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Minibus circuits in Spain

In Spain, there is an increasing fondness for minibikes or pit bikes , which, like karts, are leisure activities that are carried out on a low-displacement motorcycle by race or motocross circuits adapted for them. In the United States, there are many people who organize championships, but in Spain this is still a minority

How to fix the bad carburetion of the motorcycle

Knowing how to fix the bad carburetion of the motorcycle will allow you to do away with some of its main consequences, such as not starting or even shutting down. Performing the main maintenance tasks of the motorcycle periodically will help reduce the chances of this problem appearing. In any case, in

How to calculate the price of a used motorbike

Do you want to sell your motorcycle but do not know what price to put on it? Vehicles are the fastest-depreciating products with the passage of time, in fact, it is considered that only by buying it and taking it out to the street, the value of it decreases up to 18%. For this reason it can be a bit tricky to determine the PVP of a second-hand vehicle so that you get buyers and the price is also interesting for you

How to buy a jet ski

Buying a water scooter will allow you to access a very fun way to enjoy the sea, without having to resort to renting this vehicle. Before buying a jet ski and using it, it is very important that you inform yourself of all the rules you must comply with in order to avoid endangering the life of bathers and your own

How to buy a motorcycle online

Buying a motorcycle online means taking into account a series of precautions to avoid being the victim of a scam or even paying for a motorcycle that has been stolen. In addition, you must inform previously of the expenses derived from a distance purchase, as they are those of transport until your city

How to buy a used motorcycle

Motorcycles are an excellent means of transport, economic and functional, especially when it comes to traffic in cities with heavy traffic. Therefore, many people are encouraged to acquire one, but instead of investing in a new one, they opt for buying a second hand motorcycle , a timely alternative as long as we are acquiring a quality vehicle and in good condition, but how Know it

How to drive a motorcycle with snow

With snow , the ideal thing is not to use the motorcycle at all, but if we inevitably have to take it, we will have to exercise extreme caution since the grip of the wheels will be null and we will have to drive at a very low speed. In .com we offer you a series of tips on how to drive a snowmobile. Steps to follow: one When driving a motorcycle through the snow , we must act with much more caution than usual, since the wheels of the motorcycle are not adapted to circulate in this medium and the tires will not heat up so the grip will be zero

How to drive a motorcycle with rain

If we have to take the bike when it is raining, we should be even more cautious than usual when driving this two-wheeled vehicle, as the grip will decrease while increasing the possibility that we will fall. There are several things that we must take into account, therefore, we explain how to drive a motorcycle with rain

How to drive a motorbike with wind

There is no doubt that on the bike we are very vulnerable and the wind is one of the factors that most influences our stability. So that you reduce the risks that can come to suppose, in .com we put at your disposal some advice on how to drive a motorcycle with wind. Steps to follow: one This advice is also valid for other circumstances, but it is inevitable to say it: at greater speed greater risk , so we must bet on moderation

How to care for an enduro motorcycle

An enduro motorcycle , due to the characteristics of the sport for which it is designed, is more resistant than an average motorcycle. However, if you want to extend its useful life, you will have to follow a series of steps to protect it and that the hardness of the land you have to travel through will have minimal effects on it

How to decorate motorcycle helmets

If you are a fan of the world of motorcycles you will not want to have a serial helmet, one of these dull and boring helmets that everyone wears. In this article we will explain how you can decorate the helmet of the motorcycle , careful because there is only one way you can do it from many, painting it, with stickers, customizing it, etc

How to disassemble the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle

Disassembling the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle is something that you will have to carry out in cases such as when you want to change it, check if it has a crack or breakage or perform other types of checks. For example, it is useful to know how to perform the operation in the event that your motorcycle emits a lot of smoke

How to choose my motorcycle insurance

At the time of contracting a policy for your motorcycle you have to bear in mind that, although there are aspects similar to those of selecting the policy for a car, there are also other specific issues that you must take into account, such as that all-risk insurance is much more expensive in the case of two-wheeled vehicles

