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10 curiosities about fire

Fire is a phenomenon or event that occurs in our planet when there is a combustion. Some of the first hominids in the Paleolithic period have already begun to learn how to control it in order to use it to warm up, to see in the dark, to defend themselves and, later on, to cook their food. But, this element, just as it provides security, is also dangerous for everyone if it is not properly controlled

5 keys to being a good communicator

Speaking in public needs preparation and awareness of how important it is. These five communication keys will serve you when you want to transmit a message , whether it is a friend, a group of friends or a large crowd of people. Do not miss this article to discover 5 keys to be a good communicator. You will need to: Pen Folio One great message We must be very clear about what we want to convey

6 consequences of water pollution

Water is one of the most important natural resources of all. In fact, water depends not only on life in all its forms on our planet, but also a large part of human activity, from agriculture and industry, to something as simple as opening the tap at home and being able to enjoy water for Drink or wash

6 habits that increase our insecurity

If what you want is to have a full life , where you enjoy a relationship in which you feel happy, free of jealousy and negative emotions, it is crucial to evaluate if you are connected to the type of energy and positive emotions that attract your life plus things related to what you want, or if on the contrary you have been putting into practice some of the habits that increase our insecurity putting in danger both your inner peace and the life of your relationship

7 purposes that you will not meet in September

When September arrives, as in the New Year, we all propose to change our lives and set ourselves some goals . Normally, the same ones year after year because we never managed to fulfill them ... It is very well to pose challenges , but it is also necessary not to lose the north and be realistic. It is not worth remembering Santa Barbara when it thunders, but that our proposals have to go according to our life

8 differences between the North Pole and the South Pole

Although in our mind we conceive the North Pole and the South Pole as two very similar places on the planet, the truth is that they present considerable differences for us to analyze and to know them. It is clear that they are cold places, where ice abounds and where most of the land is uninhabited but, despite these similarities, there are very different points between the two regions that are very curious to know

8 purposes that you will not meet in the new year

On the day of Añonuevo there are long lists of purposes for the days that arrive and the year that begins. Although some are new or vary, most of these proposals are the same year after year and, likewise, there is another thing that is repeated: they are not fulfilled . But it is not about miracles, but about facts that we must fulfill with will and strength.

9 habits to be more creative

Although for many it is a gift, the reality is that creativity can always be stimulated and enhanced in order to have a greater capacity to invent or create new ideas, thoughts or solutions every day. This becomes especially important for all those people whose profession is closely linked to the field of ideas, where innovation is constantly part of our profession or business

9 habits to be smarter

There is no doubt that intelligence is a value highly valued in our society, that is why many of us pursue the habit of increasing and improving not only our knowledge or culture, but also our ability to respond intellectually and emotionally to all the challenges we face. they are presented to us day by day

How much is an inch in centimeters?

The inch , as its name indicates, is directly linked to our thumbs. It is an old measure that equates to distance covering the first phalanx of our thumb . With the implementation of the international metric system, this measure fell into disuse in all nations, except in the Anglo-Saxon countries or influenced by them, which continue to use it

How much is one foot in meters?

A foot is a unit of length that, as the name it receives indicates, is based on the foot of humans. It is a measure that was used by many ancient civilizations and that, among others, served to measure blocks of stone used in buildings. Currently, the foot is only used in Anglo-Saxon nations such as the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom and as a measurement unit to express the altitude in aeronautics

How much is one mile in kilometers?

The mile is a unit of length used in the Anglo-Saxon nations such as the United States and England, or in the countries that receive their influence. Since the International System of Units is used in the rest of the world, knowing how many meters or kilometers are one mile is not always easy. Therefore, in this article of

How much is one pound

The pound is a unit of mass used in the Anglo-Saxon nations such as the United States, England, Canada or Australia. Of course, for those who are accustomed to another metric system, it is difficult to convert pounds to another measure, but sometimes it may be necessary. That's why in .com we explain how much a pound is in the international system of units and also to other Anglo-Saxon units

How much is a cubic centimeter

The cubic centimeter is the unit used to measure the volume . It is equivalent to one millionth of a cubic meter and is represented by the cm³ symbol. This unit is usually used to calculate the volume of a large amount of liquid, a pool for example, or to catalog the engines of cars. In case some day you have to calculate your equivalences, in this article we show you how much a cubic centimeter equals .

