Parties and celebrations, August 2020

10 original gifts for friends

Who does not like to receive a gift? The detail is that the gift is something really wanted, or the less useful. And it is that making a gift that goes out of the ordinary has its trick: it takes time to find what is most appropriate but, above all, have an interest in surprising. And when it comes to friends, we generally want it to be the best possible gift If you are looking for ideas, we show you this list of 10 original gifts for friends that we hope you find very useful to break with the common and stand out

10 games for family parties

On birthdays, at Christmas, or any other family celebration that may take place. The truth is that games are always welcome in any family gathering as it creates an ideal environment for fun, laughter and entertainment. Whether there are children or you are just adults, the games will enliven the evening and make you really have a great time

10 original gifts for men

There are those who think that the options to give to a man are quite limited, but the truth is that the only limit is creativity (and pocket, make no mistake). The secret lies in knowing very well the tastes of the person to whom the gift will be given, in order to get out of the ordinary. Enough of socks and ties, it's time to surprise with gifts that are unforgettable for good reasons

10 original gifts for women

Making a gift can be a difficult task. Generally, the person who delivers it does so as a gesture of affection and therefore expects his or her choice to be well received. However, not everyone has the grace to know how to make gifts that are truly impressive, useful or unforgettable and end up being decided by the common

4 recipes for Halloween without gluten

Have you been waiting for Halloween for the whole year? Do you like to celebrate this day, disguise yourself, decorate your house and eat terrifyingly delicious things ? If you are a big fan of this celebration, you want everything to be perfect on this day that you enjoy so much and would like to start preparing the decoration and the food to create an atmosphere of fear, it may be difficult for you to decide what things to choose to decorate your house and what food to serve your guests on this special night

6 ideas for a different Christmas

Although tradition dictates, there are those who are not willing to spend their Christmas holidays as usual and decide to do it in an original, innovative and different way. Take advantage of these free days to live them as you really want, in your own way and with whomever you like the most . Can you think of how

5 original ideas for Valentine's Day

Make this Valentine unforgettable! In we propose different ideas so you can enjoy a special and unique day with your partner. From original gifts with which you will leave with your mouth open to amazing appointments perfect for living a magical day full of fun. Valentine's Day is a perfect day to take your most romantic side and spend an unforgettable evening, so in this article we are going to propose you 5 original Valentine's ideas with which you will have a better time, do you sign up

Christmas decorations for doors

Christmas can be a very special moment, especially if we have children. A few weeks before, the Christmas spirit takes over the streets, shops and public places. But, above all, it reaches our home. Far from the typical Christmas tree, there are many more options to decorate our house , and many very fun and original, such as ornaments for the doors

Christmas trees with corks

The different Christmas trees have come to stay, and every time we find more creative ideas to decorate our house during the holidays with few resources and making it look great. If you do not have space or money to buy a conventional tree, or simply if it causes you to experiment with something different, then this idea that we bring you in

6 Halloween crafts with recycled material

Decorate your home on Halloween without spending too much money! Now you can decorate the party on October 31 with fun and very clever elements without having to invest hardly any money. How? Making recycled crafts with objects and materials that you surely have at home. In this way, you will be able to create a 100% themed party in an atmosphere of terror but, in addition, you will also contribute to the respect for the environment by giving a new use to the containers and lengthen, as well, their useful life

Different Christmas trees

Christmas is a time full of beautiful traditions, and certainly decorating our home with the Christmas tree is one of the most widespread in the world. But not everyone wants to opt for the classic pine tree, whether natural or artificial, if not that some people prefer to bet on creativity to give your home a different Christmas touch

Elegant Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is undoubtedly the great protagonist of those magical winter dates that we all usually spend as a family. There are many forms of decoration available, but if on this occasion you want to join the trend of elegant and sophisticated Christmas trees , pay attention to this article. You will find great ideas to give your room a unique and special touch this Christmas, you will be more prepared than ever to receive guests and enjoy fun celebrations

