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3 free or cheap alternatives to Microsoft Office

Last year, a technology company called Forrester Research said, through a study of more than 150 managers, that Microsoft Office is the most used text editor so far; in fact, only 8% of the respondents used other alternatives. However, if you do not know how to download it for free, the price of the Office Pack may not be suitable for all budgets

Blockchain: what it is and how it works - simple explanation

Technology is advancing faster and faster and is making a hole in our day to day without hardly realizing it. Would you have imagined a few years ago that people would read the news on their cell phones, instead of in the newspapers? Would you have thought about the possibility that everyone could be connected through the Internet

How to open amr files

It is possible that you have used the recorder of the mobile or that you have just downloaded a podcast and you have taken an unpleasant surprise when you try to open it on the computer: it is an amr file and you do not know how or with what to open it. Do not worry, the amr are recognized audio files , used mostly for voices, which can be played with different programs

How to open files with an ISO extension

An ISO Image is a file where a copy or exact image of a file system is stored. Usually it is a Cd, a DVD, programs, operating systems, etc ... To open them we need a program that can do it. There is no problem because there is a wide range of programs available for it. From .com we will see how to open files with ISO extension

How to open .db files

The .db files correspond to databases and we are not always clear with what program we must open them in order to access their content and be able to manipulate them. They are characterized by being structured in tables and allow us to order large amounts of information. Some of the most common programs to deal with databases are Microsoft Office Access and Excel , although we can also open the

How to open SWF files

Computers have become one of the most important parts of our daily life because, through them, we perform many tasks and daily tasks. We achieve this thanks to a great multitude of programs and very varied files that allow us to carry out different actions. One of these examples is found in SWF files , a fairly common type of file belonging to the Adobe family, which is usually executed without too much trouble by the browser itself

How to open a dmg file on Mac

The opening of a dmg file on Mac is very simple because this format is precisely used by Apple's operating systems for disk images. Thus, it is very common that when you download an Internet program for Mac, come in this format. Apple computers come with two installed programs that allow you to manage the dmg

How to open a iso file on Mac

A document that has the extension iso , that is, whose name ends in .iso, is a disk image that can contain, for example, an operating system so that you can install it on your computer or in a partition of it. Opening this type of file is easy on Apple computers. To help you with your computer issues, in

How to open a RAR file on Mac

While it is true that computers increasingly have greater storage capacity, it is always advisable and useful to make the most of your space . For this, we can always make use of external storage disks, although many times the process ends up being a nuisance. For this reason we should consider the option of compressing the files in formats that allow us to use the same information in a smaller space

How to open a TGZ file

The TGZ file extension is used for compressed tar files . The tar is a file format that is used with the Linux and Unix system. The "tar" command creates a single file that contains many other files. The tar files are not compressed. Gzip is a Linux and Unix compression format, similar to the ZIP compression format

How to open a SAV file

The SAV format is one in which, for example, all the progress you make in video games is saved; The truth is that there are multiple platforms that create these files and, nevertheless, there is not one that has been created to open it. If you want to know how to open a SAV file , in .com we show you some small tricks and shortcuts to do it, read on

How to open an XPS on a Mac

Opening XPS files on a non-Microsoft operating system can be difficult, as it is designed to be opened with Internet Explorer. The easiest way to avoid this problem (without using Windows) is to download a third-party program called "NiXPS". The program will allow you to view XPS files for free, although there are other versions that you can afford and that allow you to modify the XPS files in several ways

How to access Dropbox shared folders

Dropbox is an online file storage site, with both free and paid accounts. But you can also use Dropbox as a collaborative tool to share files with other users. Folders created by a user can be shared with many other users. Once the folder is shared, each user with access to it can add, modify or delete the files in the folder

How to attach sound files in PowerPoint

Developed by Microsoft and included in its Office productivity software suite, PowerPoint is one of the most used presentation tools in the world. Allows you to create presentations that can be displayed on a computer screen or printed. PowerPoint allows you to add many types of multimedia elements to slides, including images, movies, animations and sound clips

How to add calculations to a report in Access 2007

Microsoft Office Access 2007 includes many features that allow you to evaluate the data in your database in a report or form. For example, if you want to obtain the total or differences of fields, you can add a calculation to a field within your report . Adding a calculation can be a quick way to compare the data in your report

How to add watermarks to my images

Watermarks are one of the most used methods by professional and amateur photographers who post their photos on the Internet and do not want them to be used on other websites without it being clear who the author is: it is an overprint with the name of the photographer that is done on the image. Would you like your photos to also have a watermark

How to add a slide in PowerPoint 2007

It may be difficult at first, to determine the time your PowerPoint presentation should have. If it is too short, important points of your material can be overlooked. While you work on your presentation and build your slides, you always add information on the progress, changing the elaboration of both your message and your visual appeal

How to add a trend line with Excel 2007

One of the features in Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program, including the 2007 version, is the ability to create charts. Based on the data you are using, there is a variety of customizable graphics to suit almost any need. One of the ways that chats can be customized in Excel 2007 is to add a trend line so that those who see a chart can distinguish a trend between two data points

How to add a border to an image in Photoshop

The edges in a photograph can make a big difference and with Photoshop you can easily add borders, once you learn to do it. Follow these steps to make your image stand out from the rest of the page with a border in Photoshop. You will need to: Adobe Photoshop Steps to follow: one Start Photoshop and open the image to which you want to add a border

How to add a program to the list of exceptions with AVG

AVG provides users with free protection for their computer. The application works by periodically scanning programs and files on your computer. If a potential infection is found, the program or file is blocked until it is deleted or allowed to run. Some programs, although they are safe, appear as an infection to AVG

