Recreational activities, August 2020

18 outdoor games for young people

If you are a young person or live with teenagers at home, surely contact with mobile phones, tablets and computers is a daily matter. Technology, as has been well demonstrated, makes life easier in many ways: it helps us develop certain skills, keeps us informed and entertains children and adults with some ease

5 activities to do as a family

In families, sometimes support and love is not enough to achieve peace and harmony. Among the parents who argue, the strange adolescent behavior, the care of very young children, and the always so complicated financial stability, it seems that there is often little mental rest for a family. To this is added the pressures and obligations of modern life

Food when doing a walk like the Camino de Santiago

If you have to take a long day trip in which you will have to walk many hours or you are thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago, it is very important that you have a special diet. If you follow our advice, you will be able to endure much longer walking journeys. In .com we give you the best tips so you can enjoy exercising without losing your strength

5 precautions for children on bicycles

Riding a bicycle is an activity that most children like , especially in summer that can enjoy outdoor bikes. It is very useful to teach children to ride bicycles, but to avoid harm, we must always take precautions and the appropriate safety measures. It is necessary that children are aware of the importance of riding a bike safely

7 ideas for an outdoor party

With the arrival of good weather, the season of barbecues and open-air parties is officially inaugurated. It is about the longest days of the year, with the best temperature and with fewer obligations on a day-to-day basis. In addition, you have to welcome summer as it deserves and, what better than a party

Activities to relax in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities for all tastes. In addition to being an active city with a lively and festive atmosphere, it also allows you to find endless activities to relax and enjoy quieter moments. There are many corners and wonderful natural places to which we can go in the Catalan capital to walk, have a picnic, be in family, meditate, etc

How to camp with rain

If you are thinking of going camping , but the place where you have decided to escape has a rainy weather , you must be prepared to set up your tent. Whether you go to the mountains or on the beach, you can fall into one of those typical summer storms and spoil everything. Therefore, in .com we give you some tips on how to camp with rain

How to camp with children

During the warmer months of the year nature offers us an unmissable opportunity: to spend the night outdoors, an unforgettable plan especially for the little ones who see it as a unique experience. And even for adults to disconnect from the "civilization" for a few days can be very rewarding, but to do it with the little ones is good to take into account some recommendations , so in

How to camp in the mountains

With summer and long weekends, holidays and vacation time, it is not surprising that more and more people decide to run away from the routine to enjoy a well-deserved rest time. Are you thinking of escaping from the city ?, we will teach you how to camp on the mountain and enjoy contact with nature. Steps to follow: one The sand and the sea are the most sought after places to spend these days and thus suffocate the high summer temperatures

How to camp for a concert

During the summer season there are usually numerous concerts and music festivals . Many of them last several days so it is advisable to spend some night in the enclosures. If you are thinking of going to a concert this summer, take note, in .com we explain how to camp for a concert . Follow these tips and you can enjoy the best outdoor concerts, meet new people and stay economically

How to camp on the beach

With the sun and good weather, going camping can be a very fun plan, as well as an original and economical way of sightseeing and spending time with friends or family. If you are imagining what it would be like to spend a few days at sea and do not know how to do it, pay attention to the following article

How to attach a cape

In the navigation order and cleanliness is a fundamental thing to avoid accidents on the high seas. Therefore stow all the ends we have on the boat is necessary and essential and above all it is also very important to have them ready to be used at any time. Therefore, you must know how to attach a line

How to catch rock worms

Rockworms are a good bait for seabass, pollack and flatfish. They live on sandy and muddy beaches. To take them is not very difficult but you have to be careful with their clamps or jaws when you take them and also when you put them on the hook. Look at the following article of a.How, how to catch rockworms

How to catch sand worms to fish

Sandworms are a good bait for almost all sea fish. They usually live on sandy beaches or mud. Surely as a child playing with the sand you had seen them. When the tide comes down, you will see many little curled hills of sand on the beach. That's where the worms are. If you are interested, look at the following article, how to catch sand worms to fish

