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3 essential routes to do in Berlin

The German capital, one of the most visited cities in Europe and in the whole world, enormous where they exist, presents the great inconvenience of visiting it in a short time. Because of its size and the number of possibilities it offers; If you go with little time you should consider the way to visit the most important sites or that you like the most

3 essential routes to do in Paris

Paris is for many one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in which to lose oneself not to meet. Romantic city where there are, the capital of France offers possibilities for all tastes and even to visit with children. Going into its streets, neighborhoods, shops, museums ... a whole world to explore

6 different plans to get to know Barcelona

Having the opportunity to get to know Barcelona , the incredible Catalan capital, and being able to explore its corners in depth is a true luxury. There are many places and points of interest that can be discovered, as well as the wide range of cultural and leisure activities that Barcelona offers its residents and visitors

Five essential routes in London

A city as big as London deserves a previous planning to be able to visit the most important thing or what more illusion makes us. It is a huge city with many attractions and lots of offer of all kinds, but usually, there is always a lack of time for the visitor who someday decides to get lost in its streets

How to act if there is overbooking on my flight

Most of us have heard about overbooking or overbooked flights , but not everyone is clear about exactly what it means or whether it is legal to occur. It is a situation that occurs when an airline sells more seats than the plane has and, therefore, can not board all passengers . The airlines carry it out because many people who have a reservation made do not go to the boarding gate and, in this way, they try to guarantee that the flights are filled to the maximum and the company does not lose money

How to act if my flight is canceled

When it comes to travel, everything can happen, not only because you do not know what awaits you in your destination, but because even without leaving the airport, surprises are always the order of the day. There are many reasons why a flight can be canceled, but when this happens confusion and disorder is the first thing that seizes passengers, so in

How to act if you are affected by an airline strike

In recent years thousands of people have inevitably been involved in a situation of confusion because the airline they planned to travel on has gone on strike. But despite how common this scenario has become, many still do not know where to start if they are facing this inconvenience, so in .com we give you all the keys so you know how to act if you are affected by an airline strike Steps to follow: one First of all keep calm, the aviation company has the duty to announce your strike plan as soon as possible, in this way passengers can be informed and develop an alternative action plan two Befo

How to save when traveling

When you go on vacation , sometimes you do not enjoy it to the fullest because you fear the moment of returning and seeing that your bank account is in the red . However, you should not worry so much, because at the end of the day the holidays are to take advantage of them. And if money is what you think about, there are many alternatives to save when traveling

How to save space in the suitcase

When you are organizing your trip , you are probably interested in carrying as little luggage as possible. If you are going to move from one place to another, it will be very practical when it comes to reducing weight and space, but it can also help you to leave more space when it comes to bringing gifts and memories of your vacations

How to change money in Cuba

If you have to travel to Cuba in the coming days or weeks, you should know that the currency exchange system has changed a lot in recent months. In this article we are going to offer you updated information on what are the best exchange conditions and how you should proceed if you want to change money before or during your trip to Cuba

How to celebrate the end of the year in the desert of Morocco

This is a different way to close a year and start the new one full of magic and illusion. For large and small, the desert of Morocco contains many possibilities in which to get lost. Even many travel organizers prepare this visit for whole families. Do you want to know how to celebrate the end of the year in the Moroccan desert

How to cancel on Airbnb

The Airbnb platform is gaining strength in the network to provide its customers with affordable and quality accommodation during their travels. This service allows you to cancel or modify reservations made, both by the host and by the tenant, although sometimes a series of penalties are applied. In this article we show you how to cancel on Airbnb

How to buy bird tickets

Renfe is the most important train company in Spain, more than 70% of train trips are made with Renfe. The Ave train is the High speed train that connects the main cities of the country. In this article we explain how to buy a train ticket with Renfe step by step and without getting lost, you will see that if you follow the text explanations and the images you will not get lost

How to buy cheap flights

The airplane is one of the most comfortable means of transport, especially for long journeys . In some occasions, it can be expensive to buy tickets to fly to some destinations , but it is also true that there are several factors that can help us find cheaper tickets . If you consider certain things and are agile in your search, this article will be the key to know how to buy cheap flights

