thanks to the leisure and relaxation that your cities and landscapes offer you. On the other hand, Andorra is very attractive for all those who want to have a minimum tax burden, since it has a unique tax system, with which you can enjoy your capital and all your assets, with hardly any restrictions

How to get visits regime for grandparents

Any judicial process related to family law , as well as divorce , modification of measures or the establishment of a visitation regime for grandparents, decisions are made taking into account the interest and development of the child. That is why the measures adopted by the judge are not always adjusted to what adults ask, but it does so according to the minor's circumstances

How to get a power of attorney

Granting a power is the act by which a person confers his legal representation to another for the actions he deems appropriate and so specify in said power. It is a procedure that is performed before a notary, which is why it is known as a power of attorney . It is revocable but very important, since it allows carrying out binding procedures to the person who holds it

How to hire a lawyer

If you need legal advice to solve a particular problem, the task of finding a lawyer may not be so easy. To hire a lawyer is not enough simply to look at the first directory of lawyers that you find, since in addition to the basic information of the collegiate, it is important that you take into account the experience, recommendations and perhaps even the reputation

How to register as a freelancer on the Internet

The Social Security has made available to all citizens the electronic system RED, by which the registrations, dismissals and labor variations of the worker within the Social Security are notified. To access the RED System , it is necessary that the worker requests it in the Provincial Directorate of the General Social Security Treasury (TSGSS)

How to register in the Social Security

To be able to work legally in Spain it is necessary to be registered in the Social Security . If you are new to the labor market or want to sign up to be able to quote and benefit from their services, in .com we give you the details so you can discover how to register for Social Security . Who can apply

How to tell my son that I am divorcing

How to break the news to your preschooler - If you and your spouse are considering a separation or divorce , you should keep this between you until you know if you really want to. While it may seem better to err on the side of full disclosure, the uncertainty of words like "dad and mom are thinking of getting divorced " will unnecessarily confuse your preschooler

How to denounce a neighbor for construction

When a neighbor makes work or reforms , it affects the entire housing community, so it is very important to do everything properly to try to minimize the inconvenience. The other neighbors must learn to cope with possible noise and other inconveniences , although there are extreme cases where you must act

How to report a neighbor for harassment

Harassment by a neighbor or blocking is a very serious issue, as it can lead to consequences that can affect the health of those who suffer. It is a very sensitive issue, so it is very important to be sure of what happens and act quickly and correctly to avoid further harassment. This article will help you identify and know how to report a neighbor for bullying

How to report physical aggression

By physical aggression, we understand that behavior that, through beatings, humiliations or injuries, causes damage to both the physical and psychological integrity of the victim. In this type of aggression, there is a latent intention to cause damage , so that the aggressor, in addition to civil liability, must also respond to criminal responsibility

How to report for insults and threats

The Penal Code does not include a specific crime for insults. That is why insults should be included in the crime of insults . The crime of insults includes actions or expressions that offend or injure the dignity of another person. This type of crime does not distinguish whether these actions or expressions harm the victim in a public or private manner, and can be reported in any field in which they occur

How to denounce the underground economy

The underground economy is one of the great economic problems that many countries have, including Spain, where it is estimated that more than 20% of economic transactions are of this type. No doubt its effects are noticed not only in the Treasury, but in the whole country. That is why it is very important to denounce this situation, if we are aware of what is happening

How to report a police aggression

We talk about police aggression when the police force uses violence in an unjustified way to act in a certain situation or act. If you have been a victim of this type of physical aggression, it is important that you report what happened so that the agent who acted improperly is penalized, and thus prevent unjustified violent interventions from happening again

How to report a neighbor who does not pay the community

Many times it is difficult to get along with all the residents of your community and even more manage and agree to everyone when paying for common services as well as possible spills. Defaults to these possible expenses are increasingly occurring and must be controlled and prosecuted because what is not paid by a neighbor must be paid by the rest of the community