How to choose the displacement of a motorcycle

When you go to buy a motorcycle , there are many factors that you must take into account. It is about personal variables, such as your size, your experience and your economic availability, up to other more objective ones, such as how you will use the vehicle. The displacement is one of these aspects that you have to value

How to choose the size of the helmet

Choosing the size of the helmet for your motorcycle is an important task, since it will largely depend on the effectiveness of the protection provided by this element, which can save your life in the event of an accident. In addition to being mandatory, the helmet increases by 20% the probability that you leave without damage of an accident on board your motorcycle

How to choose gloves for my motorcycle

Choosing the equipment well when we are going to make a long journey by motorcycle is one more way of ensuring our safety . After all, it is the only thing that protects us from weather elements and, at the same time, minimizes damage in the event of an accident or falls. Therefore, it is very important that we choose high quality materials

How to choose the motorcycle tires

The wheels are of vital importance on a motorcycle . For this reason, the tire we place once the one that came standard is worn is also very relevant. In this article of .com we teach you how to choose the tires of the bike . Steps to follow: one The tires have codes that we teach you to interpret. If we had a code like the following 110/60 JD16 M 57WT this would be the interpretation: 110 = Section width in millimeters

How to choose a motorcycle 125

A 125 motorcycle is a good solution for medium distance journeys, for which mopeds fall short, but in a more agile way than with a car. In addition, the 125 can take you out of trouble with peace of mind if you need to go by road part of your daily commute, but not for long trips. So that your purchase is satisfactory and responds to all your needs, in

How to choose a sports bike

A sports bike is intended for use on public roads but its characteristics mean it can reach high speeds. So security is one of the first points that you should take into account when choosing it. In addition, because the position we have to have on her is with the body very inclined forward, comfort is another factor that you will have to attend to

How to choose a motorcycle enduro

Choosing the right enduro bike for us is a complex process. Our success in the enduro will depend on our choice, a competition in which our resistance is put to the test. Our ability to handle the motorcycle will be canceled by an inadequate choice. So we have to inform ourselves well and take time before deciding

How to choose a motorcycle

The bike is an excellent option for those who want an efficient and economical means of transport, but despite that it requires an important investment of money, so it is necessary to clarify the panorama before taking the step of acquiring one. What should we know before buying a motorcycle? Where to start

How to choose a Scooter motorbike

When we have already decided on a Scooter motorcycle what we are looking for this vehicle is an economic product that allows us to move around the city with agility and also to move to a town or city in the surroundings. In any case, if you still have doubts, in this article you will know what to take into account when choosing a type of motorcycle

How to choose a helmet to go on a moped

The choice of the helmet for the moped is a very important issue since this safety element can save your life. Its shape, material or even the color it has are factors that influence the degree of protection offered by the helmet when you drive on public roads. So that you are aware of all the aspects that you must value, in

How to equip me to go on a moped

When you go on a moped, the body is your own body so you have to equip it properly. On the one hand, you must be dressed to isolate yourself from the wind and, on the other hand, you must protect the most sensitive parts of your body. In addition to the obligation to wear a helmet, there are other recommendations that you should follow

How is the regulation of mopeds and motorcycles in Spain

The regulation of mopeds and motorcycles in Spain establishes several useful rules to know by the population. Among them, that only those over 15 years old will be able to drive mopeds, as approved by the Council of Ministers. In addition, there is a driver's license for motorcycles of average power

How to prevent my motorbike from being stolen

The motorcycle is the favorite means of transport to dodge traffic and move quickly through the city, so it is an increasingly popular alternative among drivers. And this is precisely what makes it an object much desired by thieves, whether to sell them on the black market of other countries or to use their parts as spare parts, you may be left without the minimum carelessness

How an electric motorcycle works

Although electric bikes have been released with a lot of weight today, there are still doubts about knowing exactly how they work. This type of vehicles are characterized by not emitting noise and by not producing smoke or using gasoline. They allow a displacement similar to that provided by a traditional fuel motorcycle, which makes them increasingly popular

