the animal world, August 2020

Food to attract birds or birds

The true path to the heart of a bird is its stomach , and it is easy to attract birds with food. By understanding what birds eat and the best foods that are used to attract them, bird watchers can attract a wide variety of different species to their gardens. What do the birds eat? Birds have different types of diets and a series of food preferences

8 animals that camouflage to survive

Nature is wise, very wise. And, therefore, has endowed some animals with the ability to camouflage to survive in their natural environment. These animals are usually easy prey for other major predators and, therefore, have a natural ability to camouflage with the environment in which they are and, thus, go unnoticed in the eyes of other animals or even the human being

How to feed a blackbird

The common blackbird or Turdus merula is a bird native to North Africa, Europe and Asia but, today, is widespread in more areas of the world such as South America and Australia. It is a passerine bird, that is to say a small songbird, which lives around 13 years. It is very common to see them not only in the forests, but also in the parks and gardens of large cities

How to bathe with dolphins in Spain

If you want to live an unforgettable experience and swim with the dolphins in Spain, you have complicated, then we explain the options you have if you want to swim with the dolphins and live this incredible experience next to the most beautiful animals on the planet. Steps to follow: one In Spain there are several places that make shows with dolphins but few where you can be near them, in the zoo of Barcelona or in the zoo of madrid, but in none of them it is allowed to swim with the dolphins since in Spain it is prohibited

How to contact César Millán

César Millán is an expert dog trainer who has gained fame in several countries thanks to his amazing results. Better known as the dog charmer , it is able to tame even the most aggressive and deal with cases that other professionals would consider high risk. In view of the effectiveness of their work, many people wish to contact him to raise doubts about the training of his dog or offer to treat his conflicting dog.

How to raise earthworms

Raising earthworms is easy, a profitable hobbie and a daring business. The worms do not need a daily care and grow little by little, they are also a wonderful compost. Learn to raise earthworms for personal benefit or to sell them, as they are one of the most used bait in fishing and you can earn a little money

How is the seahorse

The hippocampus or seahorse is one of the most curious animals that exist . It is a fish and, nevertheless, it does not have scales; the head and neck are arched like those of the horse; the mouth is tubular; the chest is like that of the dove and the tail is prehensile with that of certain monkeys. In addition, it can change color like the chameleon and, like those of this reptile, its eyes either side

How is the anaconda physically

The anaconda is a snake that belongs to the family of boas and pythons, these are the largest snakes in the world. The anacondas inhabit mainly in South America, making the Amazon its habitat. The anaconda in a green animal with darker spots in the area of ​​the head. In this article we will explain how the anaconda is physically , the physical characteristics it has and where it develops. Yo

How to make a trap for rabbits

If you want to hunt rabbits , either for pleasure feeding or because they enter your house damaging your property, it is best to have a trap to catch them without having to be constantly attentive . If you do not want to buy it, do not worry, it's easy to create a landlady. In .com we explain how to make a trap for rabbits

How nocturnal animals can see in the dark

Surely you have ever met an animal at night and when a little of the moonlight, or a light or lantern, has reached you have seen that his eyes shone a lot. This is what makes some animals can have nightlife, because thanks to that they can see perfectly when for others, however, there is very little light to get to glimpse something

How fish breathe

Fish, like mammals and other animals that populate the earth need oxygen to survive and carry out all their activities. To swim, reproduce, eat, etc., they need large inputs of energy and oxygen that they can not get through the air. Just as we can not breathe in the water without drowning, the fish, if they are long enough out of the water, also die

How snails are reproduced

It is well known that most snails are hermaphrodites , which means that they have both a penis and a female reproductive system . However there are other kinds of snail that are only male or female. Whatever its gender, a snail can not fecundate itself, so it needs a partner to reproduce. But how do the snails reproduce

How animals move

Animals move in multiple ways . They jump, run, swim or fly, making characteristic movements that allow them to move in their own environment and also occasionally venture into the other environments for which they are not adapted. This is how it is possible to observe fish that are able to fly or climb tree trunks, swimming and diving birds, and terrestrial mammals that have achieved a remarkable mastery of the planned flight