How to fire an employee

In the workplace there are complex situations that can be unpleasant, one of them is the act of having to fire a worker. This scene is uncomfortable for both parties, both for the boss and the affected, so it is important to do it in an appropriate way always taking into account the consideration and respect

How to send a letter to a judge

Some letters are more important than others, but few will be as important as a letter to a judge . Take the time to approach the topic appropriately. Also, when addressing a judge it is good that you do it knowing the most appropriate legal terminology to express each term. You will need to: Paper and envelopes Seals Steps to follow: one On the first line of the envelope write "Honorable [First and Last Name]

How to divorce online

Spanish legislation has provided formulas for a quick divorce without the need to plead causes. But in terms of costs, prices vary widely. Not only must we take into account the lawyer we hire, but also our personal circumstances and, above all, the type of divorce for which we opt. Depending on the type of divorce we will analyze the approximate costs, we will take into account the criteria of the Bar Association of Madrid, which is similar to the rest of bar associations in Spain

How to find my ID

The DNI is the national identity document, which is called the same in several countries (Argentina and Spain, mainly), in this article we will explain how to find your ID, you will see that it is very easy. Follow carefully the steps that we indicate below and you will find your ID . Steps to follow: one The first point you should keep in mind is that you can not know the DNI number from your name

How to send a labor inspection

It is possible that sometimes we have gone to a business or company in which we find ourselves somewhat unpleasant and strange situations, to the point that they can exceed the legal limits. Many of these can be solved by writing a complaint sheet in the same business to let the authorities know. However, in other occasions you can reach an extreme where we consider the possibility of sending a labor inspection , which we will explain how to do in this article of

How is the 2019 work calendar

Knowing the calendar of working days is very important for every worker, to know also what are the holidays available. Some of the festivities may depend on the city or region where you live, but others are common throughout Spain. If you want to know the 2019 work calendar with holidays month by month , we show you how this year is going

How is the 2019 work calendar

Knowing the calendar of working days is very important for every worker, to know also what are the holidays available. Some of the festivities may depend on the city or region where you live, but others are common throughout Spain. If you want to know the 2019 work calendar with holidays month by month , we show you how this year is going

How is the ERL law (limited liability entrepreneur)

The limited liability entrepreneur (ERL) , in the terms provided for in the Law, is that natural person, whatever his / her business or professional activity, which may limit his / her liability for the debts incurred due to the exercise of said activity, in such a way that this does not affect your habitual residence, under the conditions that we mention below

How is a fault judgment

Within the Criminal Code not all offenses are constitutive of crime, there are also the offenses, and this type of transgression is resolved through a judicial process much simpler and simpler than the acts of a more criminal constitution. Do you want to know what exactly this procedure consists of? In

How to avoid abuses in the rental agreement

At the time of economic crisis , the rental of houses has appeared as an alternative with more and more followers. This has made that the professionals of the sector begin to value the rent to the rise more and more, trying to avoid disgustos to lessors and tenants. In addition, there are many individuals who place abusive clauses

How to avoid punishment for insulting crime

For the offense of injury, the penalty of imprisonment is not foreseen, but it is possible to punish it with penalty of fine. That is, paying a monetary fee on behalf of the defendant to the court. If the insults are made with publicity, that is, through the Internet or the media, the fine imposed is six to fourteen months

How to terminate a contract and collect compensation

If a worker is dissatisfied with the conditions in which he performs his work in a company, but does not want to leave the position without receiving anything in return, it can be very useful to know the procedures to end the contract and get compensation . To resolve any doubts, .com tells you all the details about how you can terminate your contract

How to explain to my children what is a joint custody

Explaining to the children the separation of their parents is not an easy task , due to the great affective load that the situation supposes. Here you will find some guidelines to carry it out. The main thing is that the couple is clear that they are the ones who are separated, not the children , who do not divorce their parents even if they stop living together

How to sign representing another person

In the business world it is very common to find the situation of having to sign a document in the name of a superior or another person. To do it correctly and legally you can not copy the signature of that person, but you must meet a series of requirements and accreditations. In .com we explain all the details so you know how to sign representing another person