How to add a background to a digital photo

With some basic tools common to most image manipulation programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, the digital photographer can improve his photographs, replacing the background in an image with a different background . If you are replacing a back wall with a forest or trading a room crowded by a quiet street, the process is basically the same

How to adjust the size of field reports in Access 2007

When you are working with several fields in a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database report , you can edit the fields so that they appear the way you want using the Field Properties panel. For example, you can choose to enter a memo field in the new text, or you can adjust the size of the field . For number fields, you can change the field size to reflect the various types of values, such as bytes, integers, and decimals

How to store in the cloud for free

With so many photographs, movies and series that we do not want to erase, it is very easy for your hard drive to be at a delicate moment and every time you want to save something new you have to delete several files . The solution you already know: get an external hard drive or step into the cloud and save things there

How to add effects to a video in iMovie

You are editing a video using iMovie and you would like to give the image a special effect (this is what Instagram has done with you, you can not see the world without filters). Maybe put it in black and white, burn a bit the image, it seems that it has been recorded with an old camera. You imagine a long and complicated process that will end up with the resources of your Mac, but we have good news: it is not like that

How to add pages to a pdf with Preview

The Preview application that Mac computers incorporate as standard hides numerous and very varied utilities, which are increasingly more as Apple is updating. When working with pdf files , Vista Previa becomes a very powerful tool that facilitates its manipulation. In this article we will explain step by step how to add pages to a pdf with Preview

How to add music to a video in iMovie

We all know the importance of soundtracks in movies, adding atmosphere, emotion and often helping us feel what the director wants us to feel. In our home videos , those that we do with the camera or the smartphone, it is possible to do the same. Are you editing a video of your vacation and you think that what you need is precisely a soundtrack

How to add subtitles to a video on Mac

You have downloaded a chapter of your favorite series or that Japanese movie that you had so much desire to see. You hit the play and ... it's in the original version. "Better", you think for a moment, until you remember that your English is not so good and that you never got to study Japanese

How to add a custom background in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and complete text editors today. Through its many features, this Office Pack program allows us to edit as much as possible any content we have created. In fact, now it also allows you to insert a custom background to your text document ... Still do not know how

How to boot in Boot Camp on Macintosh

Boot Camp is an application made and distributed by Apple that allows users to have Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems installed on their computers at the same time. This is a useful tool for developers and designers who need to see and test their work in both environments. Apple has made it easy to switch between the two operating systems

How to fix blurry photos

Surely it has ever happened to you: everything in the picture is as it should be, with its correct framing, people with open eyes and perfect light, but ... it's blurred! A bad approach can completely ruin a photo that otherwise is fine and always very sad. The normal thing is to sigh and resign to lose that image, but did you know that it is possible to fix it in many cases

How to search in a PDF

Do you want to look for a word in an excessively long PDF and you do not know how to do it? Forget completely the rudimentary technique of doing it manually, reading page by page until you find that term, and there is a quick and easy way to search in pdfs. That is why in this article we want to explain step by step and with an example how to search in a PDF , so that you do not have any problem when locating terms in a file of this extension

How to calculate the weighted average in Excel

In this article from .com we want to teach you how to do the weighted average with Excel or OpenOffice . Microsoft Excel has several formulas that you can use over rows and columns of values ​​in a spreadsheet. Using a combination of two of these functions, you can calculate the weighted average of a group of numbers in your spreadsheet. St

How to calculate a correlation in a scatter chart

A scatter plot establishes a collection of data on the axes to determine a correlation between the variables s. The correlation between the variables is equal to the slope that the points collectively make in the graph. Although the points do not have a solid line with a different inclination, an artificial line through the points will approach this gradient

How to search for a word in Word 2010

You need to find a specific word in a Word document, but you realize that it has too many pages. What do you do? We assume that you do not want to spend hours reading until you locate all the times that term appears in the text, but you will look for a faster and simpler solution . Well the truth is that it exists and in this article we explain step by step and in detail how to find a word in Word 2010

How to calculate the values ​​in the pie charts

The pie charts show the relative importance of the different quantities. Each element or category receives a segment in proportion to its relative importance. If the differences between segment sizes are slight, people will have trouble distinguishing them, so consider the use of an alternative chart in those cases

How to change to lowercase or uppercase in Word

How many times has it occurred to you to be writing in Word and realize that you have accidentally activated capitals ? This is a typical error, especially if you are one of those who write very fast. But also the opposite case occurs, to be writing in lowercase letters and to realize that we have not activated the capital letters to type a name or specific phrase of the text

How to change the language in Word 2010

At the time of writing documents, Word is the word processor par excellence and although we all use it continuously, sometimes we miss details as small as correctly selecting the language in which we are writing. It should be noted that by default you will have it configured in the same language as the operating system

How to change the order of the layers in Gimp

GIMP is an advanced graphic design program that can be used to create multi-layered files that can be compressed, as desired, into traditional image files with extensions such as ".jpg" or ".png". You can download the GIMP software for free, visit the GIMP homepage and follow the installation instructions

How to change the order of pages in a PDF

You have created your document, you have reviewed it several times and, finally, you have exported it to PDF. However, in a final revision, and without the original saved, you have discovered an error: there are some pages that should be in a different order. PDFs are very difficult to edit and you know that in principle there is no going back

How to change the creation date of a file

Who has not wanted to change the date of creation of a document ? In fact, there are multiple reasons why you might have needed this function that NewFileTime now offers us quickly and effectively: from delivering a job that you have not really done yourself, doing a favor to a friend or even spending a small joke