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4 Halloween recipes without an oven

In this world there are two types of people: those who love Halloween and think all year about the disguise they are going to wear, and those who do not even know what day this holiday is. If you are reading these lines it means that you are one of the first ones (otherwise, welcome to the dark side) and you are looking for Halloween recipes without an oven

6 tips for choosing a wedding planner

When you plan your wedding, good help is always welcome, especially when you want to celebrate a celebration full of luxury. There are many details to take into account, that's why many brides resort to a wedding planner or wedding planner by name in English, so that both can design the great day perfectly

7 tricks to save at the wedding

If your partner and you have decided to get married but you are very worried about the expense that you are going to assume, in this article we will give you some ideas that will make your wedding more economical. We all know that a wedding is a very expensive celebration but at the same time it is a day that you will remember all your life

Alternatives to launching rice for a wedding

The launching of rice at weddings is an Asian tradition that we have adopted in the West in recent years. For Asians, rice is a symbol of fertility and, for this reason, the guests throw it to wish the married couple with many children. The launch of rice at the exit of the Church is very beautiful but there are other ideas that can also be used at weddings

Drinks for teen parties

Teenagers are at a stage where they love to have fun and behave a little like adults, so parties are usually the perfect occasion to unleash all their energy. However, we know that alcoholic beverages are never an adequate alternative for minors, so when it comes to holding a celebration for them one of the first things that come to our mind is what can I serve to drink

Drinks for adult parties

Are you organizing a party at home ? If you want a celebration in style, it is very clear that being aware of every detail is very important, and something that we can never leave aside is food and drink . Of course you can simply put on the table a bottle of any liquor and stay so calm, but if you want to offer alternatives for everyone then you should consider some options that combine economy and good taste

Drinks for children's parties

Are you preparing a children's party for your son and his friends? In addition to organizing games and activities that make it happen at large, running, singing, dancing, etc., you will also have to think about details such as the food and drink you will serve. It is an event in which everything has to be designed for them, and for that reason in the following article we help you by showing you some suggestions for drinks for children's parties , which surely all children love

Com celebrating the Castanyada

The Castanyada is a traditional fest that is celebrated on the day of Tots Sants and seva vigília, és a dir, the nit of the 31st to the 1st of November. The llegenda diu that this nit the campaners passaven the nit sencera tocant les campanes in memòria dels difunts i the form d'advise força per fer-ho was menjant aliments contundents of the season of tardor com les castanyes, moniatos, panellets ...

How to save at my wedding

Planning a wedding is a task that requires attention to detail and organization, but also becomes one of the most exciting moments for the couple, who looks forward to the day of giving the yes I want . But despite all the emotion involved, it is no secret to anyone that organizing a marriage involves a significant investment of money , so it is useful to know some tricks to save a little and stretch the budget

How to save in a first communion

The first communion is one of the sacraments of the Christian religion , which normally takes place during childhood and which, in addition to the ecclesiastical celebration, usually involves a party with the family and / or friends. That is why many families must make economic efforts to carry the expenses that implies that a child makes communion

How to save for a wedding

The most beautiful day of your life can also be the most expensive day of your life. Thinking about getting married is not something that can be taken lightly, first because it is a decision for life and, second, because it is a big expense that will affect your finances whether you want it or not. That is why it is necessary to work on the idea with planning and time, so that expenses can be saved and reduced as much as possible

How to animate a business dinner

A dinner or company meal is a special event that is organized, sometimes, once a year at the most, and which is a great opportunity for colleagues to establish a better relationship with each other and with their superiors. That is why it is important that it be entertaining, because if it is not, it can provoke the opposite of what is intended

How to assign my wedding seats

One of the most difficult tasks of planning a bridal ceremony is the time to label the seats and distribute the guests . You must be careful with the tensions between them, the characters of each one, if you separate or unite families ... All these elements are essential if you want your wedding to go smoothly and for the guests to fully enjoy the celebration

How to animate an adult party

The parties are for fun and that is why, when you organize a festive event of any kind, you must think of ways for the guests to have a great time. Thus, adult parties can be as or more fun than any children's celebration, full of games and activities to have fun as ever. So do not wait any longer and discover in this article how to animate an adult party