How to buy a Metro ticket in Madrid

The system of buying Metro tickets in Madrid may seem a bit complex at first sight, especially for those who come to do tourism in Madrid and are not familiar with the system. Although, in reality, getting a ticket is something very simple in which you just have to apply a certain logic. From .com we explain how to buy a Metro ticket in Madrid

How to buy a Renfe ticket

Renfe is the most important train company in Spain, more than 70% of train trips are made with Renfe. In this article we explain how to buy a train ticket with Renfe step by step and without getting lost, you will see that if you follow the text explanations and the images you will not get lost. Steps to follow: one Enter in the bar of your browser www

How to buy and travel with Vueling

One of the pioneer airlines in Spain for the quality-price ratio offered in each and every one of its services. Thanks to its network of routes throughout Europe, its punctuality, low cost and personalized service, Vueling is chosen by Europeans to travel. In a .com we explain how to buy and travel with Vueling easily

How to confirm your flight

Traveling by plane is very common but every day is more complicated and you should have more things in mind. Although it has several amenities and schedules are often set and do not change, knowledgeable travelers should check the flight before leaving for the airport and thus ensure that there has been no change

How to unlock a Samsonite suitcase

Samsonite is a brand that is dedicated to the manufacture of travel bags and suitcases . Among its product lines are suitcases that contain a combination lock or padlock. These small blocks provide a barrier to prevent theft. The locks that quickly lock and unlock the suitcase are ideal for travel. To unlock them you must use a combination or the key of the padlock

How to disinfect luggage for a trip

Most people who travel by train, plane or bus know about the importance of washing their hands after using the bathroom, before eating a meal or having a snack. One item that houses several types of germs that is often overlooked is baggage. If yours is a leather suitcase or a nylon or canvas bag, you should bear in mind that the surface of the luggage is handled by several people before it arrives back to you

How to get around Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the best public transport systems , as it combines a large number of means of transport that allow you to move around the city and nearby quickly and comfortably. It also has integrated tickets and subscriptions , that is, you can use it indiscriminately in any of the transport: metro, bus, tram, train, etc

How to get around Madrid

Madrid is a city of great dimensions, so it is necessary that at the time of visiting you program the route you are going to do and have controlled the means of transport that you can use to save as much time and money as possible during your trip for the capital of Spain. For these reasons, from .com we explain how to move around Madrid efficiently, so that you know all its secrets using the appropriate transport

How to enjoy summer without spending a lot of money

When we think of summer we automatically relate it to vacations, but we can not always afford to pay for a trip to an exotic destination or a luxury vacation. But that should not prevent us from enjoying the summer , since there are many things that can be done for free or at low cost. So that you can have fun without thinking about the economic cost, in this article of

How to enjoy a cruise

Cruising is a comfortable and fun way to travel for all members of the family. Enjoy the trip, the journey and the possibilities that these boats offer. Fun, luxury, detail and relaxation. All that and more you can find on the boat you choose to make your trip. Enjoy, let yourself go and take the opportunity

How to enjoy a day in Port Aventura

Port Aventura was the first theme park in Spain born in 1995 and has never stopped growing and innovating, becoming one of the most important and a benchmark in Europe. It is located between the municipalities of Vila-Seca and Salou, on the Costa Daurada (Tarragona), and is divided into different thematic areas : Mediterrània, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Far West and SésamoAventura, the latter especially designed for children / as set in Sesame Street.