How animals reproduce

One of the characteristics of the animal kingdom is its capacity for reproduction. Just as being born, growing and dying, reproduction is part of your life cycle. Not all reproduce in the same way, according to their characteristics and their environment, so in this article we explain how the animals are reproduced detailing the types of reproductions and the necessary conditions for them to occur

How are invertebrate animals

The planet Earth is populated by a huge variety of living beings. There are also many ways to group or catalog them. A very common classification is the one that distinguishes them between vertebrates and invertebrates . By invertebrates we know those members of the animal kingdom that " lack a spine or an articulated internal skeleton"

How the insects see

The sense of sight is perhaps the most important for animals. It allows them to see the world around them, discover their food, notice a danger. But we can not think that all living beings on the planet see the same. Insects have a different view to us , then we explain how it is. Insects have two types of eyes: simple and compound

How animals live in circuses

Due to its itinerant nature, no circus, even with the best intentions, can offer wild animals conditions, neither physical nor social, that guarantee a minimum level of well-being. In this post we compare the natural behavior of animals with their conditions in circuses exposing the health and psychological problems they suffer in these facilities

How to visit a zoo

Have you ever wondered why you are going to the ZOO? If you asked them this question, probably most of you would answer that you are going to spend a nice day outdoors, see the animals and, in many cases, entertain the little ones in the house. All these reasons are very praiseworthy, and respond to the playful and entertainment aspect that zoos have traditionally had

What is the strongest animal in the world

The natural world is simply marvelous and the more we know it the more we are impressed by the ability of certain species to survive in hostile environments, feed efficiently and succeed in the most diverse ecosystems successfully. And undoubtedly one of the most valued abilities in nature is strength, so to hold the title of the strongest animal in the world is an achievement that deserves recognition

What is the largest animal in the world

The animal kingdom is full of amazing species that are able to leave us with their mouths open: some animals run very fast, others fly very fast and other animals are a bit strange. But if you are the kind of person who hallucinates when you see the size of an African elephant, keep reading this article of

What is the most intelligent animal in the world

Have you ever wondered about the most intelligent animal of all? It is well known that the human being has the ability to reason, communicate and self-consciously but are we alone on our planet? Many scientists and biologists have spent years studying and analyzing the behavior of some animals to determine their intelligence and be able to assess their intellectual capacity regardless of their ability to communicate with us

What is the fastest animal in the world

We love knowing all about the animal world and that when it comes to nature our curiosity has no end. The world around us is very interesting, so we are dedicated to researching which is the largest animal in the world, or which specimens are the most jumping, not to mention the behavior of our favorite pets and the best tools to understand them

What is the smallest mammal in the world

For no one is a secret that humans are mammals , we belong to the group of vertebrate animals whose females have mammary glands that serve to feed their young. Next to us we find animals such as gorillas, chimpanzees, dogs and cats, among others of larger and smaller size. But do you know which is the smallest mammal in the world

What is the most poisonous animal in the world

Spiders, snakes, scorpions ... Surely more than once you've asked yourself which of the most poisonous animals in the world is that there are many species that contain a high degree of venom that can be deadly but there are also some that his amount of poison is much greater, especially in relation to the size of his body

What is the difference between wasp and bee

We see them flying around us and we always try to avoid them to avoid their bites. Wasps and bees are two insects that, in appearance, may seem like faces, especially because of their buzz and the color of their bodies, but in reality they are very different both in their behavior, in their attitude and in their cycle of lifetime

What are the fastest animals in the world

There are animals that can reach amazing speeds in small routes. In this article we are going to list you which are the fastest animals on the planet earth. It is important to keep in mind that this speed is achieved in about 300 meters as maximum since the animals get a lot of speed in a short space of time