Minimalist Christmas trees

The minimalist aesthetic is very fashionable and is presented as one of the key trends for decorating our homes at Christmas. Simplicity and monochromatic lines are essential aspects to reflect this trend. If you also want to be up to date and surprise everyone with an elegant, sophisticated and original Christmas tree, in this article we show you a selection of minimalist Christmas trees

Original Christmas trees

Do you want to reinvent Christmas with original and creative Christmas trees? If so, pay attention to the list of this article, where you can find incredible ideas that unseat the classic green spruce that has always been present in our homes on those magical dates. From ecological options, with recycled materials to other more elaborate and laborious ones

Rustic Christmas trees

At the time of choosing the Christmas decoration the tastes are as varied as our options, and there are always those who are inclined towards a less usual alternative to have an original final result. The rustic Christmas trees are perfect for those homes where wood, white color and nature are the main protagonists, being a great option for those who want to escape the classic pine and try other materials and colors

Typical drinks for Halloween

In all Halloween parties , cocktails can not miss. Thanks to these different and fun drinks, you will call the attention of all your guests and you will spend a very fun night. All the cocktails that we show you in the next post contain alcohol, therefore they are drinks that should not be done at children's parties

Christmas dinner for companies in Barcelona

Christmas dinners for companies are one of the most important events of the year for companies, it is a perfect moment to strengthen ties, to approach positions and to do teambuilding. One of the keys to everything is perfect is to find a good restaurant, but a good Christmas dinner are more things, then we help you organize a great Christmas dinner in Barcelona

Good homemade costumes for Halloween

Halloween is approaching and although this tradition is not so rooted in our culture, more and more people are encouraged to celebrate it is a great excuse to meet friends and have fun with a good disguise. If this year you are planning to party on Halloween and want to look original without spending all the budget of the month, we give you some good ideas to make your homemade costume and have fun with your friends

Christmas dinner for companies in Madrid

Christmas dinners for companies are one of the most important events of the year for companies, it is a perfect moment to strengthen ties, to approach positions and to do teambuilding. One of the keys to everything is perfect is to find a good restaurant, but a good Christmas dinner are more things, then we help you organize a great Christmas dinner in Madrid

How to save on my son's birthday

When it comes to organizing a party or gathering to celebrate the birthday of the little ones in the house, there is a theme that always causes us headaches, the budget . Although we want to throw the house out the window, it is not always possible to do so, which is why many mothers ask themselves how to save on my son's birthday

How to face the Christmas dinner of my company

How beautiful is Christmas! A time to share , to meet with family and friends and have a good time together. But it is also a time of inescapable commitments , invisible friends with people at work that you do not like so well and of course the dinner or Christmas party of the company from which you can hardly escape

Home centerpieces for Christmas

When decorating our house at Christmas no detail should be overlooked, and is that these dates are conducive to meet friends and family, and if you usually host those meetings nothing better than having an attractive table and well decorated. That is why we offer you some good ideas to make home centerpieces for Christmas quickly and easily, a great activity in which you can also involve all family members, including the youngest ones

How to animate the Christmas company party

With Christmas come the business parties that are organized to liven up the work environment and create community among workers. Maybe this year it's your turn to organize the Christmas company party and want to create a fun event that makes everyone have a great time. In we want to help you to succeed with dinner so we give you some ideas that will show you how to animate the Christmas company party in an original and fun way

How to animate a party with a karaoke

Are you going to have a party and do not know how to surprise your guests? Are you tired of dinners or meals that get longer and not leave around the table? If so, pay attention to the following article, because in .com we explain how to animate a party with a karaoke . Have your guests entertained and have them take out the artist they have inside

How to tie a pirate scarf

Pirate costumes are very recurrent for costume parties, Carnival, Halloween ... and not only for children, but also for adults. There are many versions of these costumes and costumes , but one of the most characteristic elements of these evil navigators is the characteristic handkerchief knotted at the head

How to attract love in the night of San Juan

On June 24 is celebrated the day of San Juan , a Christian holiday that came to replace the many pagan acts that took place in antiquity to welcome the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, which is given approximately June 21 of each year. Fire is the main element of this celebration, always charged with energy and many rituals

