personal finances, September 2020

4 keys to control expenses

Saving is the goal of all or at least the vast majority of people, but the reality is that at the end of the month there are few who manage to reserve some money for future plans or emergencies, the rest is simply spent covering basic needs and in day to day, almost without noticing it . These are small waste that at the end of the month make it very difficult to save something, that is why in

How to open a bank account

At present the contact between the human being and the money has become less and less physical and more virtual. In many cases our money does not even see it. A large part of the movement that makes money today is through bank accounts . When opening a bank account we can start to perform the most common operations such as depositing money, payroll or checks, making transfers, domiciling bills, etc

How to open a bank account abroad

Currently, there are many families and individuals that consider raising money from their country and creating a bank account abroad in order to secure their savings. At this point you may have doubts about which is the best destination to send your money or what process you have to follow. That is why the instructions on how to open a bank account abroad are provided in this article

How to open a bank account in Spain while abroad

If for reasons of work, studies or, simply for being on vacation, a person who does not reside in Spain needs to open an account in a bank or cashier during your stay in our country you can do so with complete peace of mind. Spanish legislation and banking entities facilitate this type of activities and commercial transactions

How to open a bank account online

Each bank has its own rules and procedures, but it is true that all entities share certain requirements to open a bank account online . In .com we have compiled the most important data so that you have one in just a few clicks, so keep an eye on this article. You will need to: Computer Internet Steps to follow: one Choose your bank

How to open an account in Andorra

Families and companies have withdrawn 55, 000 million euros from Spanish entities so far this year, according to confirmed figures from the Bank of Spain. A flight of capital that certain international media raise up to 232, 000 million euros. Fear of the economic situation facing the Spanish State has led many people to take their savings from Spanish banks and put them "safe" in entities of foreign countries

How to open a will

A testament is the legal form by which someone expresses his or her personal desire for how their assets and assets are to be distributed after their death, determining who desires to inherit it. One of the doubts that heirs usually have is how to carry out the process of opening the will to know its contents

How to manage the money of an inheritance

If you have received an inheritance and you are overwhelmed by the steps you must follow from now on, in .com we detail how to manage the money of an inheritance and face the legal and fiscal procedure so that it does not suppose a vertiginous process. With this small guide you can have your inheritance controlled and make the most of it

How the Euribor affects my mortgage

In the current moment of economic crisis , we are all worried about how much we have to pay for our mortgage . Also, we have all heard of the Euribor , and we know that it is related to the mortgage amount, but often we do not have it too clear. Next in .com we will give some details and tips to understand how the Euribor affects our mortgage

How to manage personal finances

When little money comes into the house, when there are many mouths to feed or when, due to circumstances, we have lost our job, it is necessary to keep a tighter control of our finances , especially if the savings we have are scarce. In this article we advise you on how to manage personal finances . Steps to follow: one The main thing is to be organized and keep the accounts up to date

How to join Avon

Thinking of an extra entrance of money while combining beauty and economic benefits? Avon has become one of the most classic forms for all women who want to enter the world of beauty and aesthetics, having extra income. A good way to know how to become a beauty professional or just get to what you want to get, you can get it with Avon

How to save daily

There are multiple ways to save money on a day-to-day basis . There are simple actions that we do every day and that suppose an unnecessary expense, small details to which we are accustomed and that we can modify if we want to save more money. We can make a slight adjustment in food, service bills or entertainment expenses to increase savings and not waste unnecessary things

How to save water at home

Water is one of the most important substances on planet Earth since all the life forms that inhabit it need it. In our homes it is enough to open a tap to obtain it, but every time it becomes more necessary to take advantage of it. This need not to waste water is not only for environmental reasons but also to reduce the economic costs in this time of crisis

How to save through a payroll account

It is increasingly important to save up to the last euro of our money. Currently, few people choose a current account where they enter the payroll without asking for a return or advantage. If the available offers are well studied and you are attentive to the fine print of the contracts, you can get many advantages to be able to save

How to save money

Saving money is one of the most popular goals that can exist. Unavoidable member in the list of new year promises , also appears every time we want to reach a goal that requires solvency, or when we increase the salary and we swear that extra will save it instead of spending it . The truth is that few succeed with it, if you are one of them this article is for you

How to save money to make ends meet

Is it hard for you to make ends meet? We have found different ways to save money to make your life easier. Buy a piggy bank because you will need it! The correct distribution of money is essential, and you must keep constant control over your expenses. In this article of .com we give you the keys on how to save money to get to the end of the month

How to save money with a low salary

The economic situation of recent years has not just come back and the most serious consequence is the worsening of household finances. Millions of families survive with minimum wages and making ends meet becomes a disheartening challenge. In .com we teach you how to save money with a low salary . Savings, a matter of habits It is important to understand that by adopting a series of simple consumption habits , household accounts can benefit greatly

How to save money in times of crisis - the best tips

With the economic crisis, many families and households have the problem of how to make ends meet. And, in these years, there has been a decline or freeze of wages, while many prices have risen. In short, people have to face a greater expense with less money each month. And if it is difficult to cover all fixed monthly expenses with income, it is even more important to save

How to save on the reform of your home

Make a reform of the home is an investment that we have to do many times in our homes to replace old equipment, improve energy efficiency or simply give a new air to our home. However, although it may be profitable over time, at first it is an important investment, so it is always convenient to know how to save on the reform of your home

How to save on the telephone bill

Spending on the telephone bill has become an increasingly common expense and more important in terms of money for families. For this reason it can be very important for family savings to know a few tips to reduce telephone costs. With the help of these guidelines, saving on the phone bill will be much easier

