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10 foods that dogs can not eat and why

You have a dog? Then it is important that you know those foods that your best friend can NOT eat because, in doing so, he could suffer from strong indigestion, pronounced pains or, in the most extreme cases, death. They are foods that we take regularly and, therefore, we can fall into the error of giving our animal to enjoy its taste, in the same way that we do

10 things that dogs hate about humans

Dogs are usually the pets of human company par excellence, being faithful, lovable, and above all, protectors of the home and family members. Many times we adopt a dog to become a member of the house but we may come to acquire behaviors that can make them feel uncomfortable, fearful or sad. Despite the above, dogs remain faithful to humans, loving us and being loyal, without showing signs at times when something bothers them

+10 Christmas gifts for my dog ​​- original and pretty ideas

More and more people are living with a dog and consider him a member of their family, to the point of celebrating festivities counting on them as one more, whether birthdays or dates as marked as Christmas. There are those who decide that they also want to give something to their hairy so that they have a surprise like the rest and enjoy it, but it is not always easy to decide

4 breeds of medium curly hair dogs

Dogs like people can have straight or curly hair. For many people the grazed hair of dogs is a very aesthetic and beautiful point that exalts them. There are many medium-sized dog breeds that exist with curly hair, although some are better known than others. Since we want to discover 4 breeds of medium curly hair dogs , so, if you want a curly dog ​​that is not very big or very small you will have some options to choose from. Po

10 things that can kill your cat

Your cat is your ideal companion and the best pet you could have, so it is important to give all the care you need to be healthy and happy. To achieve this we must be vigilant, because sometimes unknowingly we offer the animal such dangerous foods that could kill it or leave at your disposal high risk products that could seriously affect your health

10 reasons why you have a dog - you will not regret it!

Having ever heard that the dog is man's best friend is quite common because, really in many cases, it is like that. If you've ever had a furry as a life partner, you'll know what we're talking about, but if you're thinking of embarking on this adventure for the first time, it's normal to have some doubts about it

10 things that dogs can predict will surprise you!

Dogs are incredible animals, their keen sense of smell and their extreme sensitivity to changes in the environment allow them to predict certain things before they happen, often warning their owners that something is wrong. And we are not only talking about natural phenomena, these animals have incredible abilities to recognize very subtle changes, such as those that occur in the body of the woman during the first weeks of pregnancy

10 signs that my cat loves me

Cats are wonderful animals, but their independent and often elusive nature makes it not always easy for us to determine if this pet has affection for us or if it considers us as part of its herd . And is that the natural instincts of felines are still maintained despite centuries of domestication, so they sometimes have attitudes that, although strange to us, really indicate how much they appreciate and value us

5 fun exercises for my cat

If you live with a cat you will know that they sleep for many hours, but when they are active they do not stop for a second. Although not all domestic felines are the same, usually when they get bored they notice anything in front of them and start playing with it, but if they do it alone they quickly lose interest

10 signs that my dog ​​loves me

It is more than clear that we adore our pet, that we love spending time with our dog and that we know that, whenever we need it, we can count on your company. But understanding the language of our dog and interpreting his signs of affection is not always easy, especially if we do not know how to read the dog's postures or understand his daily behavior

12 dog breeds that look like wolves

Two of the animals that most often fascinate us are dogs, considered our best friends, and wolves, spectacular animals that are related to dogs. There are many people who believe that the relationship between these two species is that dogs are descended from wolves, but scientific studies have long since determined that this is not the case and that, in fact, they descend from the same ancestor

5 breeds of small cats

There are many different breeds of cats , some are very old, however, others are so recent that they still do not know each other very well and, therefore, sometimes it is difficult for us to decide which one may interest us the most. If you are thinking about hosting a cat, you may not know what kind of domestic cat can best suit you and your lifestyle

5 breeds of small dogs that do not grow

Are you thinking of having an animal that is your life partner? Well, without a doubt, a dog is one of the best options, since it has always been said that the dog is the best friend of man and is true for many reasons. Do you know that sharing your day to day with a dog reveals a way of unconditional love and that it will help you have a healthier life

