repair and maintenance of motorcycles, August 2020

How to extend the life of my motorcycle

A motorcycle is more than just a means of transport and often creates a strong link between this vehicle and its owner. For this reason, and also for saving and environmental reasons, in .com we answer the question of how to extend the life of my motorcycle. Steps to follow: one Whenever we can, when we park our motorcycle in outdoor places, especially in the vicinity of sources of dust or sand, we must cover it

How to start a motorcycle without a battery

Starting a motorcycle without a battery when this part is unloaded, as happens with a car, is not the best alternative and should be resorted to only in case of emergency. The reason is that starting a motorcycle when the battery has been discharged can cause damage to the mechanical system. The best thing is that you resort to charging yourself the battery of the motorcycle or that a crane takes your machine to the workshop

How to change the motorcycle oil

The change of motorcycle oil is an important maintenance task that must be performed every 5, 000 or 10, 000 kilometers, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations that can be found in the manual. To extend the life of the motorcycle it is important that you make the oil changes when appropriate, since this fluid fulfills a basic function in the operation of the engine

How to change the air filter of the motorcycle

Changing the air filter of the motorcycle is a maintenance task that you must carry out periodically. Especially if you drive on dusty grounds on a regular basis, you should not neglect yourself. The function of the motor's air filter is to prevent dirt from entering the motor. In .com we explain all the steps so you know how to change the air filter of the motorcycle

How to change the motorcycle battery

Changing the battery of the motorcycle is a simpler operation than at first we can imagine. If you have stopped using your motorcycle for a long period of time or if, after charging it, the motorcycle is still not showing signs of life, it is time to perform the operation. Performing a good maintenance of the motorcycle battery will help to extend its life

How to change a motorcycle tire

Changing the wheel of a motorcycle is much simpler than that of a car, because of the design and structure of the vehicle. However, he also has his technique and if you move often on two wheels you should know how to do it if you have a flat tire with no possibility of anyone helping you. In addition, as a maintenance task, with a certain frequency you should change the tires of your vehicle due to wear

How to change the front light of a motorcycle

You should never drive with the front light of the bike damaged because, in addition to the legal implications, you will be much less visible on the road for other drivers and, with it, much more vulnerable than what you are already on a vehicle of two wheels. If you are minimally crafty, you yourself can do this maintenance work

How to change the spark plugs of the motorcycle

Changing the spark plug or spark plugs of the motorcycle is important and if you do not perform this maintenance work you may notice that your machine loses power, consumes more fuel than usual or even fails to start. Although it is a relatively simple operation in many models, you must take precautions when doing it to avoid breaking the piece or burn yourself if you do not wait for the bike to cool completely

How to charge a motorcycle's battery

The battery of the motorcycle can get to download because it is damaged or due to external circumstances such as being long stop at very low temperatures. In this case, it's time to charge the motorcycle's battery . You can do it yourself, but it is an operation that involves your risks so you have to be very cautious during the operation

How to take care of the motor of a motorcycle

The effort that we dedicate to the motor care of our motorbike will be a great investment in money and in life expectancy. In addition, it will result in a more comfortable and safe driving, which is of great importance in a two-wheeled vehicle. It is about small gestures that will extend the life of our motorcycle and, so that we have them clear, in

How to take care of my motorcycle

The motorcycle is one of the most practical means of transport that exist, because they allow us to move around in cities with a lot of traffic in an effective way, besides its cost and maintenance is much less than that of a car. However, this also requires special attention in order to keep it in the best possible state

How to store the motorcycle in winter

The cold arrives and one of the things that we usually ask ourselves if we have a two-wheeled vehicle is how to store the motorcycle in winter . It is common to leave the motorbike stopped in winter due to low temperatures, months in which we opt for other means of transport. But leaving the motorcycle parked during this period of the year means that it is important to ensure that it is in the best condition so that it does not suffer problems due to the cold, so in

