repair and maintenance of cars, August 2020

How often to change the brake fluid

The brake fluid is a fundamental part of the braking system of the vehicle, and it is essential that it is in perfect condition and at optimum levels for the car to brake properly in any situation on the road. That is why, for reasons of safety and to carry out responsible driving, it is important to have knowledge about the frequency with which it must be replaced

How often to change the car battery

The battery is the central element that offers the electrical power to a vehicle so that it can start up, as well as for the other electronic components of the car to work. That is why it is essential to keep it in good condition, as far as possible, through simple practices that will help us extend its useful life

How to extend the life of my car

Making our car last for many years is not a very complicated task if we follow a series of guidelines that respond to common sense and that will make us save the payment of money in a new vehicle and repairs. In .com we answer the question of how to extend the life of my car . Steps to follow: one You have to be very careful with all the periodic checks that our car requires so as not to skip any of them

How to align car headlights

Before embarking on a long trip or simply if our daily commutes force us to move in the car at night, or in adverse weather conditions, it is very important to consider how to align the headlights of the car . We must know that the illumination of our vehicle not only affects us in the sense that the headlights give us visibility, but it is very important for cars that cross with us or that circulate right in front

How to extend the life of a diesel engine

Diesel engines are becoming more sophisticated, so it is harder for them to break down, although it is more expensive to repair them. In these times, saving on the repair and maintenance of the car and lengthen its useful life is great. To do so, we give you a series of very useful tips and none of them will cost you money, just time and patience

How to start a car without a battery

There is a way to start a car without a battery , although before explaining how it is done it should be noted that from the point of view of mechanics is not very convenient. This is because, when starting a car without a battery in this way, the catalyst can be damaged because the fuel exits the exhaust without burning

How to start a car with tweezers

There is no shortage of people who refrain from long car trips for fear of being left behind and not knowing how to react. You do not have to be mechanical experts, but there are certain maneuvers and techniques that everyone who drives a car should master to be able to use them at any given time. Among these techniques is knowing how to start a car with pliers, indispensable if we run out of battery and can not start the car

How to change the car oil

The car oil is a very important part in the set of mechanisms that ensure its proper functioning. Therefore, the change of oil is one of the basic tasks in the maintenance of the vehicle. We must not only take it into account when we are going to undertake a trip, but it must be a task that we must carry out regularly

How to change the car alternator

The alternator fulfills the important function of supplying electricity to the car's electrical system, through the battery. An alternator in poor condition will cause the battery to end up being discharged and the car will not work. Therefore, if this component of your engine is not in good condition, in

How to change the color of my car

By aesthetic functions or, also, to cover small scratches, changing the color of the car is a good option. We must know that it is a difficult process to perform if we want it to be well, so it is best to leave it in the hands of specialists if we are not very sure. In addition, we must communicate the change to the DGT and our insurance company

How to change the oil filter

It is very important to change the oil filter , so that it can fulfill its function of preventing the circulation of the impurities generated by combustion. A too dirty filter would allow waste to pass to the engine parts, contributing to its wear. In .com we explain how to change the oil filter. You will need to: key oil filter gloves Steps to follow: one The first thing we need to know is the periodicity of the change : the manual of our vehicle will tell us

How to change the air filter of a car

The filters have the function of purifying the vehicle of any impurity that may cause damage to the engine or to the occupants of the vehicle. Filters are a key element for the proper functioning of the vehicle, and its good maintenance can extend the life of the engine. The air filter is responsible for ensuring that the air that reaches the engine is perfectly clean and does not contain impurities

How to change the car pollen filter

Changing the pollen filter of the car is a task that you can perform yourself with the help of a screwdriver and, especially if you are allergic, a mask, gloves and goggles. Most cars have this also called cabin filter under the glove box, on the side, but it is convenient to consult the manual of your car to verify it

