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Causes of global warming

When we talk about global warming we are talking about the continuous rise in temperatures on our planet. There are different polluting gases from nature that contribute to global warming; However, it is known that human activities have contributed 90% to draw the environmental crisis situation that we are currently experiencing

How to celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22 , with the aim of making society aware of the importance of conserving our planet and preserving the environment . The celebration of Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 in the United States, promoted by the senator and environmental activist Gaylord Nelson, and in April 2009 was declared by the United Nations (UN)

How to draw electronic schemes

Schematic diagrams are used to represent electronic elements and the design of electronic circuits with symbolic elements. It is necessary to understand the design of the circuit to draw a scheme . The Schemes are used to understand how a circuit works, the maintenance and repair of electronic systems and must be clearly established

How to prepare an analytical report

When you want to analyze a thought, idea or thesis in writing, an analytical report is prepared. Very accomplished both in the university world and in the workplace , in which problems are studied, improvement strategies and the context of this idea is meticulously analyzed. If you have any questions about how to make an analytical report of the most professional, in

How to teach Metacognition

While thought is something that human beings do naturally and without conscious thought, there is a type of knowledge that is dedicated to thinking in the way we think. This process, known as metacognition , allows you to better use your mental abilities, improve your problem-solving skills, and more successful mental tasks

How to write a comparative essay

The writing of comparative essays is a task that Philosophy is almost always responsible for. It consists of giving the written opinion about two positions , which are compared among them to reach a final conclusion. Do you know how to write a comparative essay ? In .com we explain step by step how to do it

How to write a sonnet

The sonnet is a poetic form that has been widely used for centuries, from its medieval origins in Italy. It has been used by great poets and universal writers, such as Dante, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Quevedo, Góngora, Baudelaire and many others, and even today it remains valid. In this article we give you some basic guidelines on how to write a sonnet .

How is the myth of the cave

As its name suggests, this is a mythical story , a story loaded with magical elements to explain a reality. Its creator was the Greek philosopher Plato , who developed it to expose his theory of knowledge : how to access from our world of things and objects in which we live to the world of universal ideas, those ideas that will make all men live better

How human activities impact the environment

Surely it is not the first time you read that the planet is our home , and as everywhere we live, whatever we do has its impact. The growth of the world population in recent years has led to the excessive exploitation of resources in order to meet the needs of human beings, passing over those of other living beings, which undoubtedly had its impact on the nature, that's why we show you some of the aspects about how human activities impact on the environment Overpopulation Overpopulation has caused a great environmental impact, as it has caused cities to expand towards the outskirts, increas

How to interpret dreams

Throughout its existence, the human being has marveled at the ability to dream while sleeping. Many psychologists have been, since Freud, responsible for trying to interpret dreams and see the meaning of them. They come to the conclusion that they reflect everything that the human unconscious holds inside

How to achieve a spirit of leadership

Every manager, manager or entrepreneur must have a spirit of leadership. Without it the leadership is blind, clumsy and out of focus. Leaders who believe that they have not yet been able to develop a philosophy on this issue, can resort to the services of a coach. If you want to achieve optimal results in this area, you may want to consider leadership training

How to measure verses (I)

Within traditional linguistic studies, the metric is dedicated to measuring the verses that make up a poem , to establish the characteristics of it. It is a discipline that requires dedication, concentration and a series of minimum knowledge that will allow us to measure the rhythm of the verse in particular, since that is the central objective of the metric

How to measure verses (II)

We have already seen how the Metrica is responsible for measuring the verses of a poem, marking the rhythm of it, which is able to apply the necessary intonation so that the verse obtains that almost celestial music that characterizes it. We must highlight, now, the known metric licenses . This new concept is based on the intonation of a verse, it focuses on how we divide the syllables that take into account how we unite the words to produce a certain effect in their reading