Calculate the number of protons, electrons and neutrons in an atom

For years it has been known that the atom is composed of an atomic nucleus where almost all its mass is concentrated and then it is surrounded by a cloud of electrons. This was discovered in the twentieth century, since before, it was believed that atoms were indivisible. In fact, the nomadic atom means "without division"

Calculate the distance using the coordinates in basic mathematics

If two points in a graph share x and y coordinates, the distance between them is the difference between the coordinates that do not share. For example, if a point has the coordinates (1, 7), and the other has the coordinates (1, 12), the distance between them is 5 units, the difference between 12 and 7

Characteristics and functions of the kidneys

The kidneys are two very important organs for our body since they help us to carry out the purification of the body. In this article we will explain the characteristics of the kidneys, how they are, their physiological characteristics, what role they play in our body and everything completed with impressive images about the kidneys

Causes of the fall of the Berlin Wall

The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 is one of those iconic images that have gone down in history and have marked an entire generation. It not only meant the collapse of a physical barrier, but also symbolized the end of an era and the fall of an ideological and mental wall. For almost 30 years, the wall that covered 120 kilometers and separated Berlin, was a border that divided brothers, neighbors and citizens, which separated two countries and two worlds

Causes of the creation of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall began to be built on August 13, 1961 to divide this German capital into two states: the East and the West. After the Second World War, after the collapse of Hitler, two powers of that confrontation had left strengthened, USA and Russia, therefore, both countries began to fight without direct confrontations for world hegemony

Causes of the industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a process that began in the second half of the eighteenth century in England and that produced a great change in the economic and social structures that served as the basis throughout the nineteenth century. It is one of the most important events that revolutionized the way of working and living that we had around the world

Colors that stimulate creativity

Nowadays, colors have a great influence on our lives. We are exposed to hundreds of messages a day, so colors help make a difference. We all associate certain colors to brands or products, as well as to political parties. We also participate in that choice when we choose clothes in the morning. Why today do you opt for black

How to access a higher grade cycle

Applications to attend higher grade cycles are becoming more frequent. The certain thing is that they suppose a quite interesting option at the time of continuing our studies after the corresponding courses of baccalaureate, because there is a wide offer of cycles depending on the area that interests us, be it health, aesthetics or kitchen, for example

How to accentuate in Catalan

Are you learning Catalan and want to know how to accentuate the words ? You have come to the right place! In we want to explain the accentuation rules and the accent types that exist in Catalan so you know when you should put accents and be able to write correctly. Although at first it may seem complicated, it is not that different to accentuate words in Spanish, so with a little practice you will learn how to accentuate in Catalan quickly

How to accentuate words in Spanish correctly

Spanish is a language in which some words must be accentuated , depending on their tonic syllable and following some accentuation rules . It is important that we do not forget the graphic accents, so we can write without spelling mistakes and avoid possible confusion in reading. In this language, there is a single accent (unlike others such as French or Catalan), that is, all the vowels will carry the same tilde in the same direction: " ' "

How to act before drowning by immersion

Drowning by drowning is suffocation caused by water or any other liquid. It occurs when the liquid prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs and enriching the blood. Every year there are many deaths by drowning. It can occur in a pool or bathtub as easily as in the sea, especially in young children. Even seasoned swimmers may find themselves in difficulties when bathing

How to act during a forest fire

Every summer forest fires affect thousands of hectares worldwide, reducing ashes kilometers and kilometers of wooded areas and taking everything in the middle, moving as fast as the wind. In most cases people do not know how to react to this situation so we give you some important clues about how to act during a forest fire Steps to follow: one If you live or are vacationing in a wooded area stay informed about the weather situation, especially during the summer, the authorities usually warn about heat waves and fire possibilities due to drought two If a fire breaks out in a wooded area near yo