6 tips to educate your cat

You have a cat? Then it is important that you teach him some basic rules of conduct that will help make your coexistence much more peaceful for both of you. Although many people believe that cats are animals that can not be trained, the truth is that they can acquire some specific habits, for example, that they get used to doing their needs in the sandbox or that they avoid scratching the furniture

6 vitamins for dogs

Like humans, dogs have a set of nutritional needs to cover. As responsible owners, we must worry that our dog has an adequate diet that will help him to have a strong health. However, our furry friends also grow older and may present different problems throughout their lives. That is why it is usually more frequent to resort to vitamins when a dog is older

7 foods that should not be given to cats

Many of the foods that we humans consume are highly toxic and dangerous to cats. And, both humans and cats have different digestive systems which means that food is not metabolized in the same way. In addition, we must bear in mind that the cat is an animal that has more difficulty than the dog to eliminate toxins through its liver and therefore, is more sensitive than dogs to certain foods

7 ways to show my cat that I love him

Cats are much more independent animals than dogs and, sometimes, it may even seem that they go completely to yours but it is not like that. While they do not need as much attention or sociability as dogs, the truth is that felines also require attention, pampering and special care that will make them understand that you love them and that they are part of your family

6 tricks to fight the bad breath of your dog

Everyone who has a dog knows that there are few things that are more rewarding than getting home and that after being all day waiting for you, you will climb on you as you cross the door frame and show you that unconditional love you feel. But we are also aware that sometimes they have a rather unpleasant breath, which makes having the dog by your side licking you is not the same

6 things that cats hate

Surely you know very well that your cat loves to scratch under his chin, play with him, prepare food immediately, but do you know what he hates? There are some things that are totally hated by the cats and that, however, we may not have any idea and we are subjecting the cat to a terrible annoyance that puts the nerves on edge

7 names of hairless cat breeds - with images

Cats are very curious animals and not only because of their character. Have you ever noticed the large number of different cat breeds that exist? They are many and all are peculiar. Perhaps some of the most striking are those that do not have hair . These are very suitable for people who have allergies to cat hair

7 names of hairless cat breeds - with images

Cats are very curious animals and not only because of their character. Have you ever noticed the large number of different cat breeds that exist? They are many and all are peculiar. Perhaps some of the most striking are those that do not have hair . These are very suitable for people who have allergies to cat hair

7 breeds of medium-sized short-haired dogs

Dogs are one of the animals that takes more time to our side, for this reason there are more and more people who never want to share their lives with a dog. If you are thinking about hosting a furry one in your home and you still do not know what kind of breed you may like, first think about things like space and time that you have

7 signs that my dog ​​is happy

You love your pet, that's why it's logical that you worry about their welfare and to offer only the best. And although dogs are animals that live constantly in the present and do not feel the same worries as us, it is true that they can also suffer from anxiety, stress and even depression, so it is normal that many times as owners we ask ourselves if our dog is happy

Foods to improve dog's hair

Do you want to make your dog's hair shine? Caring for your pet's coat can help prevent hair loss and other problems such as dryness. In general, the condition of your fur can be a reflection of your health, which is why it is important to check that you do not fall more than normal or have lost brightness over time

My dog ​​does not like to be blown - discover the reasons!

Those of us who live with dogs sometimes like to do things that people usually do to each other, whether they are signs of affection or jokes for us. But we must think that they do not understand all the things we do and there are those that displease them. One thing we have all done at some time is to blow our dog in the face , but how did he react

Aloe vera for cats with leukemia - benefits and treatment

Many diseases that humans suffer, can also suffer from animals, such as leukemia. Feline leukemia is a cancer in blood cells (ie, a leukemia) caused by a retrovirus that affects cats. Also called feline leukemia virus, leukemia in cats or VLFe, is a condition that can be fatal if the immune system of our cat fails to defeat the virus

Amoxicillin for cats: what is it for and dosage

A common question that people often have about their pet is if they can administer some type of antibiotic or other medicines used by humans, in order to help them improve when they get sick. The cats predispose to contract bacterial diseases and this possibility increases if the animal was recently abandoned in the street, as it could be infected by any other cat or environmental factor