How to dance slowly

If you want to conquer that person that you like so much or simply want to show your partner how much you love her there is nothing better than setting a good slow in a club. This type of dance , almost always, is reserved for the end of the evening and is designed so that couples in love can put their bodies together and enjoy an intimate and very romantic dance

How to search for a wedding announcement in a newspaper

Wedding announcements appear, sometimes, in newspapers. They help the newly engaged to inform family, friends and acquaintances of their news. The newspaper clipping also serves as a great memory for the couple. Follow these steps if you want to look for an old wedding ad in the newspaper. Sometimes it is the friends themselves who publish it to spend a joke on those who get married or to share the joy of the wedding in a newspaper

How to calculate the number of wedding guests

One of the biggest expenses that the bride and groom have at their wedding is the food that is made. For this reason, it is important to have a good estimate of the number of guests that will attend, it is also useful to know to order the cake. Sending RSVP cards and calling the guests who did not confirm their attendance are often the best way to know how many people will attend

How to calculate food for a wedding

The wedding banquet is a central element in any wedding and one of the preparations in which the bride and groom are more hesitant. Knowing exactly how much food is ideal to satisfy the guests and make sure they are not hungry at the celebration is a complicated task, but do not worry in this article we bring you some simple tips and tricks that will be Help to discover how to calculate food for a wedding

How to get married in the church San Fermín de los Navarros

The first step is to correctly set the date; remember that the parishes of the capital are in great demand and that there are different brides who decide to reserve the date of their wedding more than two years in advance; the second step is to know the place well, what is its history ?, how is the plan of the monastery

How to get married in the monastery of San Jerónimo el Real

The first step is to correctly set the date; remember that the parishes of the capital are in great demand and that there are different brides who decide to reserve the date of their wedding more than two years in advance; the second step is to know the place well, what is its history ?, how is the plan of the monastery

How to calculate food for a children's party

Surely you have ever gone to a party where a few minutes to start, a plate has been finished and the hosts have not replaced it because they had no provisions left. To avoid that the same thing happens to you at your children's birthday party, we tell you how to calculate the food for a children's party so that it does not miss and what if

How to celebrate the Castañada

La Castañada is a traditional festival of Catalonia that is celebrated on All Saints' Day and its vigil, that is, the night of November 31st-1 st. Tradition says that tonight the bell-ringers had to play all night to remember the deceased; and, this was the way to get extra energy. Currently, celebrating the Castañada has become a ritual.

How to celebrate my 18th birthday

Do you turn 18 and want to celebrate in style? When they reach this age, young people reach their majority and this is the time when they can vote, drive and adopt different social rights and duties. For this reason, turning 18 is a special occasion that everyone wants to celebrate by organizing a party or an event that brings together family or friends

How to celebrate my 28th birthday

Are you about to turn 28 and do not know how to celebrate? Although it is not a round age, you deserve a very special celebration. Prepare a themed party , do adventure sports or prepare a getaway with friends and family. Whatever you do, enjoy your birthday and make it a very special day. In .com we explain how to celebrate my 28th birthday

How to celebrate my 35th birthday

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday...! You've already reached 35, what will you do to celebrate it? Surely you want to celebrate it surrounded by yours and with a plan not to forget. In addition to traditional parties, there are many ideas to organize something special for your anniversary. That is why we explain some ways on how to celebrate your 35th birthday

How to celebrate my birthday

Are you tired of always doing the same on your birthday? Eat, dine or stay for a drink is the most common way to celebrate birthdays however if you want this year to be special you can organize something different and dare with innovative and fun activities. In this article we give you some ideas that will show you how to celebrate your birthday and, thus, make the celebration unforgettable

How to celebrate a luxury wedding

You are planning one of the most anticipated days of your life, a time when you and your partner will celebrate your love with all your loved ones, so you have decided to have a wonderful luxury wedding and full of detail . But what do you need to get it? Where to start ?, in .com we give you some tips and useful tips for you to discover how to celebrate a luxury wedding in style