What are the ovoviviparous animals

Ovoviviparous animals are a class of animals that are born from eggs , eggs that remain inside the mother until just before hatching. Ovoviparity or ovoviparity is, therefore, a mixture between oviparous (animals that lay eggs to reproduce) and viviparism (animals that develop within the body of the mother)

What are the animals that jump the most in the world

There are animals that can jump amazing heights. In this article we are going to enumerate which are the most jumping animals of the planet earth. The heights that we show you in this article are expressed in meters and all the animals are mammals. In this case the human being would be the mammal that jumps more of the planet, almost 9 meters

What are the fastest flying animals in the world

There are animals that can reach amazing speeds in their flights. In this article we are going to enumerate which are the fastest flying animals on the planet earth . The speeds shown in this article are approximate based on expert observation. The fastest flying animal on the planet There are two birds that are considered the fastest on the planet, the golden eagle and the peregrine falcon , the two manage to reach speeds close to 160 kilometers per hour

How much the elephants weigh

Elephants are stunning and beautiful animals characterized not only by their enormous size but also by their great intelligence and memory. At present our planet only has two species of elephants: Africans , larger and with a more wild and independent character that makes them difficult to tame, and Asians smaller and used in some countries to perform tasks of force

How much does a mosquito live?

The mosquito is one of the most known and frequent insects in our environment. In fact, it is one of the animals that has the most contact with the human, and it is almost impossible to find someone who has not suffered his sting. One of the most talked about lately for its expansion to other countries in what was not before is the tiger mosquito

Curiosities about animals

There are some things about animals that you have never heard before. In this article I have tried to make a small compilation of some of them. They are very interesting. Can you think of any more? If so, comment the article so that we can expand this list of curiosities about animals . The name of the kangaroos in English: KANGAROO Some Englishmen asked an Indian the name of this animal and the Indian replied: "Kan-Guh-Ru" when what that meant in their language was: "I do not understand"

Do animals also cry?

A French zoologist, Enrique Coupin, demonstrated a few decades ago that animals cry because of different circumstances and, especially, when they suffer captivity or when they feel that their life is in danger. The most sensitive of the animal kingdom are the mammals: among these, the calves, who cry when separated from their mother

Why can ants lift up to 50 times their own weight?

Carrying up to fifty times its own weight on your head is not something that any ant can do, but it is true that they carry volumes much larger than them. The same can be said of most insects such as, for example, beetles, among which the small Onthophagus taurus , capable of dragging 1, 141 times its own weight

What the platypus eats and where does it live

Have you ever wondered what the platypus eats and where does it live? Surely you know that this peculiar animal lives in the water and that it is similar to the beaver. However, why have we never encountered one? The truth is that we are facing a unique animal in its species and its diet is mainly carnivorous, feeding on small animals, but also algae

What is plankton

If we could observe with a microscope the masses of water of the oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds, we could verify that they live, floating adrift, an amazing variety of planktonic organisms . From these living beings directly depend the other forms of life that are in the waters, from the simplest to the most evolved fish and mammals

What fish breathe out of the water

Did you know that there are fish that can breathe out of the water? Some of these animals seem to have developed the capacity to survive both in the aquatic and terrestrial environments, at least for a short period of time. Generally, fish breathe through the gills filtering the oxygen from the water, but some species that can be known as amphibious fish, have modified some parts of their body such as fins or skin to move on land and breathe air from the atmosphere

What camels have on the hump - discover the answer

Camels are animals that create curiosity although they are known all over the world, especially for being the transport of the Magi, being in stories and folk tales and for being part of the idea we have when thinking of some African and Asian countries. Although we have a clear image of these animals, there are many doubts that some people still have about them, such as, for example, what is the difference with camels, as it can be difficult to differentiate them if you do not have a clear idea

Types of luminous worms that glow in the dark

Bioluminescence is one of the most striking and curious phenomena of certain species of insects and their larvae, although there are other living beings that have this capacity as some marine algae. In fact, there are several manifestations of great beauty and important biological interest. Although many people do not like to have worms nearby, bioluminescents offer a show worth watching at least once in a lifetime