Benefits of sterilizing my cat

Are you thinking about sterilizing your cat ? You should know that it is a common practice for domestic cats to improve their quality of life and prevent them from suffering too intense jealousy. There are many people who are against this practice to consider that it is an unnatural operation that deprives the animal of its most basic and primary instinct is to procreate but, the truth is that there are some advantages to the cat that is important that you know

Aloe vera for the skin of dogs - benefits and how to apply it

Aloe vera or aloe vera is one of the most common plants for home use to treat skin wounds and other ailments due to its high healing properties. So, perhaps, when our pet also requires our care, think of aloe vera to give it to our dog. Aloe vera is an adaptogenic plant , that is, it helps the organism to return to its natural state of health

Benefits of sterilizing my dog

Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned. Some of them were raised by private individuals who, after the birth of the puppies, did not know what to do and finally decided to get rid of them. Many are the people who ignore the possibility of sterilizing their pet , or who despite being aware of the possibility does not know its benefits

Benefits of seawater for dogs

Many people are currently wondering if the sea water is bad for the dogs or if it is good, since they are read and many opinions are heard about it. The truth is that, nowadays, seawater is one of the most widely used methods to treat conditions and diseases in people and also in animals. There are really many benefits that this water can offer our furry companions, but you always have to know what it is good to use and how to offer it to our dog

How often to bathe my dog

Our pet occupies a very important place in our family, so we want you to be always happy and healthy. And there is no doubt that your hygiene is an important aspect for us, especially when the goal is to reduce the bad smell that hair can generate. However dogs can not bathe every day, nor too often, so it is important to be clear how often to bathe your dog so as not to cause damage to your skin or fur

Benefits and properties of coconut oil for dogs

You have probably heard that the oil extracted from coconuts is very beneficial for our health and is widely used in natural medicine and home remedies, both for health and beauty. In addition, for some time now it is beginning to be heard that it is also suitable to treat health problems in dogs. But really, is coconut oil good for dogs

How often to cut the nails to the cat

Cut the cat's nails is a process that undoubtedly is not simple, but it is necessary to carry out if we want the animal does not take our furniture or personal objects as their scraper, destroying them. In addition, we also reduce the possibility that during the game the cat can scratch us, so we contribute to our own safety

How much deworming my cat

Both internal and external parasites are the big enemies of our pets, and cats are no exception. And it is important to apply a deworming calendar from the first weeks, this way we will keep you free of diseases that can seriously compromise your health. Do not know how often to do it and what to keep in mind

Causes of diarrhea in cats

There are several causes that can cause diarrhea in a cat , which is a common symptom in felines that most of the time can be solved without going to the vet. The problem is when the diarrhea persists and is frequent, because it can conceal several health ailments that must be treated by a specialist

How often dogs are in heat

Zeal in dogs is a delicate moment as they are naturally prepared to reproduce and their whole body, their pheromones and their instincts are sharpened to be able to breed their new herd. It is important that you know the zeal of your dog so that you can help him in that moment of his life in which his behavior varies and his senses become more acute; Obviously, the way in which males live is not the same as females, so in this article we tell you how often dogs are in heat so you can be prepared

How much deworming my dog

Deworming in dogs is a very important procedure that must be followed regularly in order to keep the health of our animal and ours in good condition. However, its frequency will vary depending on the age of the dog, its lifestyle, the space in which it lives and other exceptional conditions that may require elimination of the parasites

How often cats are in heat

Zeal in cats is difficult to control since many factors depend on it: the breed, age, environmental conditions of the animal, and so on. But it is true that there are some patterns that follow and that can help us to prevent when a cat will be in heat. In this article we will tell you how often cats are in heat so you can assist and help your pet at this time in which it seeks to reproduce

Causes of epilepsy in dogs

Do you want to know a little better what epilepsy is in dogs ? If your best friend has been diagnosed with this disease, it is convenient to understand why your pet suffers from these convulsive attacks. Epilepsy involves seizures in a repetitive way, not occasional and this is what mainly defines this disease