toys and games, August 2020

Bad jokes and short laughs

Surely you've ever ended up crying with laughter with some bad joke . Does it sound? It is very normal, because often, the most absurd and unexpected jokes are the funniest of all. This happens, above all, when you stay with your friends for a drink, as the situation invites this kind of stupid jokes

How to fix the voice of a toy

Sometimes our children's toys are spoiled and that funny toy that said funny things is not understood now or it says real bullshit. In these occasions it is good to have this article at hand as we will explain how to get to the heart of the toy, remove the speaker and the battery and repair it. You will need to: Scissors Toy Screwdriver Steps to follow: one The first thing we have to do is gather the items we need, the toy, the scissors and a screwdriver

How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 game

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's second video game console. Xbox 360 games can be scratched after intensive use, or when exchanged between your friends. Problems have also been reported about the rotation of the Xbox 360 disc, which could cause scratches. Although it is not always possible to repair an Xbox 360 game after it has been scratched , there are some steps you can try before buying a new game

How to buy the Christmas lottery online

Thanks to the development of the Internet we can access from home to purchase any product, which means convenience and a great time saving. This possibility also we have with the Christmas lottery : it is not necessary to make queues, now it is possible from home to choose the number we want and we just have to wait for it to be sent to us

How to buy Christmas lottery in the Bruixa d'Or

In the Christmas lottery many important prizes are distributed and widely distributed, that is why it is one of the most played during the year. This lottery is distributed only once a year, specifically on December 22, a very good thing for those who get prizes, since they are in time to buy many gifts for their families

How to buy Christmas lottery in Doña Manolita

One of the emblematic places in Spain to acquire the Christmas Lottery is the nº67 administration. Surely, this number will not tell you anything but it's the same as talking about Doña Manolita . This is one of the administrations that has awarded more fat prizes together with that of the Bruixa d'Or in Sort.

How to connect the PSP to the PlayStation 3 using a USB

We continue to see the features of the big Sony, and this time we will see how to connect a PSP to a PlayStation 3 using a USB cable . The PSP is the portable console of Sony which, like its older sister, has an endless number of utilities such as playing music or videos in high resolution as well as a very wide catalog of games, which include those of the Sony Original PlayStation

How to connect a Playstation 3 to the internet via wifi

If you have a PlayStation 3 with the Wi-Fi LAN function, you can connect it to the Internet . The configuration of the Internet connection may vary by network, but if you have a typical network configuration, you should be able to connect your PS3 to the Internet by using this process. Obviously you will need the Playstation 3 and an internet connection with a Wi-Fi router

How to check if I have played the Christmas lottery

The Christmas raffle , known as El Gordo, is one of the most important of all organized by Lotteries and State Betting in Spanish territory. Likewise, it is the one that has a greater prize and, therefore, in which more people bet. The television broadcast of the draw by the children of San Ildefonso has already become an unmissable date of Christmas

How to connect a PC controller on the PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 is Sony's main console. Its extraordinary capacity allows it to perform high-performance functions, such as playing Blu-Ray or videos in high definition. One of the features that the big Sony has when playing is the ability to connect a USB control PC and use it as if it were their own

How to get infinite experience in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a role-playing science fiction game released in August 2011. It is the third title of the Deus Ex series , which serves as a prequel to the first one launched in 2000. The game is set in the year 2027, 25 years before Deus Ex, at a time when multinationals have developed their operations beyond the control of national governments

How to get lives in Candy Crush Saga

One of the drawbacks of Candy Crush is the number of lives they provide, five. Being such a low number, it is not surprising that we exhaust them so quickly when we are facing a complicated level. When this happens, we have three options: wait for the time to start to renew automatically, ask our Facebook friends or buy them

How to create an account on Playstation Network

We continue with the advantages presented by the big Sony, and this time we will see how to create a PlayStation Network account . The usefulness of this action is to be able to enter the PlayStation Store as well as being able to play online for free against other users. The steps to follow to create an account on PlayStation Network are very simple and are as follows