How to act in case of fire at home

Although we rarely consider it, it is essential to know what should be done if our house is set on fire . It is clear that it is not an everyday event, but it is possible that it will happen, so it will be important to be prepared. The first thing we have to do is to stay calm so that we have clear steps to follow

How to adapt to summer time

When the spring arrives, the time change arrives. Our clock advances one hour more to be able to make much more use of sunny hours. Changing hours and having more hours of light serves both to make the most of the day and to save energy. However, this change in schedule can cause problems in some people, especially in the dream

How to manage your time at the University

The University is one of the last places that will be part of our education and preparation for working life. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of the moment and squeeze this experience to the maximum. For this it is necessary to know how to manage your time at the University ; Although it can be a great source of knowledge, it can also count on a host of distractions

How nuclear energy affects the environment

Nuclear power is probably the most controversial of all the energy sources available today. Despite being a highly efficient and economical technique compared to others, and relatively clean compared to other fossil fuels, it continues to create rejection among society. The reason is the disastrous consequences that an accident can cause in a plant, either by an explosion or by a natural phenomenon such as an earthquake

How water pollution affects the environment

Water is an essential element for life, just like the air we breathe. And yet it seems that it is sometimes given more importance to issues such as the ozone layer or global warming than to the pollution of our rivers, seas, lakes and aquifers, which can be equally deadly. If you want to know how water pollution affects the environment , we tell you in this article

How to face my first day of class

How difficult it is to return to the routine! But we must assume it, the summer is over and the new season begins with surprises, challenges and adventures. So put aside the laziness and take our advice to survive the first days in the classroom , which by the way are usually the hardest. In we help you to return to normal, with some tricks on how to face my first day of class

How to adjust the educational methodology

Adjusting the educational methodology in the classroom is an important way to ensure that you are providing the right kind of education to your students. His teaching should not be stagnant, he should try to change things and make different didactic plans. Each time you come from a class or a lesson, you have different students and a different situation

How to save time in the morning

Most of the people wake up feeling a bit slow and sleepy , this is one of the reasons why sometimes it seems that we can not get out of the house, going around from one side to the other without being able to concentrate. If to this you add that we always postpone the time of the alarm clock to gain a few minutes of sleep, the result is that we end up leaving home delayed; but there is a way to solve this problem and save time in the morning

How to face a failure in an exam

For many, suspending an exam may seem like an absolute academic failure. The truth is that those who are not used to those low grades can be frustrated with this episode. However, it is important not to see it in this way, because it could affect our studies even more. For this reason it is very important to learn how to face a failure in an exam

How to face the first year of university

The first year in college can be really shocking for students. It is a very big step, in which the responsibilities with education increase considerably. Although it is true that the young person chooses, theoretically, a field or profession that interests him, the truth is that the increase of freedom and the demand in the classrooms can be really stressful

How to expand my vocabulary

Having a good and extensive vocabulary is synonymous with culture and intelligence , and is that a person who knows how to express their ideas and opinions consistently has greater opportunities for employment and promotion within an organization. Getting it is not as difficult as it seems, it only requires a little dedication, in

How to host a foreign student and earn extra money

Arriving at the end of the month is sometimes complicated, especially in the case of certain groups such as pensioners, unemployed, mileuristas or if the mortgage and loans share drown us. In these cases, extra money is always welcome. If you have a free room at home, you can make it profitable by hosting one of the many foreign students who, every year, come to a new country to study normally in higher education, such as masters or postgraduate studies

How to analyze a literary text

Conducting a textual analysis , or a literary commentary as this type of work is also called, is not a simple matter. It requires prior knowledge and the application of a series of concrete steps in regard to the context, its author, structure and form. For these reasons, from .com we explain how to analyze a literary text

How to apply the scientific method in everyday life

The scientific method is a research method that is used mainly in science. It consists of a series of steps and its main objective is to solve a problem. What many will not know, is that we use this scientific method continuously in our day to day. Although it is true that we do it without realizing it, it is convenient to know how to apply the scientific method in everyday life , as it can help us a lot to solve certain daily episodes