How to make a safe motorcycle driving course

The fact of driving a motorcycle , whether for leisure or simple need, can be fun but sometimes dangerous. To reduce the risk involved in the two wheels, there are places where safe driving courses for motorcycles are taught, especially those with a large displacement. These centers have their own facilities and vehicles to carry out the relevant practices

How to wash my motorcycle

If you own a motorbike, you will surely worry about its appearance. Therefore, maintaining a cleaning routine will help you to keep it in good condition and feel proud to drive it wherever you go. You can always choose to go to a specialized laundry where they do the work for you, but cleaning your bike may even turn out to be a fun experience that also helps you save money

How to limit a motorcycle

You are interested in limiting a motorcycle when you intend to obtain the A driving license, which allows you to carry motorcycles with no power limit, but you still do not meet the requirements for it and you can only obtain the A2 card, which will empower you to carry those up to a maximum of 500cc

How to clean the carburetor of my motorcycle

When we have a mechanical problem with our car or motorcycle our first reaction is to approach a workshop, but there are problems that we can solve ourselves. Sometimes we are afraid to address certain types of issues related to mechanics . Fear that we can put aside if it is to clean the carburetor of your motorcycle , you will only need to assemble and disassemble some parts

How to clean the exhaust pipe of the motorbike

Knowing how to clean the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle will allow this piece to be in an optimal state so that it does not lose power to the vehicle. Thus, when the exhaust pipe already accumulates too much waste, the performance of the bike is lower and unwanted noise can occur. To help you in this task of maintenance of your vehicle, in

How to clean a jet ski

Perhaps it has occurred to you that since your jet ski is almost always under the liquid it is not necessary to clean it. Nothing is further from reality. Unfortunately, the sea is full of impurities but, in addition, the natural salt that it contains is very aggressive for your vehicle. So you should be very careful with maintenance if you want to keep it in good condition

How to register a moped

The crisis has increased the use of mopeds by cities, with older users. These vehicles, which are like small motorcycles of low power, up to 50 cc, allow us to move with ease by avoiding the traffic of the city. In this article, you will know how to get the moped license . In addition, they are an excellent alternative if we look for a cheap way to move in an urban environment

How to register a motorcycle

We already have the motorcycle and we want to put it to roll, because we only have the process of registering it . We can do it ourselves or choose to entrust the work to an agency. If you want to save this expense, in .com we explain step by step how to register a motorcycle . Steps to follow: one First you have to have the digital certificate or the electronic DNI that the Administration facilitates, since only by Internet you will be able to enter and, later, to declare before the Tax Agency the so-called Special Tax on certain means of transport

How to reduce the gasoline consumption of the motorcycle

Learning how to save gasoline from the bike will help you reduce one of the most important expenses generated by your vehicle and, on the other hand, contribute to the conservation of the environment. Carry out a smooth ride and perform proper maintenance of the motorcycle are the basis to limit the consumption of gasoline

How to renew the moped license

You must renew the moped license periodically so that it does not expire and you do not have to go through the process to obtain the permit. The truth is that these vehicles can be operated with a class B card, but if you do not have it you should not let your moped license expire, called AM permission, so in

How to know in whose name is a motorcycle

Motorcycles are vehicles that have always offered great independence to their owners. Being smaller than cars, they allow to move around the center of the cities in a more effective way and, also, as they are smaller vehicles, they also have the advantage of being less polluting and respectful with the environment

How to know if my motorcycle owes taxes

Motorcycles, like most motor vehicles, are required to pay a series of taxes . The payment of these taxes is mandatory and, in fact, when it is not carried out, the Administration has the right to pursue the owner of the motorcycle in question until the amount is duly paid. But surely you have asked many times what are the motorcycles that are subject to the payment of taxes, since it is an important issue but that many drivers do not know

How to know if my motorcycle is well carbured

Carburation is a very complex issue that brings many bikers head-on. There are a series of symptoms that, if repeated over time, may indicate that there is a problem in this regard. However, you have to keep in mind that issues such as temperature or atmospheric pressure also affect carburization. In