How to create an account on XBOX Live

We continue with the functions of the versatile XBOX 360 , and this time will learn to create an account on XBOX Live . One great advantage is that if your console is new, Microsoft will give you one month of free Gold account, which allows you to access exclusive content and play against other users

How to create a Jeopardy game in PowerPoint

Making your own Jeopardy game with Microsoft PowerPoint can be a fun way to answer trivia questions at home or to help a class review for an upcoming exam. The easiest way to make a Jeopardy game with PowerPoint is to download a free template. You can then add your own question and answer categories and modify the template with your own colors and graphics

How to decide who starts a game

There are many ways to choose who has to start the juice. One that is a classic, is that each player rolls a die and the one that gets the highest number comes out. It is played from left to right, starting with the one that comes out. Here we will show you other ways to choose who comes first. Look at the following article from unCom, like knowing who starts the game

How to unlock a secret scene with Killer Croc in Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is a third-person action game released in November 2011 for XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It is the sequel to the winner of a Guinness Batman: Arkham Asylum record based on Batman, DC Comics superhero . A year has passed since the events of the first title, and former Arkham Asylum Warden Quincy Sharph is elected mayor of Gotham City after taking credit for the recapture of The Joker

How to download games on the Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is the third incarnation in the history of the Nintendo DS. Introduced in 2009, the Nintendo DSi adds a larger screen, as well as two cameras, one pointing to the player and one from it. It also contains internal memory with which you can use a wireless internet connection to download complete games, which was not possible with previous versions of the Nintendo DS

How do I find the tenth of Christmas dreamed

Christmas parties are just around the corner and this is the most played betting game by the Spaniards throughout the year. This prize is drawn at the end of December and it is very possible that you have a desired number and you want to get the winning number to everything. That's why we explain step by step how you can get this tenth that you've been looking for so long

How is the prediction of the horoscope during 2019

The prediction of the horoscope is something that we all want to know when the year ends or a new one is starting. For all those who want to know what the stars bring you during 2019 , here is the prediction that analyzes sign by sign. In this article you have the general tendency for the year, but if you want to know a specific horoscope , do not hesitate to click on each link

How to win to winners

There are more and more adepts to the famous online game Apalabrados , a kind of multiplayer Scrabble for Smartphones, Facebook and now also on the Web. It is one of the most downloaded games of recent times and its goal is to get as many points as possible by forming words on a somewhat special board

How to make spiders and bouncy butterflies

This game is very funny and fun since you will see spiders or paper butterflies move, or if you want the two animals. All the materials you need to make this game are at your fingertips because you need paper, scissors, a box and transparent paper. Look at the following article on, how to make spiders and bouncy butterflies and surprise-you

How to make juggling balls with balloons

Juggling balls made with rice and balloons are very cheap and easy to make. They are perfect balls to start practicing the tricks of juggling. This craft can be done by any child, with minimal supervision of an adult and once the balls are made, you can have the children play with them and practice different tricks

How to make racing boats with corks

Make cork boats and put them to float on a tray with water. Color the paper candles if you want. Each player holds a stick with a magnet under the tray and moves a boat through the water. So you can do boat races. Place the tray on two stacks of books, making sure it is level. Place the tray in the water until it is approximately 3 cm deep

How to make cardboard horse races

The idea that we show you here is a horse race with obstacles that you can play at a big table. Each player needs a horse, a jockey and a piece of string big enough to roll it to the table. The objective is to arrive first but they have to get horse and jocker together, otherwise the game can not be won

How to make the game of hunting balls

This game is very fun and requires a bit of skill and aim , but the more you play, the better it will be. The game consists in passing the ball from one to the other, by hunting balls. The player who manages to pick up the ball five times in a row wins the game. Look at the following article with steps on how to make the game of hunting balls

How to make the game of dunk the ball

This is a game that uses recycled material such as a roll of toilet paper and the foil of the snacks. To make the game you have to have a lot of skill, but not to create this entertaining craft, but to play the game you are going to make. It is very simple! You will see how in a few minutes you will be playing and entertaining with this game of expertise