How to catch mussels to fish

Not all fish are caught with sand worms , there are some like bacaladitos, hake and flatfish they like mussels a lot. To get them yourself without having to buy them, you can tear them off the rocks, breakwaters and breakwaters when the tide is low. It is important that the tide is low because if it will not be harder and depends on how dangerous it can be

How to drive a jet ski

Driving a jet ski has become one of the most attractive water sports of the summer. The main thing is not to be afraid. If you are thinking about trying this sport during your holidays, do not forget to follow some small guidelines for your safety, before getting on the jet ski. In we give you some very useful tips to drive a jet ski

How to know the free camping areas in Spain

Currently, the camping areas in Spain are being greatly restricted due to the legislation that regulates this type of facilities. In this way, there are few free camping areas that remain in the Spanish territory, it is even forbidden to camp in some autonomous communities, since it is the autonomous governments that determine the laws in the field of camping

How to get a fishing license

If you like fishing but you do not know what steps you should take to get the relevant fishing permits , we give you some advice. You should know that each of these permits are issued by the Ministries of the Environment of each of the Autonomous Communities independently . Therefore, if we live in La Rioja, we must go to the Environment Ministry of La Rioja, but if we live in Badajoz, we must go to Extremadura

How to get a license to navigate

If you want to become a real sea lion, you will surely want to know what you must do to obtain all the necessary permits to navigate in the different boats . And it is that sailing is a tremendously fun activity for which you need to be prepared . So if you want to get permission to navigate and you do not know how or where to do it, follow these steps that will guide you

How to build a snare trap

Learning to build a snare trap is a basic survival skill. You can never predict what circumstances can leave you in the desert with nothing more than your ingenuity and survival skills . Knowing how to make a trap will allow you to capture food in situations where you do not have a hunting weapon, or in situations where a firearm is not desirable

How to contact Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is one of the most outstanding Formula One riders in the world, leaving the name of Spain very high in each of the races in which he participates. And if there is good news for his followers, this pilot is as active off the track as he is inside, keeping his fans informed of each of his steps through his social networks

How to breed fishing worms

Raising fishing worms is easy to do and requires very few materials. It is a fun project for children and requires very little maintenance. Worm breeding is also an excellent way to recycle food scraps, lawn clippings, newspapers and composites. To make a breeding of worms of fishing is a project that can make save to an avid fisherman a great amount of money

How to disassemble a tent

We have arrived at our campsite, installed our tent and had a fabulous time enjoying nature and sharing with our companions. But it is time to leave and many people wonder if to disassemble the tent they need to be as careful as to assemble it, the answer is yes! It is important to do it step by step to avoid that it deteriorates or the pieces get lost, so in

How to dissect an animal

Taxidermy or the art of dissecting animals is used to preserve them with the same appearance they would have if they were alive. It is usually a hunter's thing, since by dissecting the animals they have hunted, they can exhibit them as if they were their trophies. Taxidermy is a very complex process, but it allows to keep the animal giving it an almost real appearance

How to enjoy a roller coaster

When it comes to amusement parks and theme parks , there is no doubt: roller coasters are the most popular. Large or small, extreme or simple travel, we have all fallen in the temptation to enjoy their dizzying routes, an experience that is unforgettable. But when it comes to really strong roller coasters , enjoyment is often displaced by fear

How to enjoy a happy summer

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation. We give you the keys to enjoy a full and happy summer break, whether you are single or accompanied with the objective of physically and mentally disconnecting from work worries. Summer is health, therefore, we offer you the keys to take care of you and know how to enjoy a happy summer

How to have fun without money

Having a good time does not have to be synonymous with spending a lot of money. And if the popular saying says that love is not bought with money, the same goes for happiness and fun. You do not have to leave your salary to have fun and there are many options to do it without spending a penny. In this article we explain how to have fun without money