How to clean a motorcycle seat

The fact that motorcycles stay outdoors most of the time causes them to need more care, among them those related to cleaning, than other types of vehicles. The seat, for hygiene and, also, for aesthetic reasons, is a part of your bike that you must clean with some frequency. Then, in .com we explain in detail everything related to how to clean the seat of a motorcycle

How to clean the helmet of my motorcycle

In addition to a purely aesthetic issue, the cleaning of the motorcycle helmet is very important because the screen must always be in optimal condition so that our visibility is not hindered. In .com we offer you an answer to the question of how to clean the helmet of my motorcycle. Steps to follow: one When cleaning the helmet screen , we must be careful not to help us with elements that can scratch it, such as certain sponges or toilet paper

How to clean the motor of a Vespa

Keeping the Vespa's engine clean will allow the parts to work together optimally, with a quality grease and free of impurities, thus generating adequate friction, without causing damage. The task is not very complicated, although you should always adopt a series of precautions to avoid burning yourself or causing damage to the engine due to excessive cleaning

How to clean the motor of my motorcycle

The cleaning of the engine of the motorcycle is a task that we must carry out not only for aesthetic reasons, but, above all, because an excess of dirt could end up preventing an optimal functioning of the machine. In this article, we explain how to wash the motorcycle , but before getting down to work, since we are going to use water, it is necessary that we completely isolate all the electronic components

How to clean the air filter of my motorbike

The air filter is one of the key pieces in the operation of the motorcycle. And it is responsible, as the name suggests, to filter the air required by the engine to operate in order to be as clean as possible and do not pass the impurities of the environment to the explosion chamber. A function by which it is usual for the filter to become dirty or obstructed by that accumulation of impurities and, above all, of dust that remains adhering

How to clean the motorcycle chain

Cleaning the motorcycle chain is very important because this component of your vehicle, which always has to be greased, can accumulate excess fat at some points with the risk that it can not perform correctly and your safety is compromised. The chain is basically responsible for transmitting the rotation of the engine to the rear wheel

How to clean the rims of my motorcycle

Do you want to clean your motorcycle and leave it untouched? Well, we recommend you keep reading. A clean and shiny motorcycle is not achieved by magic. It is a task that requires dedication and with a certain acquired routine, you will see how the result is worthwhile. One of the most complicated and cumbersome parts, are the tires

How to clean an enduro motorcycle

An enduro motorbike , due to the characteristics of the terrains through which it circulates, needs special attention, cleaning is one of them. Every time you use it, you will have to proceed to wash it to avoid that part of the dirt is finished incrustando in the surface or that even can get to cause some mechanical problem

How to keep my motorcycle's battery

Knowing how to maintain the battery of the motorcycle implies taking into account that these vehicles are, on occasion, the secondary means of transport. Thus, it is very common for those who travel normally by car to have the motorcycle as an occasional vehicle for weekends or when the weather is fine

How to register a quad

When registering a quad we have to know how it is cataloged by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), which is the body in charge of carrying out the procedure. To establish the types of quads , the DGT takes into account factors such as the weight of the vehicle and the maximum speed it can reach, basically

How to prepare the motorcycle to travel

Organizing trips and routes with the motorcycle is an alternative that is gaining more and more followers, either because of the feeling of freedom or because of the opportunity it offers to admire and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. In the same way that when we make a car trip, we must check the status of all the components of the motorcycle to put it in order and make sure that it will not fail during the journey

How to remove the seat of my motorcycle

To perform many of the maintenance tasks that your motorcycle needs, you must lift the seat of your motorcycle. This way is the only way you will have to access many of the pieces that make up your machine. Sometimes, something that should be simple, is complicated. To help you take care of your two-wheeled vehicle and to extend its useful life, in

How to remove the catalyst from the motorcycle

The motorcycle's catalyst fulfills an important function that has to do with the protection of the environment. Thus, it is responsible for making the gases leaving the engine of the vehicle less polluting. This process of purification of the gases supposes a small loss of power of the engine. Although we do not recommend it at all, in