How to change the antifreeze fluid of the car

Although we all know it as antifreeze, it is necessary to know that the name of this liquid is coolant, since its main function is to cool the engine . Likewise, it also works to avoid the freezing of this circuit before extreme temperatures, hence it is known as antifreeze. It is a key element in the engine of our vehicle, so you must know how to change the antifreeze fluid of the car and perform the correct maintenance

How to change the windscreen wiper fluid

When your windshield wiper makes noise or when you do not clean the glass evenly it is time to change the windshield wiper fluid . It is a very simple operation so it is not necessary to take it to the mechanic. Simply, you must use a funnel to easily introduce the liquid into the tank and the product itself

How to change the brake fluid of a car

Changing and bleeding the brake fluid is a delicate operation, because if you do not do it right you can be compromised your safety at the time of driving, so read this article well and do it alone if you are sure. It is also dangerous to change the brake fluid because it is a very corrosive element, so if you do so, protect your eyes and hands well

How to change the battery of my car

Do you feel that your car is hard to start ? Does it lack power when climbing hills or higher areas? If your vehicle shows signs of this type of failure, you will probably have to change the battery . Needless to say, there is always the possibility that you go to your trusted mechanic to replace it, but if you want to save your money , we will explain how to change the battery in my car so that you can repair it yourself

How to change the spark plugs of the car

We will know that we need to change the spark plugs of the car when we notice in our vehicle that we have a lack of engine power , which increases in an excessive way the fuel consumption or, also, when the engine pollutes to a greater extent. For when it is the case that you have confirmed that they are damaged or already touch the spare part, in

How to change my car's brake pads

If you want to drive safely, make sure you always have your car's brake pads in good condition. These parts are responsible for braking the wheels and, therefore, the entire vehicle. If they are not in good condition, the chances of suffering an accident multiply exponentially. When changing them is another matter, there is no specific time limit, since it depends on the type of driving you practice, the surfaces you travel on or if you are a highway or city driver

How to change the glow plugs

If you have a diesel engine, you will know the importance of the glow plugs . Its basic function is to help the car not generate black smoke and, therefore, reduce pollution. In less current models, they also have the task of heating the system during startup. Once you know when you have to replace them, in

How to change car wipers

Changing the windshield wipers of the car is a fairly simple operation, so you can do it yourself if you want to save the labor of the workshop. Of course, we emphasize that you should not neglect this maintenance work, since a front window that is not clean can subtract 20% of visibility, with the consequent risk to your safety

How to charge the car air conditioner

To load the air conditioning of the car we will need a series of devices that we can rent or buy. It is a relatively complicated operation, but we can do it ourselves if we do not want to leave our car in the workshop and disburse an amount of money that we can certainly invest in another issue. In

How to charge the car battery

One day we can get ready to start our car and not start. One of the main causes is usually that the battery has been discharged . It may be the case that we are in a hurry to go to work or for whatever reason we prefer to turn it on ourselves so as not to have to call a crane or a mechanic. From .com we will see some simple ways of how to recharge the car's battery

How to take care of the car in winter

During the winter , especially if we do not have a closed garage and the place where we live, it reaches very low temperatures, our car will require special care in order to keep it in good condition. This care covers both maintenance issues and the use we make of the vehicle. In .com we explain how to take care of the car in winter

How to take care of the car in summer

In the same way that we prepare the car for the winter , with the arrival of summer and high temperatures it is also necessary to make a set-up. Also, during this time of the year travel and car trips increase, so it will be essential to check your car before a long trip . Carrying out the proper maintenance of your vehicle will save you more than one unforeseen event, as well as a significant amount of money that can generate unexpected breakdowns

How to take care of the car clutch

At the time of using the clutch of the car , drivers tend to have many hobbies that end up shortening the life of this piece that suffers both wear and tear by friction, which is in the essence of its operation. If you manage to change these habits, you can make your clutch work properly for longer. In

How to take care of my car's engine

The engine is the heart of the car and if we take good care of it, we will be giving a few more years of useful life to our car and, also, saving us the disbursement that supposes the breakdowns. To take care of the engine of our car , in addition to passing the reviews recommended by the manufacturer, we can make a series of simple gestures, basically, when starting the vehicle and while driving