How to guide an architectural project

How to orient an architectural space . When projecting, the orientation of the building is essential. This will determine the climatic conditions to which the building will be exposed, considered the sun (product of apparent movement of the sun) and the inclemency of the winds that the project will face

How to present a project

Whether for work, for studies or for a contest in which you want to participate, you have ever seen the need to prepare and deliver a project . Sometimes, it may seem complicated if we do not know how to approach it, but the truth is that knowing some basic notions will not be as difficult as it seems

How to make a business project

For the realization of a business project it is necessary to know perfectly what are our main objectives and what services or goods can compete in the market. You have to know how to explain in no more than 2 pages the origin, the motivation and the objectives of the creation of the company. If you want to start a business project you have to have a necessary economic base to be able to prevent mistakes of beginners and thus ensure the future of the company

How to know at what speed the water of the river

You have never wondered at what speed the water of a river drops , surely yes! Well the answer thanks to this article is easy. Follow the instructions that we explain to you step by step and you will know how to measure the speed of the river. Steps to follow: one To start measuring the speed of the river water you should point to the shore, in an area where the water runs in a straight line, two points distant at 20 meters

How to know the multiplication tables

The rules of multiplication are not difficult at all. You just have to start with the elementary "tricks" that will help you combine certain numbers by multiplying them with each other. To do this, follow the following tips that we give you in .com, so you can discover how to know the multiplication tables in a simple way

How the pyramids of Egypt were built

If there is one of the wonders of the ancient world that has always fascinated human beings of all ages throughout history, it has been the pyramids of Egypt. It is believed that they were built around the year 2700 BC with the main purpose of serving as a funerary monument that enhanced the glory of the deceased pharaohs

How Venice was built

Venice is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the world. Much of this attraction, in addition to the impressive monuments that can be visited, lies in the fact that it is built with hardly any streets, being replaced by water channels that connect the various islands that make up and each of the buildings raised about them

What are the Egyptian pyramids called?

The pyramids of Egypt are one of the most admired and studied monuments on the planet. Built with huge blocks of stone 4, 000 years ago, these works are a source of uncertainty for many of the archaeologists who wonder how they were built back then. The three pyramids of Giza: Keops, Kefren and Micerino, are the best known and are located near Cairo

How to use subliminal messages to improve

Subliminal messages have been used throughout history with various objectives, it is common to see them in advertisements, in movies and even in music. The subliminal message directly influences the subconscious, which is why, in several occasions, it usually goes unnoticed by our conscious. This tool can be used from our home to achieve positive effects

How to use the Likert scale in statistical analysis

The Likert scale is commonly used in survey research. It is often used to measure the attitudes of respondents by asking them to what extent they agree or disagree with a particular question or statement. A typical scale could be "strongly agree, agree, not sure / undecided, disagree, strongly disagree"

What is the origin of Philosophy

The human being has the innate ability to think . All men think constantly, either because we doubt certain things, because we reflect on certain situations, because we need to create an opinion of our own or because we are amazed at certain things and we invade the desire to know them better. Philosophy is that love of wisdom , to know more than we know, to reach beyond the obvious, to reflect before our doubts and / or problems, that human need to find the truth

What is the meaning of logos, pathos and ethos

Since Aristotle published his "Rhetoric", 2300 years ago, he established a series of parameters and teachings related to the essential elements that had to be part of a persuasive discourse . These were three, logos, pathos and ethos, elements that today are still the basic to be able to follow the basic persuasion method for a speech

What is the difference between ethics and moral

The words ethics and morals may seem the same but they are not. There are nuances that indicate that ethics and morality are two terms that complement each other, but whose meaning is very different. In the following article we show you with examples and definitions the real meaning of each one to determine what is the difference between ethics and morals

What is the difference between sustainable and sustainable - know it here

Surely more than once you have heard of "sustainable development" and also of "sustainable development". Both words are similar, but will they be the same? Sometimes it is not so simple to detect if two terms are synonymous or really are not. Therefore, in, we explain what is the difference between sustainable and sustainable and how to apply it to the concept of development, closely related to ecology

What is the history of the camera?