How to place the napkin on the table

Today we are used to seeing the napkin placed in various ways and in different places on the table. But as it is logical there are more current forms than others and in this article we are going to explain to you what is the most current way of placing the napkin on the table. You will need to: Napkin Paper napkin Steps to follow: one But according to the protocol and the ceremonial, the most correct and formal, is to bend it in the form of a triangle or rectangle

How to behave at a formal dinner

Have you been invited to a formal dinner and you have no idea how to act? Do not worry. The protocol can be a little complex, but with a series of guidelines you will understand and know exactly how to behave at a formal dinner . You just have to attend to some basic rules of behavior and some actions that you should not perform in any case

How to buy a wedding gift for a stranger

It may happen that you are invited to a wedding by someone you almost do not know. It can be that you are the companion of another guest or attend as a commitment on the part of the family. Be that as it may, it is formal and educational to make a gift to the couple to celebrate their marriage bond. So if you are a guest who does not know you well and you do not know what to give, pay attention to the following tips

How to cut the wedding cake

Are you about to marry and you want everything to come out and ask? Take note! Although it seems a little insignificant, the moment of the wedding cake is one of the most emotional moments of the celebration of a marriage bond, besides being a centennial tradition, it does not stop meaning the union of the couple

How to give an engagement ring on the beach

Asking for marriage to the beloved is one of the most important moments in any relationship. It means taking another step, wanting to unite for life and demonstrate the deepest love for the other person. If you are thinking of asking for your partner's hand and starting a new adventure together, on the way to the altar, you should start thinking something original to surprise and contribute to making that moment unforgettable

How to create a doodle

A doodle is a very good option to create a survey , pass it to the target audience and obtain results in real time. It is very useful for proposing events to groups: participants can indicate if they want to attend an event or not, propose different options, etc. . For example, if you want to host a dinner for former students, you can create a doodle with different dates: people vote on the days they can attend the dinner and in this way the best day to stay is easily determined

How the guests should dress a civil wedding

In the past, there was a big difference between the way you dress for a civil wedding and a religious wedding . The religious was considered much more formal and therefore, both the bride and groom were more arranged. Nowadays, both types of wedding are more and more confused, since in civil ones it is increasingly common to see brides in long dresses and very well-groomed guests

How should the godfather of a wedding dress

Together with the bride and groom, one of the main protagonists of all marriages is the wedding godfather . He will be in charge, among other things, to accompany the bride to the altar, keep the couple's alliances until the wedding arrives and help the groom in everything he needs during the preparation process

How a man should dress for a wedding on the beach

To organize a wedding on the beach it is very important to define the concept. It can be an informal Ibizan type wedding or it can be a more traditional wedding. Depending on what is decided, the man should dress in one way or another to go according. In this article we show you several options on how a man should dress for a wedding on the beach

How a man should dress to go to a wedding

If the date of a wedding to which you have been invited approaches, you should already be thinking about what you are going to wear that day and what garments are the ones that best suit your figure to be elegant and to measure up. Although sometimes we believe that choosing a man's wardrobe to go to a wedding is something simple, we must also take into account a number of things to find the most successful look and wear the appropriate type of dress for the occasion

How to decorate the wedding car

There are many ways to decorate the wedding car , as many as couples in love. Traditionally, wedding cars were basically decorated with large white bows on the doors and a bouquet of flowers on the back tray of the car. However, today there are many ways in which we can decorate the groom's car. In we give you some original ideas to decorate the wedding car

How to decorate the table for a dinner with friends

Surely on more than one occasion you have had guests at home . It is an ideal time to surprise diners with a well-prepared table . However, for this, we need a series of tips to know how to decorate the table for a dinner with friends . Simple tricks that will help us in these special meetings. Steps to follow: one The first thing we must do is choose if we want to sit down or make a buffet-style dinner , with which we will mess less and save space

How to decorate the table for a romantic dinner

If you want to surprise your partner on that special day by decorating the table for a romantic dinner , we tell you how you can do it with some simple and attractive ideas. You can decorate the table and turn the night into a cozy and romantic evening taking into account some details to make that dinner unforgettable