How to choose children's bicycles

At the time of choosing the bicycle for the smallest of the house, we must take into account various factors so that the choice is the most correct. In this way, we will try to have fun playing with your bike but always under the highest safety conditions. In addition to precautions for children on bicycles , we should assess which model and size best suits the child's age and ability

How to choose the place to fish

Fishing is, for many, a relaxing activity that helps to eliminate stress while you are in the middle of nature, although, in order to go fishing , you have to know where to go before. Therefore, in .com we explain how to choose the place to fish so you can have fun as the most. Steps to follow: one Check before leaving the time you will face in the area you want to go fishing , since it will not only affect the state of the fish but also mark the material that you should carry with you

How to choose the right fishing rod

Almost as important as choosing a good place to fish , is to bring the right material for it. The fishing rod is as important as the area where you fish, so in .com we give you a few recommendations on how to choose the right fishing rod . Steps to follow: one Check the launching capacity of your fishing rod

How to choose the best tent

There are several factors to consider when buying a tent for excursions. This decision will mark our comfort, well-being and comfort during the trip we have scheduled. The most important points for outdoor activities are the size, weight and quality of textile materials, footwear, accessories and all types of equipment

How to choose a bicycle

Although some might consider it a banal decision, the purchase of a bicycle must be premeditated to find the bicycles that best suit each person. And there are several factors that we should keep in mind when choosing a bike . You can be recommended by the professional staff of the bicycle shops, but we recommend that you check this article before about choosing a bicycle

How to choose hiking boots

Are you passionate about sports? Then surely you know a basic rule to practice any physical activity safely: clothing and accessories are of vital importance. So before launching into the adventure, do not miss our advice, because they can avoid injuries and some other unnecessary annoyance. In .com we are going on an adventure and we explain how to choose hiking boots

How to choose hiking poles

Trekking and hiking are mountain activities that have become very fashionable. To walk through this type of terrain and be able to enjoy it, it is necessary to go well equipped. There are different types of canes that are adapted to personal needs. If you do not know what is the ideal for you, take note

How to choose a backpacking backpack

Choosing the backpack that will accompany us during our trip is essential to be able to enjoy the adventure. To choose a backpacker backpack , you should base yourself on the duration of your trip, the places you will visit and the transportation. Here we tell you everything, pay attention and you can choose the most appropriate

How to choose a mountain backpack

If we do not have enough knowledge about hiking and accessories, it is possible that the moment we go to buy a mountain backpack we will not get what really meets our needs. The essential thing when choosing a backpack is to look at the frame, the size and the belt. If you are a beginner in hiking and do not know how to choose a mountain backpack , continue reading this article that we have prepared for you

How to choose a good camping site

The good weather, the holidays or the need to spend more time in the middle of nature are very good reasons to go camping. It is essential to know the security measures to camp and spend a few fantastic days; also in .com we give you a few tips on how to choose a good place to camp . Steps to follow: one Find a regular and clear terrain where you can easily assemble your store

How to choose a sleeping bag

When choosing the sleeping bag , there are many factors to take into account to make a correct choice. There are different types and, depending on the use we want to give, it will be necessary to opt for one or the other. The place and the conditions in which you go to sleep will be one of the most important events, but you will also have to value other things

How to train to climb

Do you want to start in the world of climbing ? This sport in the open air is gaining more and more followers because it is a physical and mental training where self-improvement is the most visible goal. Learning to climb means learning to control your mind and your fears being able to climb the walls of a mountain to enjoy, when you get to the top, of stunning landscapes

How to equip yourself for hiking

Hiking is a very healthy activity and at the same time entertaining, since in addition to exercising, you can know beautiful places and enjoy nature. Also, it is not a sport reserved for specialists, but you can also get started on the routes on foot and mountaineering. Although this will require you to consciously prepare the kit and everything you will take with you to make it a success