How to save money fast by being a student

Do you need to save some money but you are still studying? Although it seems an impossible mission, the truth is that there are some tricks that will help you to save money quickly and effectively. In this article of we will indicate some of the habits that you must modify to be able to go on a trip, buy that motorcycle, become independent, and so on

How to save credit card expenses

A credit card is very useful for our purchases, because it allows a postponement of payments until the end of the month but, and more in times of crisis , it has to be used head-on and responsibly. If you do not know how to control the expenses of purchases made with a credit card, in .com we show you how you can do it with a few simple steps

How to save gas when driving a car

Every day it is more important, for many reasons, that we have economic driving at the wheel of our car. The reasons are obvious and important, the most important is to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and reduce the destruction of the ozone layer. In addition to moderate the consumption of gasoline improves our family economy and reduces the dependence we have on oil

How to save to travel

Holidays, in these times of crisis, have become a luxury that very few can afford. To enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation , many people must save in advance, this also allows you to have a good margin to perform those activities that we want during our days off. In .com we leave you some tricks so you know how to save to travel and enjoy your well-deserved vacation

How to save to live alone

Being independent of the family home and living in a home is a logical aspiration of any young person, although sometimes the lack of funds prevents it from being carried out. However, sometimes it is not so complicated if expenses are adjusted and money is used rationally. Keep reading if you want to know how to save to live alone

How to save for a house

Buying a home is a luxury especially in difficult times where we hear the word "crisis" everywhere. A house of their own is a good that generates a long-term commitment and mortgages represent years of work for the payment of housing. You should know that there are several ways to save to invest in a home of your own, and in this article we help you give some tricks so you can learn how to save for a house

How to save living from rent

To be independent and to move away from home is a complicated step, especially for the expenses that entails. In addition, the current trend is aimed at housing rental, leaving aside the intention to buy a house. The rents are going down, so it is a good alternative to live in a flat or house without spending too much, allowing even some negotiation, both in the amount and on the day of payment

How to amortize a loan

Repaying a loan is simply a gradual return of the requested amount to the financial institution plus the respective interest, which is no more than the price the entity charges for leaving the money. There are three different types of amortization: French, German and American being the first used in Spain

How to calculate the increase of the IBI

The Tax on Real Estate (IBI) is a tax that affects all citizens and that must be paid in case of having a real estate. It is paid directly to the municipality of the municipality where the property is located. Its rise is directly related to the economic crisis in the country and the municipalities. With the increase, it is tried that the town halls enter more and can improve their situation

How to calculate the IRPF

The Personal Income Tax (IRPF) is one of the most popular taxes in Spain, and one of the main supporters of the income received by the Treasury. This tax is levied on all those income earned by Spanish citizens or those who reside and work in Spanish territory, so that the income statement depends to a large extent on the deductions made by the IRPF

How to calculate the inheritance and donation tax

As much as when a person dies, such as when we receive a donation that exceeds a certain amount, we will be forced to comply with our tax obligations, which in this case would correspond to the Treasury to be taxed by the inheritance and donation tax, which we will help calculate in .com Photo source: www

How to calculate my mortgage fee

When you want to calculate the rate of your mortgage , the first thing is to know what type of mortgage you have, whether at a fixed rate or a variable rate. Fixed rate mortgages are those whose interest and monthly installment are the same throughout the life of the mortgage loan. Variable rate mortgages are characterized because the mortgage rate varies every 6 or 12 months

How to calculate the rent increase based on the CPI

Having a rental house or living rented in a home, is very widespread today, especially because of the high price of buying a home in some areas. But of course, the price of these rentals does not remain stable over the years, but they are modified as the cost of living varies. They are updated according to the CPI, for which we will explain how to calculate the rent increase based on the IPC in

How to calculate income tax withholding

From the moment a company hires a worker, the latter has the obligation to deduct from the payroll the amounts related to the withholdings that have to be made for Income Tax (IRPF) . The discounted amounts will be taken into account when the worker has to make the Income Tax return , since they are advances that the company enters, on the part of the worker, to the Treasury, and that they can vary the amount to enter or pay in the declaration annual

How to calculate the expenses of a move

Making a move is usually a cumbersome process, especially if you have to travel long distances and transport furniture and many objects. That is why moving companies are usually the best option in many occasions, since in exchange for a certain amount they save many headaches. However, each move is a world, because it depends on each personal case

How to calculate interest for late payment

On many occasions, and unfortunately even more so with the economic crisis, many people and companies can not cope with the payments of outstanding debts or receipts . Sooner or later, this past due amount must be paid, and for the time that has been exceeded, an extra cost has to be paid, called interest for late payment

How to change dollars to euros

If you are going to travel and need to change dollars to euros, today is much easier. Currently in Europe there are 18 countries that have adopted the euro as a payment method. Therefore, before embarking on a trip through any of these nations, you must change the US dollars to euros , taking into account the change in currency and value that occurs

How to calculate a price without VAT

Learning to calculate VAT can be very useful for anyone, but even more so for freelancers or self-employed workers. First it is necessary that percentage of VAT is being applied to the price (4%, 10% or 21%) and then it will only be necessary to take the calculator. As we can see, the VAT is specified in percentages and we must calculate to what amount it corresponds and then subtract it from the original price

How to change the testament

The will , a document that will record our last will for when we are no longer there, can be done at any time of our life. Therefore, throughout our existence, a number of causes could cause us to change our opinion and wish to change some issues related to our inheritance. In .com we explain how to change the testament

How to cancel a credit card

Surely on occasion we have been forced to cancel a credit card . If it has not been our case, it is possible that in the future we should do it. Cancellations can occur for various cases, be it theft, loss or simply to end up with a credit card that we no longer use or do not want to use anymore. In this situation, it is necessary to know how to cancel a credit card