How to take care of my car's battery

Especially those of us who have cars that have been bought in the last decade, we can find ourselves with the unpleasant situation that when we start our car , the battery has been discharged. To avoid reaching this extreme, in .com we answer the question of how to take care of my car's battery

How to take care of car heating

From the heating of our car we usually remember only when the first cold weather arrives, but the maintenance work is something that we have to take into account throughout the year to reduce the risk of breakdowns and achieve an optimal functioning of the system . Keeping the heating of the car in good condition, if we are constant with the daily actions, will save us important expenses in the mechanical workshop

How to take care of the car paint

One of the most important aspects to make our car look in good condition over the years, is to properly maintain the paint. Although the bodywork of our vehicle is constantly exposed to the inclemency of the weather, in .com we give you some opportune measures that will help you to take care of the car paint and make it look always bright and perfect

How to care for the car's leather seats

The care of the leather seats of the car should be made with the specific products for this material, avoiding moisturizing creams for people, which could eventually lead to undesirable effects. In addition to proper cleaning, keeping skin in good condition requires that you avoid the sun directly and act immediately before a spot

How to take care of the wheels of the car

The tires are one of the most important safety elements of the car. When you drive, they are the only contact elements of the car with the road, so you can imagine how vital it is that they are in good condition, going at high speeds. Although personal protection measures, such as putting on a seatbelt, are basic, there is no doubt that tires are the key to safe travel

How to take care of car tires

Keeping the tires of our vehicles in good condition is a fundamental factor when we talk about safety in streets and routes, especially if we consider that they are the only contact of the car with the asphalt. A tire with inadequate pressure, with different levels of wear, smooth, with bumps or to which you can see the steel fabric that is inside could cause a tragedy

How to care for a gasoline engine

Caring for a gasoline engine is simple if you are constant, cautious and do not skip any of the maintenance tasks. A smooth driving is also very important when caring for a gasoline engine and, thus, help extend the life of your car. It is also basic that you read the manual of your machine since the manufacturer can include specific tips for your vehicle

How to take care of a car with fap

Fap type filters are an anti-pollution system that allows the exhaust pipe of the car to emit less gases into the environment. These filters do what they do is retain carbon dioxide so that these polluting particles go out to a lesser extent outside. Although cars with fap are programmed to self-sustain, you must take special care to avoid breakdowns, which are often expensive

How to shine the car

After kilometers and kilometers of driving, what best suits our vehicle is to clean it and leave it in a way that keeps shining. If you are wondering how to shine the car , you do not have to look any further, because we bring you a series of steps with which you can leave your vehicle with such a luxurious appearance that it will seem new

How to disconnect the car battery

First of all, it should be noted that any operation we perform with the car's battery , even its disconnection, can be dangerous since we work with an element charged with electricity. We recommend taking the maximum precautions, in .com we explain step by step how to disconnect the battery from the car

How to defrost the car's glass

Pass a cloth through the inside of the car's windows, rub the glass with your hand ... If you are tired of the glasses of your car fogging easily and do not know what to do to make the fog disappear in a few seconds, read carefully the following article. In .com we explain how to defrost the car's glass , with these simple tips you will avoid that the condensation makes you lose visibility while you are driving

How to choose my air freshener for the car

Many times, the irruption of an unpleasant smell inside the car makes us feel really bad, causing dizziness or headaches. If you are tired of traveling with the smell of tobacco , closed or surrounded by dust particles that seep through the ventilation grilles, from .com we suggest the best air fresheners for your car Spray air fresheners They are very nice to use

How to choose a high pressure cleaner

A pressure washer or water pressure washer is a machine that pumps water at speed through a nozzle for cleaning surfaces with a high-pressure water jet. From this more or less accurate definition, we can ask ourselves: Are there not different types of water? hydro-cleaning ? Do they all work the same