A camera is a device created for the purpose of capturing images . These devices have evolved over the years, because the truth is that the first cameras were quite different. If you want to know what is the history of the camera , do not miss our next article. Steps to follow: one We can say that the cameras have a history of almost a thousand years old

What is the work output of a biologist

Biology, how much sense does that notion contain? The science of life in all its forms. What can be more important in life? Well, the answer is that life is the most important thing you have, and biology is what studies life and everything related to it. Biology is a broad science that goes from the micro to the macro, taking into account many processes and phenomena of life

What are the 7 wonders of the ancient world

We have all heard about the 7 wonders of the ancient world , those architectural constructions considered authentic masterpieces. To this day only one is still standing and although there has been talk of rebuilding some of the others, it has never come true. Also, there are also the 7 wonders of the modern world, but do we really know what those 7 monuments are that were considered mandatory visits

What are the main branches of biology

Biology is the science that studies living beings . However, as a science, it has multiple branches that aim to study aspects such as evolution, nutrition, morphogenesis, reproduction, etc. If you are interested in knowing a little more, we show you what are the branches of biology . Steps to follow: one Cell biology or cytology is the branch of biology responsible for studying the structure and function of cells

What are the oldest trees on earth

The tree is a true friend of the human being to follow life on earth. It also serves to prevent the collapse of mountainous terrain and supplies us with wood to heat us, to build furniture, etc. Below we show you which are the trees that can live the longest on the planet. Very interesting and useful information

What are the journalistic genres

A journalistic genre is the literary form used by a journalist to write the news he makes during his working day. The sections of newspapers, for example, are made up of different journalistic genres. Attentive to the following article in which it indicates which are the main journalistic genres that are classified in informative and opinion genres

What are the literary genres

When you go to a bookstore you can find different formats of books that include novels, stories, essays, et cetera; they are literary works that are included within a larger genre with which they share similar characteristics and objectives. In this article we are going to discover what are the literary genres so that you understand the way in which literary works are classified and, also, we will discover new genres that have appeared in our society due to advances and innovations in the field of the letters

Difference between psychopath and sociopath - we tell you

Both psychopathy and sociopathy are antisocial personality disorders . However, the line that separates psychopathy from sociopathy is so fine that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate both mental illnesses. While the psychopath carries out his crimes in a calculated way, the sociopath does it out of pure impulse

Differences between meiosis and mitosis - we clarify it

If you study Biology, you may be familiar with cell reproduction. Cell reproduction is the natural process through which the cells of an organism pass, in which they divide, multiply and grow. This is how a child is produced from a sperm and an egg, or how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. However, cell reproduction and division go through different phases, among them those of meiosis and mitosis, which are usually a source of problems when differentiating between them

The critical path method for project management

The "Critical Path Method" is a useful tool for any tool set of a project manager . This technique helps project managers to analyze the activities that must take place in a project, and it is a visible sample of the sequence in which these activities must be carried out. By using the " Critical Path Method" , a project manager can determine which activities are essential to the success of the project, and which activities can not be initiated until other activities have been completed

The origin of Philosophy: passage from myth to logos

In the 6th century BC, in Miletus or Asia Minor (Greece), rational thought began to develop. The Greek man, first in all Western culture, comes into contact with new cultures, new ways of thinking and understanding the world, which causes a crisis of values. This man is the first to ask what is the meaning of everything, what is the right thought and how can we explain reality

Initiatives to help ICT entrepreneurs

In times of crisis, with a high percentage of unemployed young people and at risk of the Spanish economy falling back into recession, initiatives for entrepreneurs take special emphasis. And seeing that employment is in the doldrums, there are many who draw strength and decide to embark on a hard road, full of obstacles but also rewards: entrepreneurship