How to enjoy a water park

A star plan to organize with family and friends in the summer months is to spend a day of fun and leisure in a spectacular water park . For lovers of water is a great option to cool off and get rid of the oppressive heat enjoying impressive slides, pools of waves, giant floats ... and a lot of attractions where fun is guaranteed

How to enjoy a flight

The time you spend on the plane is usually quite boring because of the impossibility of movement that this medium generates. If the flight is long, those that cross the Atlantic to go from one continent to another, usually become much heavier and sometimes tremendously unbearable. From .com we give you tips to discover how to enjoy a flight

How to enjoy a train trip in Spain

Traveling is one of the great pleasures and great diversions of modern man. The varied possibilities of traveling to any part of the world make possible the cultural and personal enrichment at any age. In Spain we have a wide network of railways that allows the movement of thousands of people every day throughout the country and also abroad, people who enjoy the train and others who, for work reasons, should use it

How to sleep in an airplane

If you are going to take a long trip on a plane or just want the time to pass quickly while you are on board, sleep is a good option. In addition, it will help you to prevent jet lag and you will adapt better to the time change of your destination. Although light, noise and especially space make it difficult to sleep on board, there are several techniques and methods that will help you fall asleep

How to enjoy a weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with alternatives for all tastes, especially if it is a fun weekend with family or friends, visiting the corners of the beautiful Catalan capital. Whether you are planning a two-day trip to this city, or simply looking for different plans to recreate on your days off, at .com we explain how to enjoy a weekend in Barcelona with fun options

How to choose hand luggage

Increasingly, the demands of airlines with regard to baggage, especially in the case of low cost companies that offer low-priced tickets with the possibility of carrying only a suitcase, which must meet a number of specifications for pass without problem by its rigorous controls. If you are planning your vacation or want to escape a weekend to any destination, in

How to choose a rigid suitcase

Rigid suitcases are the best option so that the contents of your luggage arrives healthy and safe at your destination. Especially if you travel by plane, since you do not usually control the deal with the suitcase, so the rigid ones are the most appropriate. In this way, you will prevent any blow from breaking things inside

How to choose the best seat on an airplane

Traveling by plane can be a pleasure or a nightmare, simply by flying in one seat or another. The seats of the aircraft are already quite small, but within the same plane there are better seats than others, which will make our journey more pleasant. For example, you should avoid sitting near the kitchen and the bathrooms, because there are seats with more noise

How to choose a travel suitcase

One of the essential elements at the time of preparing a trip is the suitcase . That inseparable companion that can become our best ally or the most uncomfortable, to the point of annoying the holidays . For this, we leave you some tips with which you can choose the suitcase according to your trip. Steps to follow: one If you are going to take a trip in which you have to carry your suitcase to walk, for long transfers and keep it close, it is best to choose a backpack

How to choose a holiday destination

The holidays offer the opportunity to relax, unwind, perform all kinds of activities in our free time and, of course, one of the greatest pleasures of life: traveling . When the holidays approach we always think about where to travel, there is no doubt that this is a very difficult question to answer since there are thousands of wonderful destinations scattered around the world

How to remove beach sand from the skin with talc

Sure, although you enjoy the beach when the good weather arrives, there are many things that bother you. From .com we want to remedy one of them: the sand . The use of sunscreens or protective creams often makes the sand stick to the skin and is very uncomfortable. We present a way to remove the sand very easily , using baby powder

How to find cheap airline tickets

Today, we have the possibility to fly anywhere in the world, thanks to the extensive network of airlines that have emerged in the last decade. With the emergence of the Internet and the quick sale , many of these companies offer very competitive prices for travel, paying little. Do you know how to find cheap airline tickets

How to entertain children on the plane

One of the main complaints of travelers when they fly on a plane that also travels children is that the little ones make the flight of adults more difficult. But for children it is also hard to travel by plane , because being locked in such a small space and unable to move is very boring. Therefore, in

How to entertain yourself on an airplane trip

Air travel can be a very pleasant experience, but at the same time very boring. Being a closed means that does not give many possible options , so you have to look for ways to entertain. If the flights are very long, it is easier to fall into boredom, that's why in .com we give you some suggestions so you can discover how to entertain yourself on a plane trip and make the hours go by faster

How to be comfortable on an airplane trip

Flights , depending on the hours that they entail, can be uncomfortable and boring. It is advisable that you take the necessary measures to make the trip by plane as comfortable as possible. From .com we suggest some tips on how to be comfortable on a plane trip. Steps to follow: one To start, dress comfortably