How to attract happiness in the night of San Juan

The night of San Juan is a magical date that has its origin in pagan rituals that were celebrated during the summer solstice, around June 21. The power of magic and the rituals of our ancestors have come down to us, turning the night of San Juan into an ideal moment to ask for good wishes and take advantage of the force of nature

How to attract luck in the night of San Juan

The festival of San Juan takes place on the shortest night of the year, from June 23 to 24, and its meaning is the triumph of light over darkness. It is a magical night in which legend and tradition tell that everything can happen, that is why it is very common to practice different rituals to make our wishes come true

How to attract money in the night of San Juan

On June 24 is celebrated the day of San Juan , a Christian holiday that came to replace the many pagan acts that took place in antiquity to welcome the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, which is given approximately June 21 of each year. Fire is the main element of this celebration, always charged with energy and many rituals

How to calculate a Hebrew birthday

The calculation of a Hebrew birthday most used is a complex. The reason for being so complicated is because the secular calendar is solar, whereas the Jewish calendar is basically lunar, with the first c months coinciding with the new moon. A lunar year of 12 months is 11 days shorter than a solar year, so a leap month (Adar II) is added seven times during a 19-year cycle to keep the seasons in place

How to celebrate Mother's Day

They are the most important people for us and although every day is a good time to celebrate with them, Mother's Day is a special occasion to entertain them and attend them as they deserve . But it is not always easy to show how much we love her, that's why in .com we give you some ideas so you can discover how to celebrate Mother's Day and have a great time with that great woman

How to celebrate International Women's Day

For decades, women have struggled to open up a space for us in a world managed by men, with the goal of achieving equal conditions at a social and labor level. In honor of this work, the UN establishes March 8 as the International Day of Working Women, now known simply as Women's Day , a date that should not be overlooked, not only to celebrate personal successes if not also those of all the women that surround us, and of those who have actively participated in changing history

How they celebrate Christmas in Finland

Sometimes the best way to know the traditions of a country on certain dates is to travel there. However, for those who are deciding whether to pass a special date, such as Christmas, abroad but do not know very well in which country, it is advisable to document before what kind of traditions are those that prevail where they plan to travel

How to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

On December 21 a very special day is celebrated on the calendar: the winter solstice, the date that marks the longest night of the year. This day many families welcome home the spirit of Christmas , a way to join as a family and take advantage of the many energies of this special date to enjoy in an atmosphere of joy

How to celebrate New Year's Eve

Closing the year that goes with joy is a relevant event in our culture. Everyone, in the best possible way, we spent the night of December 31 in the best possible way, thanking all we have achieved in the year that ends and welcoming the year that comes, which will surely be much better. Optimism, happiness and joy are essential during that night

How to celebrate the first wedding anniversary

The first year of marriage is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful years in a marriage. Likewise, the time to celebrate the so-called Paper Weddings , which is as it is commonly called at this appointed date, is very special for every couple. We must think of something that we remember over the years

How to celebrate my son's first birthday

In this stage the child is discovering the world , but still does not understand very well how to relate to other children and usually does not feel comfortable surrounded by strange people or a lot of noise, so it is best to celebrate your first birthday surrounded by loved ones but with some discretion

How to celebrate Halloween

Halloween means "All hallow's eve", a word that comes from Old English, and that means "eve of all the saints", since it refers to the night of October 31, the eve of the Feast of All Saints. Halloween was a religious festival that thanks to Anglo-Saxon Protestant sieve has become a pagan festival

How to celebrate Halloween as a couple

Halloween night is usually a night to spend with your family: be it your friends, your family or your partner. If this year you want to celebrate a more intimate, quiet and romantic night take note of these suggestions that will help you to live a very special night with your partner. In we want to contribute to make your evening unforgettable, for that reason, we give you these ideas that will help you to know how to celebrate Halloween as a couple

How to celebrate Christmas

Each country, and even each city, has its own traditions to celebrate Christmas, a product of its culture and the customs of its family; However, in all the homes of the world and despite the differences, Christmas is celebrated in the same way and under the same environment, always highlighting the positive values of these dates and filling each space with good energies and positive wishes for the coming year