How to make the game of chestnut

This traditional game can be done with a skewer ball, with a plastic cap or with a different decoration than the one we show you here. It is a game with some difficulty for very young children. It is ideal for those who are about 5 years old. It is a fun and entertaining game. One way to have fun is if apart from playing they create the game themselves and decorate it to their liking

How to make the game of the fishing rod

This game is a race against the clock, you have to catch as many cork fish as you can before the salt passes to the other side of the hourglass. This game is similar to the typical ducks that are in the fairs of the village festivals. The goal is the same, to fish the maximum number of fish or ducks

How to make the game of the undulating road

To make this game before you have to make the night lamp from. Once done you can start creating the game . The game consists of holding a magnet under the cardboard and driving a car along the undulating road. If it goes off the road, the bulb comes on. When this happens, go back to the exit and try again

How to make the game of light that answers

Build this game and try it with your friends. The answers are in different lines of the questions. To play put a pencil covered with tinfoil on top of a clip where the question is, and put another pencil on top of another clip where the answers are. If the answer is correct, the light goes on. When everyone has found the right answers, stick a new piece of paper on the game and write more questions and answers

How to make the game of finding light

How to play the game of finding light : two players has a pencil covered with tinfoil each. One starts at the red exit and the other at the blue exit. When the red output is touched, the red light turns on. The player then tries to find the next red light by moving only one square at a time. If the light goes on the same player tests the next pin

How to make the game of the firm hand

A fun and entertaining game is what we present below. What you have to do is try to pass the loop over the wire without turning on the bulb. The more curves you make in the wire, the harder the game will be. Look at the following article of a.How, how to make the game firm hand. You will need to: A bulb holder and a 3

How to make the jumping frog game

To play the jumping frog , at least two people are required. It is a frog race, so each player will need a cardboard frog . The frog exits at one end of the rope and jumps to the other. The finish line may be a mark on the ground or puddles made of cardboard, for the frog to jump inside. See the following article on how to make the jumping frog game

How to make the game of the mousetrap

In this game you need at least three people to play, but the more you are will be much better since you will have a lot more fun. Each player will need a cork mouse except the player who is the hunter who is the one who will spin the wheel or roll the dice among other things. If at the beginning of the game you have doubts go over the instructions of how to play (step 5)

How to make the game of the ball and the board

How to play: push the ball inside the cardboard cannon; pull back the pencil and point to one of the bows. If the ball between a bulb lights. Paint or write numbers on small pieces of cellophane and roll them around the light bulbs. Glue them with tape. To make the game more difficult, stick obstacles in the table

How to make the game of clothes and the future

You can use the model of the bombing game to quickly and easily make other games, in which many people can participate. How to play: turn on the electro-magnet and stick a small nail or screw to it. Turn the circle, turn off, and see what number the nail or screw falls on. For the game of garments write the numbers in a block and invent a garment for each

How to make the bombing game

How to play the bombing game : turn on the electro-magnet and hold a small screw or nail to it. Push the matchbox tray gently with your finger to swing. Now turn it off and try to get the screw or nail to fall into the tray while it is still swinging. See the following article on how to make the bombing game You will need to: An electro-magnet 2 cables, each about 20 cm long with bare tips A cardboard box A switch 2 pieces of strong cardboard, longer than the box Strong cardboard one 3 cm wide and longer than the box 2 cotton threads about 30 cm long each A phosphor box tray and a nail or screw

How to make the game of the hoop

This game is very easy to create and very fun when playing, although at least there must be two players. The more you are better. It is a board that serves as a target , the further you get away from it, the harder it will be to put the hoops through the pegs. The objective is to put the maximum number of rings on the pins with the highest score

How to make the game of flying eggs

This game is very easy to prepare and play, what is not so easy is to hit the egg in one of the holes. You can play alone or with friends, but it is much more fun if you share the game with two or three people as it will be much more dynamic and entertaining . If you want to know how to make this game look at the following article, how to make the game of flying eggs