How to remove rust from the motorcycle

There are certain parts of your bike that tend to accumulate rust easily, so that although you take good care of your vehicle, sooner or later this unwanted element will appear. Some of these areas are very visible, like the trims, so you must act quickly to eliminate rust and get your motorcycle to recover its usual appearance

How to remove bike stickers

If you have tired of the stickers of the motorcycle and want to remove them, you must know before putting yourself to work that it is not an easy task. If you act with skill and, in addition, you have a bit of luck, you can remove them completely without leaving any mark. However, the most likely thing is that they do not come out completely and that you must apply some product to finish completely with the remains

How to regulate the valves of the motorcycle

Knowing how to regulate the valves of the motorcycle will allow you to save money every time you have to perform this maintenance work. The operation itself is not very complicated but it works with very sensitive areas of the motorcycle, so if you do not see yourself with enough knowledge it is preferable that you leave it in the hands of a professional

How to check the motor of a motorcycle

Although all the components are very important, the engine of the bike comes to be something similar to your heart, so it is convenient that you check them frequently. If you control that everything works correctly without you having noticed any problem, you can save yourself the disbursement that always supposes a serious breakdown

How to check the oil of a 4-stroke motorcycle

Like any other vehicle, our motorcycle requires some minimum care to ensure its proper functioning and its durability. One of the most important aspects is the oil, which depending on the type of motorcycle and the use that we give it, must be checked with certain frequency . However, many owners are faced with a scenario full of doubts when they do not know where to start, so in

How to check the oil of a 2-stroke motorcycle

Oil is one of the essential elements for proper operation and maintenance of the engine. Therefore, adequate attention and change when necessary are essential. That is why in .com we explain in detail how to check the oil of a 2-stroke motorcycle. Steps to follow: one As always, we must bear in mind that the specifications of the manufacturer take precedence over the general specifications for this type of motorcycles

How to know if my motorcycle's regulator is damaged

The regulator of the motorcycle is one of the key pieces for its correct operation. And is that if this piece is not right, failures occur that make us can be thrown with the bike anywhere because it does not start or does not work again after having made a stop. These are frequent situations that are not only due to the failure of the regulator, but also may occur due to other problems on the motorcycle

How to tighten the chain of my motorcycle

The chain of the motorcycle is one of the key pieces for it to work properly. A reason why it is important to perform an adequate maintenance. However, sometimes, like any component, it is damaged or worn out by the use of the motorcycle. These are the most common problems that affect it, being convenient to put a solution to avoid major problems

What is the life of a motorcycle

As our motorcycle goes fulfilling years and kilometers, it begins to give us frights with faults that attack us directly in our pocket. Faced with this, we ask ourselves if it is time to take over. There is no concrete answer to know how long a motorcycle lasts , since everything depends on the use we have given it, the model, the brand and the state of the roads that we have traveled, among other factors

When to change the clutch of my motorcycle

Changing the clutch of the motorcycle is an operation that we must carry out as soon as we notice the least symptom of wear. Otherwise, if we neglect this important task of maintaining our vehicle, we run the risk that the part will stop working and our motorcycle will not go. So that you have all the information you need, in

When to change the chain of my motorcycle

Determine when to change the chain of the motorcycle will depend on the maintenance you have made of the same as the type of driving you do. It is important that you keep this part of the bike in good condition, which is responsible for transmitting the engine's rotation to the rear wheel. As you can imagine, it has to assume a lot of force during the march, so its condition must be optimal

When to change the spark plugs of my motorcycle

The spark plugs are the parts responsible for carrying out the ignition between the fuel and the air in the cylinders, through a spark. What they get is to convert electrical energy into an electric arc. The correct activity of the spark plugs is vital for the bike to work, so you have to take them into account and change them whenever necessary

When to change the brake pads of the motorcycle

Knowing when to change the brake pads of the motorcycle is simple since the part that rubs the disc is in sight and you can check the wear yourself. Of course, you must know that depending on your driving style and, in particular, to slow down the motorcycle, you will last more or less time. The fact that you drive more in town than on the road will also contribute to a shorter life of the brake pads